Saturday, April 7, 2012

[New Releases] A-Bomb - A Dress & Shoes

A-Bomb main store:
A-Bomb blog:

 A-BOMB RELEASE Secret Garden (Perfect for Spring! c/m/nt ) $150:
Shown with previously released heels: A-BOMB Lavea-Studded: Yellow available for $200/color; $600/fp c/m/nt

Also in new releases find A-BOMB Paige boots-HUD version $600 or choose from 6 individual colors each priced at $200 (c/m/nt):
Shown with A-BOMB HotLD hoodie.

SKIN redgrave MAKEUP ee, HAIR [e], HEADBAND scribbles EYES exodi, JEWELRY three hearts (cocon), fd, PANTS ibizarre, POSES lap, helamiyo, LOCATION emerald green sim

Happy Easter; see you after 20 May!

Friday, April 6, 2012

[New Releases] Inga Wind - January to Spring Break 2012

Inga Wind Clothing Store:
Inga Wind Blog:

*IW* Abby in Olive (includes mesh top, pants, belt, and mesh flats) $400:

*IW* Trixie in Black (includes outfit with mesh jacket, belt, and boots) $?:

*IW* Becca in Violet (Mesh top and skirt in 2 sizes and mesh flats) $400:

*IW* Tonya in Olive (Mesh top in 6 sizes and mesh flats with coordinating bottoms) $200:

*IW* Ariel in Sand (includes, gown, bolero/shawl, tiara and shoes)$950:

*IW* Codie Jumpsuit in Khaki (includes jumpsuit, visor, and shoes)$300

*IW* Yasmine in Blue (includes dress, hair piece, and shoes) $600:

*IW* Lin in Purple (includes outfit, belt, shoes) $300:

*IW* Yvonne in RedBlack (includes dress, hat, and shoes) $600:

HAIR curio,, cic, exile, boon, rosy mood, cutie honey, SKIN natural beauty MAKEUP dulce secrets, ee, EYES dernier cri, JEWELRY r.a.crystal, exodi, fae designs, ame true, deco, caroline's, bare rose, bubble POSES torridwear, katlene niven, plastic flowers, vago, cj, lap