Saturday, April 7, 2012

[New Releases] A-Bomb - A Dress & Shoes

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A-Bomb blog:

 A-BOMB RELEASE Secret Garden (Perfect for Spring! c/m/nt ) $150:
Shown with previously released heels: A-BOMB Lavea-Studded: Yellow available for $200/color; $600/fp c/m/nt

Also in new releases find A-BOMB Paige boots-HUD version $600 or choose from 6 individual colors each priced at $200 (c/m/nt):
Shown with A-BOMB HotLD hoodie.

SKIN redgrave MAKEUP ee, HAIR [e], HEADBAND scribbles EYES exodi, JEWELRY three hearts (cocon), fd, PANTS ibizarre, POSES lap, helamiyo, LOCATION emerald green sim

Happy Easter; see you after 20 May!

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