Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cilian'gel: Fashion Forward Hunt & Group Gifts - L$10 Deals

L$10 - Cilian'gel 's Fashion Designs (group gifts from 20th August 2011 ) secondlife:///app/group/fc1bfc91-cdc8-59e7-18e4-81fb158e6d89/about
Got Sunny !
Got Butterfly ?
Feel the butterflies with the latest Cilian'gel group Gifts.
Look in the past notices and grab the cute bugs to wear on the nose, the shoulder or anywhere you wish really (You just have to change the attachment! ^^)
Blue Butterflies for the gentlemen and pink ones for anybody else!

(Also sent in past notices the pink plaid bikini set, I needed that for the poster pictures, and now its also for you! ;P)  
Got Butterfly ? Pink Cilian'gel:

Got Butterfly ? Blue Cilian'gel (*I changed the attachment points.) - and - Got Sunny ! Pink Bikini Set Cilian'gel:
Cilian'gel is in the Fashion Forward Hunt and has two prizes EACH priced at L$10.
Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique @

Got Chances ? - Cilian'gel 1920's:

Got Pandora ? - Cilian'gel 1920's:

SKIN - group LB/10 min - "TSG" Lillith in Lolita @

HAIRS - $1-5 - Styles: Hina and Lena shown by Battle Angels - from 15.8.2011 - 31.8.2011 there is a summer sale at Battle Angels 30-90% off specially marked packages; some as low as $1! @

EYES -   L$0 for poetic colors - new line preview - grey sky @ (look for bag and box)

 FEET - GG - *COCO*_Gift_BareFeet @

SHOES - In Her Shoes

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[New Releases] Inga Wind

Inga Wind Clothing Store:
Inga Wind Blog:

*IW* Ariel in Olive L$950 (includes gown, shoes, tiaria, L$550 limited time group special):

*IW* Millie in Red  L$400 (includes dress, shoes, chain belt, and necklace):

*IW* Latisha in Sand L$600 (includes dress, shoes, and tiara):

*IW* Evelyn in Red L$350 (includes shirt, pants, and shoes):

Additional Credit:
HAIR analog dog, hal*hina, boon,  EYES natural eyes, SKIN essences MAKE-UP elegant epiffany, JEWELRY deco, POSES kscreations, oyakin, vain, torridwear, lap, LOCATION wailea beach sim

Friday, August 12, 2011

Inventory Slaughter

LB- :: HINAKO Hair::NaNa-B::P silver @

LB - Doll like 2011 -present skin& shape (shape not used_ @ KIKI No. 18

LB - *Farouche*NewCosmos G EyesLB BOX @

1) 3 LB/10 min - ::{u.f.o}::kiss on my hip; ::{u.f.o}::you are lucky girl; ::{u.f.o}::flower holic hat @;SHOES -  L$0 for [ROLY-POLY] -DECO- blue @

2) group LB/10 min - = Hal*Hina = dot mini one-piece [blue] @; SHOES- LB/10 min - =F=Odeko_heel_skyblue @

3) LB - *:SS:* Chuppa! LB @; SHOES/hunt end 14 August - Corset Lust Hunt Prize - KristicA @

4) LB - *evergreen*Camisole OP navy[LB] @ ;LB - :pesca:linen+wood sandal lace blue and :pesca:wood handle bag @

Banilacoco skin_Irene(lucky board) @

*Farouche*Cosmos Eyes LB BOX ~ previously blogged, still available

*BC322 Bolero LB-Pink(A) @

1, 2, and Center) 3 LB - = Hal*Hina = dot mini one-piece [yellow], = Hal*Hina = camisole*floral [green], and = Hal*Hina = camisole*dot [navy] @; SHOES - gg - G gift @ hako, SHORTS - $1 -::humming:: denimPantsSet_navy @

4) 3 LB - [RADISH.]FlatShoes02, [RADISH.]LongSkirt01_LBOnly, and [RADISH.]TubeTop01 @

5) $1 ::humming:: floralcheckDress_blue


FoP 1st eyes LB @

Group LB - :::**Ray Skin**::: ~Air~ *sister* :::Heart Red::: @

(left to right)
1) L$0 for ***Ambrosia***strawberry one_piece[Komorebi mall gift] @ SHOES- gg - *MJS* Mary Janes "Bonnie" RED $0 secondlife:///app/group/fe9be13e-e857-bb31-bbd7-9cfab5b3c5c1/about @

2) LB - Native Dress ( Red ) @

Center) LB - *RibboN*Crochet TANK(LB) BOX @

4) $0: Free Retro Summer Top - and - Ribbon Jeans (FREEBIE) @ ASCARDO @, BLOG: TY Schnubby SHOES $1- **MDL** Outlet - Bailarinas Rosas-Estrella @

5) $0 Tessa Dress @ L'esprit @ Ty Ophelia

SKIN - Heartsick : Haiku : Aura : Starley LB @

SNH/Dark - #40-Me-I Humanoidism Hair @ ends 31 August look for black statue

L$0 for Poetic Colors - Forest Cat - Freebie Eyes @

(left to right)
1) Clara Dress @ L'esprit Ty Ophelia; SHOES - LB - **MDL** LadyBug Purple

2) gg - *Bliss Couture* 38k Members Free Gown Giftbag (Wear Me) @

3) LB - = Hal*Hina = dot mini one-piece [grayish pink] @

4) LB - ELL_injured butterfly @

5) LB-  Kan-U-Pink pack @ ELL_

HAIR -  Adoness - Group Gift! @

SKIN - LB - [HG]Group Gift Norika Pink G @

EYES - $0 Sterling Artistry August 2011 Freebies @

SHIRTS/EARS/TAILS - $10 - aridoki group gift- Gray Blowhole shirt for males, Green Hoot shirt for males,Gray MohawkT Shirt for females, Red MohawkT Shirt for females, - AND - Fox, Neko and Mouse parts ($10 join fee) secondlife:///app/group/0de65fee-b103-0a28-5f25-ca93563c900d/about  @ BLOG:, TY JOSIE

SKIRTS - ::humming:: LuckyBoard_tieredSK


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

[New Releases] L'esprit and Inga Wind

L'esprit @

Bridgette Dress (Pink)  L$25:

Lisa Swimsuit (Burgundy)  L$25:

Roxie Dress L$25:

Inga Wind Clothing Store:
Inga Wind Blog:

*IW* Codie in Red L$250 (dress, shoes, visor):

*IW* Kaira L$400 ( limited time group price L$250; dress and shoes):

Additional Credits
HAIR analog dog, boon, [e],, EYES cyanide SKIN cupcakes MAKE-UP elegant ephiffany, dulce secrets, cupcakes, JEWELRY three hearts, yummy, spica, ame tru, SHOES kookie, sn@tch, bare rose, POSES genira, lazy places, poise, ks2cool, oyakin, LOCATION calas galadhon sim

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[New Releases] Inga Wind's Ariel, Evelyn, Pearl

 Inga Wind Clothing Store:
Inga Wind Blog:

*IW* Ariel in Blue L$950 (gown, tiara, and shoes included - **limited time group discount):

*IW* Ariel in Red (additional colors include white and black):

*IW* Evelyn in Black L$350 (additional colors available):

*IW* Pearl in Teal L$600 (includes dress, shoes, and tiara):

*IW* Pearl in RedCyan (many other colors available):

Additional Credits
HAIR boon, soap, bettiepage EYES laq/rac SKIN glam affair, addict POSES exposeur, pididdle, flowey LOCATIONS legion sim,albergo bosco ( and

[New Releases] [S]oleil's Hopalong Frog Legs

 [S]oleil @
Cole's blog:

[S]oleil - Hopalong Frog Legs - 10 pack variations available $350/pack copy, mod, no transfer

[S]oleil - Hopalong Frog Legs (Poison Frog):

[S]oleil - Hopalong Frog Legs (Acid):

[S]oleil - Hopalong Frog Legs (Monochrome Double Set):
one of each leg shown; 2 complete sets with monochromatic package ^_^

[S]oleil - Hopalong Frog Legs (Electric Currents):

[S]oleil - Hopalong Frog Legs (Oreo):

Additional Credits
HAIR emo-tions, eat rice, wasabi pills, iren, cic SKIN scratch skins, splendilicious, killer dimple designs, xadia, EYES dreamin'g alice, exodi, salt candy, kunstkammer CLOTHING bare rose, pixel dolls, scribbles, paper.doll, last call  JEWELRY primalot, grumble, purple rose WEAPON fairy grove's creation EARS bare rose POSES sit on this animations, dare LOCATIONS legion sim, albergo bosco ( and