Monday, June 20, 2011

Hunt Time

SKIN/EYES/LASHES/DRESSES - search for items marked with the Towa symbol - until 26 June -  L$0 for [TOWA]  andL$0 for .:o0o:.* Eternity * @
MAKEUP - Search for lipstick tubes and new freebies (items shown are from boom, miseria, mock, ag cosmetics, makeups - more specials available) - L$0-L$1 @  Kozmetika Summer Event -
(from group notices:  I decided to be like uber nice and set out some gifts around the store in bait cans!! There are 10 gifts scattered around the mainstore..tops, tanks, pants, tats..and so on!! Unreleased and new items..woot woot
so Happy Father's Day to all the SL and RL dads.
*There is a sample can at the front of the store so you can see what you will be looking for*)

SKIN - Search for golden pyramid at the Accessory Fair (hints here)L$0 for AF11 - Treasure Quest Bag - Favole.
Find 4 pink giftboxes @ Awesome Designs ($0) Store is also having a massive sale!
Firecracker hunt (ending 20 July) prize provided by Inga - *IW* Rei 2 @ start of hunt @

HAIR - spot the superman symbol texture - ends June 30th -Super Hero Hunt 30 from Battle Angel @

The Long Way Around

SKIN/EYES - @ L$10 for ~*By Snow*~ Sea Sprite Skin (Pearl) *Limited Time Promo* - AND - L$1 for ~*By Snow*~ Twilight Eve Eyes (Ares) @

LINGERIE - L$10 Group special - LB Group Special - JUNE! @ - $0 secondlife:///app/group/23109c63-3923-a5ab-ddb0-b3fabcf44aee/about

SHOES - LB - BM Julie Pump Duck Egg @
SKINS used throughout group lb and camp skins from  Heaven's Skin and Shape Main Shop - 20 min/LB for Norika and Julia Skins, 8-15 minute camp for Maria Skins, 8 minute camp for Julia2 series (Julia Brown shown above) @ - $0 secondlife:///app/group/d16d3847-6327-7811-c2f4-f873f466bb1e/about

HAIR -  L$0 for !!::..LOLLIPOP..:!!Gift #1 @

SHIRTS - 5 min/group - .::Y&R::. Summer Blouse dots LB (boxed) and .::Y&;R::. Rivet top dress red LB gift @ -  $0 secondlife:///app/group/96704888-284d-e8ef-f2fe-c1c2ac0c5a02/about

SKIRT - 10 MIN - +:::+Natural+:::+Flottant_( :*:'Couleur de tout:*:) @

BOOTS - L$0 for @ (Romance) Meadow Boot . Leaf . Gift item! from PixelDolls @

JEWELRY - 10 min/LC - Burroughs Premium - Cupcake Necklace @
SKIN - Julia Pink  from  Heaven's Skin and Shape Main Shop

HAIRS -  L$0 for !!::..LOLLIPOP..:!!Gift #2, #3, and #4 

SHIRTS/SHOES - 10 MIN/4 lb - [RADISH.]MiniYukata_LBOnly, [RADISH.]ShimashimaShirt01 _LBOnly, [RADISH.]Tunic01_LBOnly, and [RADISH.]Shoes02_LBOnly @

JEANS/PURSE/SKIRT - 5 MIN - !1mm***  Pocket denim kokeshi (LB), !1mm Leather dot shoulder bag (LB), and !1mm*** lace 2type skirt LB @
SKIN - Maria2 A from  Heaven's Skin and Shape Main Shop

HAIR - 1 min/lb - ::Coiffure de HINAKO::Bennett2 LB Limited color @

DRESSES - 5min/ LB - winney's Maxi onepi flowerLB and winney's Maxi onepi brownLB @

SHOES - Group gift - [BWC CLUB] groupgift @ - $0 secondlife:///app/group/639acfe9-06a9-9c3f-0c71-6255840725e3/about
SKIN - Norika Brown (includes outfit not shown) from  Heaven's Skin and Shape Main Shop

HAIR - 5 min - .+*HS*+. Group LB Hair ::QUOR:: Latte (BOX) @ - $0 secondlife:///app/group/edd06f0e-1be5-3579-5885-a7ca81454708/about

SHIRTS - L$0 for ~*By Snow*~ Beaded Tops II (Freebie). @

SKIRTS -  L$0 for *.:[K]:.* wrinkles skirt (blue) @ - AND -  L$0 for *.:[K]:.* wrinkles skirt (purple) @

SHOES - L$0 for .:PM:. White Flowering  slip on shoes @

Kick It

SKIN - 5 MIN/ LB - (Mamboo Chic): Lindsay_gift @

HAIR - L$0 for Holic x RolyPoly Ritrovo gift @

LEFT DRESS - group gift - Le jardin de la fille from World's End Garden @ - $0 secondlife:///app/group/1e828e26-b622-c6f2-757d-0dfd372c1b5b/about

CENTER DRESS - 5 min/lb - *RibboN* June Bride SET(BOX) @

RIGHT DRESS - 5 min - M*Motion C11-15 Flower Print One-Piece [LB Ver.2] @

SHOES - 10 min - .:PM:. Serengeti Canvas Wedge Booties ecru @

BRACELET (@ Acessory fair limited time???) L$0 for AF11 Freebie! @

SKIN/HAIR - 10 min/Group lb - *ALA* Hair - Chiho (Maple) @LB,  *ALA* Yuki skin (strawberry) @LB from Atelier LA and Second Street Tokyo

OUTFITS - 5 min/9 lucky chairs - .::BT::. Comic Baby Outfit - AND - L$1 each: Simple Works, Broken*RED*, Restless*Green*, Busted*Red,  and Cinema *orange*  ( There are also $100 gift cards in lucky chairs/everything in store is $98 or under!)@
SKIN -  L$0 for ChiChickie! Gift Skin! @

HAIR - 5 MIN/group lb - Salon de GLOW  - Sweet -  (LB.Limited color Silver) @ - $0 secondlife:///app/group/efe1f6e6-c2b2-bcc9-b87f-140f300061c3/about

OUTFIT -  L$0 for G&N Quality Design Free Preview Gift Dani Capri Set  @

SHOES - Group gift - magi take flat shoes [ purple ] @ - $0 secondlife:///app/group/937723e0-2566-51e1-6b99-f3ed1708bc80/about

ACCESSORY FAIR ITEMS (limited time???) L$0 for K_gs -optino3- -Kumaki- glasses sunglasses goggles @  --- AND ---   L$1 for "R.A.Crystal" Gift *Himawari*silver blue @
SKIN -L$0 for SSS - Cool Aida - Cream 02 - AND - SSS - June Group Gift @ - $0 secondlife:///app/group/847f10ea-253e-44eb-0789-7d6fab31929f/about

HAIR - Group gift - ::HINAKO Hair Rise ::Limited green: Here is an our group gift, thanks. @ - $0 secondlife:///app/group/1e312b29-3bf1-acc5-bcea-31c0882e719d/about

CLOTHING/BOOTS/EARRINGS - Group gifts @Arisaris Main Store @ - $0 secondlife:///app/group/f08277ad-2fe9-8314-9b0b-50e9366b03b0/about

EYES - L$0 for Poetic Colors - Summer Breeze - Freebie Eyes @

SKIN/DRESS - 3-10min/Group lb - OCELLO imo skin 4 (skins 1-3 shown in post below) and *GR*LB Bloody ALICE @ - $0 secondlife:///app/group/243eb8ac-9586-a10e-b35b-96dfbd28ef35/about

HAIR - (touch box / $0) - Hair Voting Present 17th June 2011 f from Alli&Ali Designs @

SHOE - MM/target 100 - BM Middy Hi-Platform Classic Pump Nude @
HAIR (new)- 5 min/ LB - A*S Hair 043 (Pinky) @

HEAD - 10 min/Group lb -  -2St.- Anime Head EX @LB from  Atelier LA and Second Street Tokyo @ - $0 secondlife:///app/group/0df999e4-e44c-9dc9-ca70-d44ac03bc21e/about

DRESSES - 5 min/LB - reiko-redrose1, reiko-sumireiro, and  reiko-redrose -AND - L$0 for reiko-hanagara @

SHOES (shown with first dress) - L$1 for ~*By Snow*~ A Rose Shoes V.2 @

BACKGROUND TEXTURES - modified from the free texture grab courtesy of inSight Designs
I just want to clear this up so I can stop getting contacted about the following things. I mean this in the kindest way, please stop contacting me about what any other person claims in/on their blog(s) or in comments on other blog(s), forums etc.... Please direct your comments toward the person or person's blog(s) making the claim if you disagree. I was NOT the first freebie blog so please stop contacting me about this, there were plenty before and even more after. Also, I did not coin/create/(c)/blah, blah, etc. the phrase "freebie finds" and I am not affiliated with any other blog using that phrase. Yes there is an instructor who is teaching a class encourage people to start their own blog freebie or otherwise using textures and information from my blog; I do not care. I do not have a group or freebie area nor do I have any interest in starting either. I do not sell ad-space; never have. Rss blog, flickr, or group links are provided for those who have provided recent review copies for free. I don't have a store, haven't for many YEARS and I don't want your mall space! Thank you and comments will be turned off; ims and notecards regarding anything mentioned above will be promptly ignored.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hunt Items

OUTFIT - Nevermore Summer Solstice Grid Wide Hunt! hunt for sun texture ending 15 July - NSSH-2011 Cilian'gel - #22 @ (hint : Take it to another level! ^^) Ty Cilia!
OUTFITS - Search for gold star ending 25 JUNE - Cilian'gel 's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Hunt Prizes @

HAIR - L$0 for Exile Evolution Series Color Demos -Cay @
DRESS and HAIR - $3 - $1/hunt item (look for stars)- .+*HS*+. Mini HUNT ::HURT:: No1, 2, and 3 @

Used throughout (non-hunt)
SKIN - 3-10min/Group lb - OCELLO imo skin 1,2,3 @ - $0 secondlife:///app/group/243eb8ac-9586-a10e-b35b-96dfbd28ef35/about

SHOES - from In Her Shoes (slurl sidebar)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

mOOlto Hunt June'11

For the Moolto Hunt June 2011 you must join the in world group You will also need to obtain the Moolto glasses from the kiosk. You must belong to the group and wear the glasses in order to participate in the hunt. You'll look for a hunt vendor and then touch it to receive the prize.

If you haven't done a hunt or are new to hunts this information may be helpful: None of the gifts include landmarks to any other stop. You must keep a browser open in order to view the hunt list/slurl posted here or make a notecard with the slurls; paste the desired slurls to a chat window then click the blue slurl in the chat window to take the tp to the next location.

Each of the gifts includes 2 notecards. One of the notecard includes a hint to the next stop, the other notecard is a standard nc included in every prize. The notecards are  in English.

Every prize folder is named the exact same thing: SISTER HUNT, so it's hard to find anything in your inventory. On the upside there are a TON of great gifts and lots of awesome prizes for guys!

So open your browser to the slurl list here. My tips are to keep your inventory open, deleting notecards as you go and rename each and every folder to a corresponding stop number/name combo to easily find items and use the below hunt/picture key to easily find things in the future:

Again the slurls are here:

#53 DD Style - nothing found
#56 2 gift bags were found at Jazmyn D
#63 Aimesi Sculpties - prize is out (eyes), but will not rez  
#74 reBourne prefab - no gift included in vendor
#81 Whitfield's Hollywood Studios has 2 gift bags
#87 Tip for Enshe - private resident @ slurl
#88 A&A Hair (vendor) prize consist of widely available full perms freebies
#98 also includes a gift card
#103 VH INDUSTRY - no gift included in vendor
#104 GBTM - no gift included in vendor
#105 Alge's Designs - abandoned land - no store
#106 Msn Design - private resident @ slurl

* Information is accurate as of publishing. Prize and information may change in the future and this post will NOT be updated to reflect future changes.

Thank you to all the vendors and good luck hunters!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

MenStuff Hunt - [arnadi] and Helmiyo

MenStuff Hunt has begun and you'll be searching for a blue prim MenStuff t-shirt. Check out the official blog for some helpful hunt hints here. The hunt starts here:

Prizes shown provided by vendors.

#37 [arnadi] Tank Camouflage "Menstuff Hunt"

#47 HelaMiyo :: Poses Favole (contains 10 poses total)
Thanks Miyoko and Dorian; good luck hunters. Hints and slurls are provided by MenStuff here.

Additional Credits
SKIN amd HAIR 69 JEANS pixeldolls SHOES magitake NECKLACE rebel-x EYES exodi

Zombie Popcorn #4

The 4th Zombie Popcorn hunt has started and will be ending 15 June. This hunt is great for old timers and new alike. Look for a (relatively) easy to find prim popcorn box.Start the hunt:

Numbers on picture correspond with ZombiePopcorn Hunt 4 Official List & Hints notecard found in the hunt group. 58 Glam Affair is stop #57. #31 had rez issues with the texture, color/texture may be off. #39 (La Malvada Mujer) gift is out, but would not rez.  Items not shown were not found, but may be out so check the stores. Good luck with the hunt!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Black Butler Hunt

The Black Butler Hunt (blog here) starts here consists of 35 stops. Look for the stuffed bitter rabbit. (June 2011)
LittleGirl also has a gift out, but no landmarks lead to the store. ^_^

HAIR - (previously blogged) L$0 for ++AY.LinE++Re:new store GIFT @

Thank you creators; good luck hunters!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

[New Releases] A-Bomb, Inga Wind, Pink Label Ltd. Group Gifts

Inga Wind Clothing Store:
Inga Wind Blog:

*IW* Rei L$950 (limited time group special price L$600):

CLOTHING - Inga Wind Designs @ Claim to Fame ($400/outfit):

*IW* Lara -and- *IW* Lucas:

A-Bomb main store:
A-Bomb blog:

 A-BOMB Time After Time-pink available in additional colors; L$150/color:
(HEELS: A-BOMB Lavea-Studded 200L per individual color, 600L for multicolor HUD option)

 A-BOMB Scoop Tee-white $50/color:
(Shoes are A-BOMB Katy available at the shoe fair for $200/color or $600 hudded color change shoes.)

Pink Label Ltd.:

*PL* - Dita Group Gift Leather Stars Color Set Pump Boxed -and - *PL* - Summer Dreams Green Dress Boxed (L$100 fee secondlife:///app/group/137a4409-77a5-8d22-b441-3668ad292cc0/about)
Additional Dita shoes are available for 79L$ and come in 25 colors or choose related color families, 5 shades for just 299L

Additional Credits
SKIN lionskins, amd, the obscene, sacred EYES exodi, rockberry GLASSES kumaki glasses, magitake,  MAKE-UP elegant epiffany, HAIR posh, lamb, exile, CLOTHING amerie, JEWELRY exodi, trinity moon designs, ripe, SHOES grumble POSES glitterati, bettiepage, lazy places, posies, genira, ks2cool, vista, gabrielle, LOCATION swayland sim