Thursday, March 31, 2011

[NEW RELEASE] INGA, VreMode, HelaMiyo

Inga Wind Clothing Store:
Inga Wind Blog:

*IW* Naida in Gold (includes head piece, jewelry, dress, wings, and ride-able dolphin not pictured) L$950/color:
*IW* Naida in Lavender /*IW* Naida in Mauve / *IW* Naida in Sand (limited time group special L$500)

VreMode Store:

Checkmate L$99:
KISS L$99:

HelaMiyo Store:
HelaMiyo blog:

HelaMiyo :: Shape Pietra (Includes: nm/nt backup shape, mod shape, mod skirt shape and styling card) your mass is 71.29 kilograms / weight is 156.82 pounds /2.016760 m (6 ft. 7in.) tall. (without shoes) L$600:
HelaMiyo :: Shape Kat Male $L600:

Additional Credits
SKIN cupcakes, bitch tail, fishy strawberry EYES skinthesis, pixeldolls, saltcandy HAIR xsc digital reallife, syds, exile, layniewear, the obscene JEWELRY dazzle LINGERIE meghindo's SHOES grumble POSES luth, lap LOCATION lamu island

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[New Release] Pink Label and [arnadi]

Pink Label Ltd.:

The dresses are priced @ 10l each and the shoes are priced at 35l. Shoes are prim foot and use a hud system. Copy only on shoes and on clothing layers. Prim layers are mod/copy.

[arnadi] at The Fashion Garret discounted shop:
[arnadi] flickr:

[arnadi] - Sweater Blue Stripes girl $50:

Additonal Credits:
SKIN exodi  EYES exodi HAIR maitreya JEWELRY three hearts, delEmma design, alienbear, fall'n,  GLASSES bare rose SKIRT icing POSES lap, genira, ks_cool,  LOCATION tokyo girl store garden

A Very Fine House - Skyboxes, props, and Accessories

STUDIO/POSES - L$1 for HelaMiyo :: Photo Studio + Pose stand @ -

Includes color change lights that may be turned off and pose stand with 10 poses. 

$0 -  BehaviorBody PhotoRoom Free Gift @

BehaviorBody PhotoRoom  is a props with 12 poses dediacated and accessible via touch with left of the mouse on particular spot. In the package is present one  HUD for switch texture, there are 28 button each for choose your favourite set of texture, for Curtains Table and Floor separately.

HOUSES - L$1 for HOUSE-sakura AND  L$1 for SkyBox-S from muu workshop @

LUCKY BOARD 5/10 min - *MW*Kitchen darkbrown AND *MW*Sunflowerhouse from muu workshop

SKYBOXES - L$1 The Bjorn Urban Spring Skybox from La Flat @

$1 - Romantic Well from Other World @ TY ^^

Make it or Break It

SKIN - 10 min/ LB - [the Skinnery]-Cloe precious-Sunset(DB)(pale)

HAIR - .+*HSAC*+. Hair ::COEUR:: Mesh(LB)

SHOES and DRESS - Group gifts in store - BM Handkerchief Skirt - Mint and BM Ultimate Dannii - Teal (previously blogged) @ -  secondlife:///app/group/56b559e4-74aa-2b4a-deeb-7c5d4517fe3a/about $0
SKIN - 10 min/ LB - [the Skinnery]-Cloe glossy-Lollypop(LB)(pale)

HAIR - .+*HSAC*+. ::GEMY:: LB(Boxed)

SHIRTS - (follow beam to store) L$0 for ...~L&S~Freebie Gift @

SKIRTS left to right:
SKIRT - Group gift in store - S@BBiA::GroupGift No.22 - - secondlife:///app/group/c48f13ae-50a0-c2f2-14c6-e5eaebb81d7a/about $0 -

SKIRT 10 min/ LB - {S} Boho Skirt Tan @

SKIRT - Group gift in store - *Retoro skirt(March-group gift) @ -
SKIN - 10 min/ LB - [the Skinnery]-Cloe fresh-Apple Blossom (sunny) @

EYES -  L$0 for :OTR: Luminous Eyes Joyful Dawn (Gift from Swimmie) -AND - L$0 for :OTR: Serenity Eyes Forbidden (Gift from Swimmie) @

HAIR - 5-10min/LB - .+*HSAC*+. ::GEMY:: LB, .+*HSAC*+. Hair ::COEUR:: LB, .+*HS*+. Hair ::MIMY:: LB  @ - secondlife:///app/group/edd06f0e-1be5-3579-5885-a7ca81454708/about $0

JACKET - Group gift in store - magi take hoodies [ purple ]  and L$0 for magi take choker [ open heart ] @ - secondlife:///app/group/937723e0-2566-51e1-6b99-f3ed1708bc80/about $0 -

PANTS -  L$1 for Denim Baggy Shorts  NoiRiLiCiouS @ -

SHOES - $0 ** AKATSUKI** Thong Shoe sred on marketplace -

Monday, March 28, 2011


SKIN - 15 MIN/LB - + Huwa*Yura + LB 04 Skin @

HAIR - 5min/lb each:  -::Coiffure de HINAKO::Gemelli::  and ::Coiffure de HINAKO::amarilli(LB Limited)::Cocoa @ - secondlife:///app/group/1e312b29-3bf1-acc5-bcea-31c0882e719d/about $0

LEFT JACKET - 10 min/LB - ****em***** Floral print Cardigan LB BOX @ - and - PANTS - (buy both signs)  L$0 for ][AV][pants cargo khaki and ] shown  and  not shown - [AV][pants cargo red @ - AND SHOES - Group gift in store - TARA SHOES Heels DeSirS De LuXe Green @ -  secondlife:///app/group/84b885c5-1522-6b61-4522-cbe3e21b0415/about $0

RIGHT DRESS - Group gift (monthly) - Irish Dreams MARCH from House of Joi Designs @ -  (also Easter Egg hunt each egg costing $0-15; 12 eggs to find)

SKIN - same as below pics

HAIR - Touch box - FREE! NEW LIZ TAYLOR Animated 2HairStyle! from Wish (touch each of the hairstyle to achieve all the looks) @

LEFT DRESS - L$0 for BB Blue Orchid - Free Gift @

RIGHT DRESS - *Bliss Couture* 3rd Anniversary Gown Gift Bag  (wear me) @ - secondlife:///app/group/53dd1de5-c4f4-367c-87fa-ad3b02c9ff1b/about $0 (sorry blead)

SKIN - Group gift in store - + Huwa*Yura + Gift Skin 01 - Open @ - secondlife:///app/group/cd14ee8c-c180-bcde-4263-7031091cdd93/about $0

HAIR - (gifts change friday) - Group and Voting gifts - Hair Voting Present 25th March 2011 f and Groupie Present f(25th March 2011) from AlliandAli @ - secondlife:///app/group/635596c2-0815-5ca2-8aad-6a3b63900b60/about $0

Dresses Left to Right -
DRESS - -AZUL- GroupGift1103#1 @ - secondlife:///app/group/090f6e35-7072-bea4-8131-ed72cb548634/about $0

OUTFIT - L$1 for +NK+ ano usagi ? (rez & open) @

DRESS - Group gift in store - [Modavia Exclusive Gift] HouseofFox :: E.James @ - secondlife:///app/group/b821995e-f38e-6968-26de-753a78b92b8a/about $0
SKIN - L$10 for MIASNOW Skin - LOVE Tan (no brow @

EYES (used throughout) L$1 for JE*REPUBLIC-Glitter Real Eyes-kaso(1L) @ -

HAIR - L$0 for .+*HS*+. Hair Color Sample @

CLOTHING -  L$0 for **milky-way Lace bolero,  LB Blue one-piece and Blue dress Free @

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rock Steady

SKIN - :.Ihatov.:*The first anniversary gift SKIN

HAIR - LB/10 MIN - *Alice-Blonde*(resize script) by Nodoka @ -

OUTFITS - LB/5 min LYCEE@baby dot darkpink, LYCEE@LOVE! pepsl a girl hair - and - Group gift in store LFS@group gift 0912 - and - LB/3 min - LYCEE@Pea coat long red&green @  - secondlife:///app/group/ecbac70b-e562-0661-2a10-fc5154d87829/about $0
SKIN - Group gift in store - :.Ihatov.:*Alice [Gift]SKIN @ - secondlife:///app/group/9c30d501-5021-d552-acc7-6eb163cf288b/about $0 -

HAIR - Touch vendor - (Y) Spring Frilly Hair Black < boxed > from Nanashi and Yesss Designs  @

NECKLACE - L$0 for Mixed Colors~ Stone Necklace *Free* from Bonita's Jewelry @

OUTFIT - $10 - [Cynful] Special Item ~ March 2011 @ - - TY Cynthia

PURSE - $5 gatcha game - .:: M*G*S ::. Eco Bag E from La Vie En Rose @ seen on badseeds

SHOES -  L$0 for  .:Pelletteria Morrisey:. Denim Clog Sandals . @
SKIN - LB/5 MIN - HS : Spirit : Harmony : Gem @

HAIR - Group gift in store (changes tomorrow) - Groupie Present f(18th March 2011) from Alli&Ali - secondlife:///app/group/635596c2-0815-5ca2-8aad-6a3b63900b60/about $0 @

OUTFIT - L$0 for GandN Quality Design Free Preview Gift Jes 1 Capri Set @

Wag the Dog

SKIN - L$0 for {Frick} Elfroot Skins - Free!. @

HAIR - L$0 for free to group limited time! from Bishwear/Split Ends @

OUTFIT - Raffle prize -  Random Object Orb 1.5(by Raidensoft) shouts: ^_^ has just won a *Awesome Designs Leather Mini Skirt and Belt In Black LC just for being here! also *Awesome Designs Sequin Top Saucy Pack LC (raffle ball)  - AND- SHOES - L$0 for *Awesome Designs Diamond Studded Ankle Boots In White @ -
SKIN - L$0 for *C:K* FREE Azil Peaceful Sakura Skins @


OUTFITS - 30 min/ lb - from Dare Designs (aka: The Loft) @
SKIN - Group gift in store - *LaCrima* Groupgift march @ - secondlife:///app/group/351f25cd-0a1f-1841-2461-b7a70a0e315c/about $0 - 

HAIR -  L$1 for ::Coiffure de HINAKO::beryllos white day gift @

EYES - (used throughout) L$1 for *.amato.* Usuzumi-sakura and L$0 for *.amato.* eyes June_hydrangeas @

SHIRTS - $0 (30 + ) from Rerty Urban Store @

PANTS -  L$0 for *TuttiFrutti* New MainStore Gift @ -

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

[New Release] Inga and Charity Buys

Inga Wind Clothing Store:
Inga Wind Blog:

*IW* Avril in Sand (very limited time $150 group special price) $300:

*IW* Avril in Gold and *IW* Avril in Blue (includes dress and shoes) L$300/color:

HelaMiyo :: Poses and shape @ Pacific Crisis Fundraiser:
HelaMiyo blog:

100% funds going to charity: HelaMiyo :: Poses Symmetry $200, HelaMiyo :: Poses Harajuku $200, HelaMiyo :: Poses Butoh $200, and 50% funds going to charity: HelaMiyo :: Akiko Shape $300

Grimalkin blog:

100% funds going to charity - [Grimalkin] Hope for Japan Scarf in 3 colors L$50/color

Additional Credits
SKIN rockberry MAKEUP elegant epiffany  EYES cyanide HAIR junewave,, w and y JEWELRY primalot, fae designs, avon+alpha POSES olive juice, oyakin, glitterati LOCATION love soul sim

Thursday, March 17, 2011

[New Release] Inga, PixelDolls, Arnadi, & Cynful

Inga Wind Clothing Store:
Inga Wind Blog:

*IW* Nadine in Pink and Blue $800/color (limited time group price $400 for blue):

Cynful Blog:

[Cynful] RaRa Top - Black and [Cynful] RaRa Top - RichRed L$150/color or 10 colors for $950 shown with [Cynful] GinnySkirt - lightblue $190 or 8 colors for $900:

[Cynful] RaRa Top Pattern - PCF $180 and [Cynful] LeatherTop - PCF $250, 100% of proceeds going to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser:

PixelDolls affiliate:
Affiliated Vendor's site:

Chain Drape tops with 3 different layers 50L$/color (additional clothing also by pixeldolls): 

[arnadi] at The Fashion Garret discounted shop:
[arnadi] flickr:

[arnadi] - Argyle Sweater Brown/Cream $50:

Additional Credits:
SKIN glance EYES cyanide LASHES mons MAKEUP elegant epiffany  HAIR detour, damselfly, junewave, w and y, d!va, lamb, boon HAIR ACCESSORIES aoharu, atelier am TATTOO crushed velvet JEWELRY lolapop, exodi, donna flora, primalot, pb collection, house of hearts, bubble, sn@tch, gabrielle, graffitiwear, lassitude and ennui POSES elisa, oyakin, lap, behaviorbody, luth, lazy places, marukin  LOCATION greenhouse sim

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hunt, hunt, hunt, hunt....

Timeless treasure hunt ending 20 March:
(Hunt prizes: 2, 4, 5,  9, 7, 36)

Official blog includes hints and slurls. The hunt starts at Kismet and has 37 participating vendors, with some being adult.You'll be searching for a prim scroll, some are quiet small. Sisters Hunt ending 31 March:
(Hunt prizes from: ::Schoen::, Plume, MEB, Vogue Fashion, Cynful, Amacci, Maverick, Ava-Tare Hair, Ocean's Body Boutique, ROC, and HOX)

You must join the in-world group ( secondlife:///app/group/2886a109-3971-1962-b6ef-65caeddbae83/about $0)  to participate in the hunt and wear the MOOLTO Magic Glasses found within a box you may obtain here or in the notices section of the group. There's a full list of participants on the site, if you did the hunt when it first started you may want to take a look at the list because some new stores have been added. Keep an eye out for a prim bag.

The Euphoria has another sim wide hunt going on. This hunt will end 11 April:
You must join the group ( secondlife:///app/group/830f1e62-8b0d-5a96-ec9f-1534ded285ab/about $0) to participate in the hunt. Check the notices to get a handy note card which includes the landmarks to all 24 participating stores. Look for the prim E. CIA Designs has left out their former prize so if you've missed it from the last hunt try and spot it this time.

Diamond is Mine hunt 2 ending April 11:
Hair $0 - Adn - Mallory - Wearable Color Demo (Hunt prizes: 4, 28, 34, 51, 73, 92, 93, 99, 101)

Most items pictured along with hints on the sponsor blog Sophistisshapes. The hunt has 101 prizes and starts here. Spot a prim diamond and touch it to receive a prize.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

[New Release] Zif's Creations, [Arnadi] tfg Event, and HelaMiyo :: Pure Juice Event

From Zif's Creations now only available on the marketplace comes skirts each priced at only $25. The skirt is available in 7 colors (pink previously blogged here).
Modeled using new release poses - HelaMiyo :: Poses Geometry $160 until 26 March @ PureJUICE

[arnadi] at The Fashion Garret discounted shop:
[arnadi] flickr:

[arnadi] - Short Tshirt Vintage Mexican Wrestling ::TFG:: $50 available only until 14 March

HELAMIYO @ PureJUICE new releases discounted until 26 March:
(Pose packs $160, Prefabs $300 not pictured)
HelaMiyo blog:

HelaMiyo :: Poses Puppet + wearable resize prop $160
HelaMiyo :: Poses Looking back $160
HelaMiyo :: Poses Shoes $160
SKIN miasnow HAIR mirada, analog dog, boon, d!va, sari's, burning chrome, ploom, tiny bird, MAKEUP elegant epiffany EYES ic-skin, skinthesis, cyanide OUTFITS mpd, fallnangel creations, aura  SHIRTS/JACKETS fd, lingerie boutique, pochette, sn@tch, vellas, vive9, chantkare,  SKIRTS sn@tch, JEWELRY twinkleberry, ear candy, pink fuel, gabrielle, pb collection, deco, fae designs, pixel mode, virtual impressions WINGS ni.ju SHOES bare rose, wireflys, magi take, brazilian style, hani, ryouta works, nushru, pixel mode, ssus POSES 3636

Pictures taken at Eromara's paradise and Zif's place.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shine & Star Valley and CCD Shammerock Hunt

CCD - Hunt for High Quality Emeralds and Diamonds Jewelry (find 4 shamrocks $0) until March 17. CCD blog includes hints and instructions. 

Shine and Star Valley Flower Hunt (find 12 flowers scattered throughout the sim). No ending date is given.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Day, Another Post

SKIN .::Mother Goose's::. POKI2 LB
HAIR - $0 Eloa Gold Gift *Battle Angel*

OUTFITS - L$0 for E'Dior Gift -mane @ - source

SKIN .::Mother Goose's::. Anika LB
HAIR $0 Animus Real Pink *Battle Angel*
Left to right:
OUTFIT - Lucky Dip - Graffitiwear Liquid Silver Prize - and - Graffitiwear Flower Stockings Fatpack LB - -


DRESSES-  L$0 for Vidal Azalea Peach Satin - and - Vidal Fashion Amalia  GIFT @ -
SKIN - .::Mother Goose's::. + YU +LB
HAIR - $0 Daya Spezial Gifti ;) *Battle Angel*


JEWELRY - Event ends 30 March - L$5 for Lolapop! Join Me In Death Necklace (mint) @

Mother Goose's - LB/ 3 min main store or 10 min alt. shop - .::Mother Goose's::. + YU +LB,  Trudy-II  LB,  POKI2 LB, and Anika LB - main,,

HAIR - $0 Miss Black Dark Red Spezial Color *Battle Angel* @

DRESSES -  L$0 for GIFT Aliza Karu @ -
(Previously blogged below) SKIN - LC/10 min - **SHINE** Daisy skin @    HAIR - L$0 for ::Holic:: -Rara- gift @

OUTFIT - $0 - $0 for G&N Quality Design Free Preview Gift Ingeborg Outfit.- -