Sunday, June 27, 2010

Only this Weekend @ Kiss This

Available all weekend @ Kiss This -

cost: OL, male outfit & female outfit (slight changes in the clothing layers), attachments mod/copy/no trans, everything else no trans. Thanks Seph & Mir

SOCKS: *ARAI* Daily socks,

SHOES: Female Designer Shoes found in Inventory library (Inventory- Library- Clothing - Initial Outfits- Female Designer Outfit )

HAIR: L$0 - **Dura-Boy**Free gift,,

SKIN: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Luckyskin(Blacktears),

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vellas $10 sale

Vellas total sale $10/item until store is remodeled.
Vellas' Store:

There's also a huge $1 wall @ Vellas. Clothing & accessories are good for both male & female avatars.

FLIP FLOPS: [IHS] In Her Shoes Flip Blops Back to Basics!,,

HAIR: [!SyDS! Hair] Raison D'etre for LB & !SyDS! Profile Pick Gift #3 ,,

SKIN: lucky board prize - .::Mother Goose's :: . Becky LB & .::Mother Goose's::. Bellona-LB, (available @ 3 locations: 2, 3),,,,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

[Grimalkin] Group Gift & Weekend Lucky Board

Grimalkin Group Gift, June 2010 -

This ellyfant backpack will give tiny chocolate ellyfants to anyone who touches it. Just wear (attaches to the spine by default) and touch!

You'll find The Grimalkin Anywhere Chair, Iced Tea Edition (Regular: L$75, mod/copy) in the lucky board only for this weekend. AFK version:

Touch the candle to light or douse it. (When you wear this item, you will have to touch the candle a couple of times to get it to give off light. This "feature" is because of a gremlin that's taken up residence in my workshop, the evil little bugger.)
Shown below at night with candle lit (regular version):

SHIRT: (Hunt for anchors) - Meriken Co. Anchor 1/5,,

SHORTS: (June gift) L$0 for sf design june cargo cutoffs and tee,,

SHOES: (Germany shown) $1 each: sole asylum Brazil, Dutch, France, Germany, Italy,,

EYES: L$0 for .:Glamorize:. Freebie Eyes,

HAIR: lucky board- ""D!va"" Hair "Chika2" (Carrot) Lucky board limited color!-,

SKIN: $0 - FAIR skin NOVA @ Lion Skins -

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quests & Hunts

*JILL Vinyl Records Hunt* June 4th ~
6 records on sim & in store (clothes & props/furniture) $0 each

G Sloan Couture's 2 yr anniversary Sunflower Hunt,,
8 Sunflowers (#3 sunflower not set for sale, not shown) $0 each; also every week one outfit will be priced at $2. This is only for this month.

MPD - The June Bridal Hunt
8 $1 wedding bells + 1 $0 wedding bell ( 9 prizes; $8 )

ROCKET-FM becomes 3 year anniversary quest/hunt,,
You must buy the hud from the gray neko man, visit each location and (touch) talk to the cutout figures to gain the prizes. $0

Used Throughout -
HAIR - Flower Treasure Hunt @ Alli&Ali Designs Disco Mall and Hair Outpost,,
Touch Welcome Board (Flowers Treasure Hunt) and receive flower basket. Wear the flower basket [Inventory> objects folder> Flowers Collecting Basket (wear)] & find 12 flowers. Touch the flower basket near the treasure hunt welcome board to receive prize. $0

EYES- L$0 for Poetic Colors - Cosmic Dream Eyes - Freebie,,

SKIN- GLH #166 Dulce Secrets @ A Piece of Candy (peace symbol) -

Rocket FM Hunt info (English):

ROCKET-FM becomes 3 years old on June 1st. This tresure hunt is meant to celebrate our 3 years anniversary.
Thank you very much for joining us.

Please read following rules and instructions.

- This hunt is pretty much alike to "quests". Quests/Hunts will proceed as you click avatar photo board (Just like NPCs ).
They speak dialogs in Japanese but you will get hints in English while you are wearing Treasure hunt HUD for this event.(When you click on avatar photo board, you need to be within 10m radius)

- Blogging this event is welcome. Although please do not publish direct locations of each items nor sending out notecards of those.

- This SIM has 2 layers, ground level and sky platform at 300m altitude. Please read HUD instruction for navigation between these two.

- This SIM has CDS. We can not take any requests about CDS such as unbans.

- Any harassments, griefing, or any other unwanted behaviors would cause a ban without warning even if it is during the hunt event.

- You can close the HUD if you touch the black the black bookmark marked as "Rocket-FM 3rd Anniversary treasure Hunt".

- You can open the HUD once you click the closed memopad HUD.

- Large map for tp will pop up once you click the name of the location on the left page.

- Your current quest will be displayed on the right page.

- The color of the font for the quest display indicates the destination correspending color on the map.

- You can not receive same items more than once due to the quests scripts and system.
If you happen to miss receiving items and such by SIM or SL lags, you need to get new HUD and start over.
Thank you for understanding.

- After you completed all quests, you can watch credit roll.

*****Special thanks*****
ArtsStyle, CHABINNS, K&D, KAMIKAZE SPEED, *L* +Shape and Pose Shop+, PFM, Tou Fromc*, Unauna-Umi, unknown, 6666 motors!!, & Rocket-FM Members

Also check out Freebs for SL Kids by Stjarney Starsmith for details on the Rainbow Hunt (ending July 5).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Releases ~ Humpday

Inga Wind Clothing Store:
Inga Wind Blog:
Dresses shown with: ## CI ## Store:
## CI ## Forest Nymph AO $400 (23 anims in the ao, 2 wearable props each with its own anim and a rezzable mushroom. So a total of 26 copy mod anims and 3 props included in the ao)

*IW* Vanessa in Blue & *IW* Vanessa in Gold $600 each (includes: hair, shoes, cape, and dress)

(Additional credits: [fairy tail]Snowball Multi-Gem Pierce)

*IW* Forest Nymph (includes: shoes, jewelry, wings, 3 hair flowers, flower branches for hair, and a hairstyles) $950

A-Bomb main store:
A-Bomb @ Reasonable Desires:

A-Bomb Cami (green shown)- 50L, A-Bomb Camo shorts (green shown) - 100L & Shoes: A-BOMB Chic wedges (color change with 12 different color options), A-BOMB Kelly unisex deck shoes (color change with 11 options) Shoes are introductory priced at 150L for approximate one week, then 300L regular price.

A-Bomb Into The Fire - 75L into price for approx. one week, 150L regular price thereafter & Shoes: A-BOMB Kelly unisex deck shoes (color change with 11 options) Shoes are introductory priced at 150L for approximate one week, then 300L regular price.

(Shown with- :::Sn@tch Corset Socks (Grey)::: & DECO - Vintage Drop Set)


PixelDolls in Liome:
Affiliated Vendor's site:

PixelDolls Denim collection- shorts & knee short $50 each, capris $70 each, & jeans $90.

(Additional Credits: MMS-Thora Lashes, Tanks from (vive9), Shoes are A-Bomb's new releases.)

(PixelDolls) Metalapplique . Red .All Layers + Prim . M/C/NT or (PixelDolls) Metalapplique . Blue .All Layers + Prim . M/C/NT available for $100 each


Used throughout:
EYES- Natural Brown lenses found at Body Perfect
HAIR- by Posh (excluding Inga's designs which include hair)
SKINS- by Lara Skin
POSES by: Tuli, CCRunway, Vain, *Double you* (closed), & Sylva's

Photos taken at +mocha+, Biosphere (68, 211, 22)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Watch Me Float; It's Magic!

DRESSES & EARFINS- L$1 for *PDD* SeaSide gir, L$1 for *PDD* Rose Flower Fairy Group Gift, also older $1 item- jade butterfly still available at this location & L$0 for *PDD* Little Mermaid Ear Fins Package FREE,,; NECKLACE & TATTOOS: Picks reward - Spring Affair Necklace, Lucky Board - Lolapop! Sugar Skulls & Roses Tattoo Color (lucky board),,; HAIR: Group gift in store - JUNE gift @ Aya.linE,, secondlife:///app/group/7debf053-2de7-3043-3e29-80f4f1eed80f/about,; SKIN- L$1 for .:Glamorize:. Rose Preview Dollarbie Skin, Shape & Eyes,

SHIRTS, LEGGINGS, SHOES- L$0 for :S: Tarty Tights - Freebie, :S: Readily Tank - Red, :S: Layered Shirt - White, :S: Charlie Sweater - Freebie, :S:ycophancy Gift - Slips - Red, :S: Milo Vest (Freebie) - Light Brown, :S: Flowing Rainbow Tee, :S: Peace Clouds Tee, :S: Reaching Love Tee. & group gift in store :S: Ribboned Tee - Playa Group Gift,, secondlife:///app/group/4acd7233-9eed-827a-b7ad-f32786a0924d/about, source-, (currently 50% off sale); SKIRT - L$0 for -Collect*- Romantic short pants_C / [gift],,; SHOES- group gift in store: magi take leather flip flop [ green ],,; JEWELRY- L$? for :: JUBILEE :: Memoire / Earring,; HAIR- L$0 for *Bliss Couture* Afro Hair (Gift),,,; SKIN- L$0 for (vive9) Belle,,

CLOTHING- group gifts in store Kuroi Hane @ {M}Alice,, secondlife:///app/group/eacbe14c-0664-747f-6b69-80a18988c99c/about; SHOES- group gift in store: S@BBiA:: Flower Pumps:Black,, secondlife:///app/group/c48f13ae-50a0-c2f2-14c6-e5eaebb81d7a/about,; HAIR- Alli&Ali Designs Groupie Present m&f (28th May) Hair Voting Present 4th June 2010 f&m,,; SKINS- L$0 for *JeSyLiLO*::JESYFreeGift::*PALE* J1 - J4 & *JeSyLiLO*::JESYFreeGift:: *DEEPTAN* J1 - J4 (8 skins 2 tones),,

DRESS (left)- L$1 for Dress ROZENN @ Dany's French Touch,,; DRESS (center)- L$0 for reiko-Waltz of the Flowers-white (until 6/15),; DRESS (right)- group gift in store: *: Lo*momo :* Groupgift,,; HAIR- lucky boards @ White Well,,; SKIN- lucky chair: MIASNOW Skin - ISIS Pale natural beauty (LUCKY CHAIR!),,

OUTFITS & SHOES (left & right)- L$0 for HL Fashion Design White Flower & L$0 for HL Fashion Design Armania @ HL Fashion Design,,; OUTFIT (center)- L$0 for Sn@tch Gift Box (Second Style) ONLY UNTIL 8 JUNE -,; CUPCAKE- Sanu's - lucky cupcake prizes,,; HAIR- A&A Lynette Hair Blackberry (wear and click to unpack!), A&A Nadi Hair Dark Winered (wear and click to unpack), A&A Brigitte Hair Cappuccino, boxed, ALL $1/HAIR ON XSTREET; SKIN- lucky chair: Skinthesis Lucky Chair Exclusive - Mindi in Nubian - L'Amour,

OUTFITS- L$0 for Lil's Free Outfit & Lucky Chair - DeVine Passion & Dangerous Fruit - Red Latex,,; HAIR- lucky boards @ White Well; JEWELRY- L$0 for Izzie Necklace, & Anastasia Earrings @Prinny's Prims Fine Jewelry,,; SKIN- L$0 for (vive9) Summer

OUTFITS ($1-10) & SKINS($10)- L$1 for .:Welfare:. Rusty (shown in center),; Skins & Clothing also from :Welfare: $10/item; There are less dramatic skins available too. (L$10 items: Mime Skin, Mermaid Skin, Just Woke Up Skin, Lizz-aye, Stained Jeans, Stained Beater, & coming soon.... Drink & Blog tshirt ty, Jacinda!) SHOES- all from magi take another $10/item store; HAIRS- MM Boards from Alli&Ali Designs , pick up a list of MM Boards @ the mainstore, most board prizes change daily so the exact style & color shown above may or may not be available. (A&A Pepita Hair Black Onyx, A&A Cynthia Hair Ocean, A&A Cynthia Hair Flame, A&A Wendy Hair Ashbrown)

EYES- $0 for np Silent eyes - SUMI @ negaposi main store,

I'll stop floating now. ^_^

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sanu, Star, Blue Bird, & Cindy Hunts

Sanu's Mini Quest,,
Find 3 small sesame seeds - $1/Prize; find 3 prizes ($3 total: earrings, lip ring, jeweled tears)

Additional Credits: Hair- MADesigns ~ ANESSA @ Savoir Hair,,; SKIN- THOH #028 - Aimesi (SCROLL) until 15 June,,,, Eyes- Exodi >_< not free


Shooting Star Hunt (ends 15 June),
Find the particle star trail and say " /7 catch " in chat. 20 stars total


Blue Bird Sim 1st Anniversary & Hunt 2010年6月1日~6月10日(JST),,
Since these are Japanese hunts the hunt may end on the 9 June- so do it prior to the 9th.
You are looking for a blue bird with a pink bow tie, hidden very well in most cases. Some stores have 100's of dummy birds and I'm not sure how many prizes total (11 stores + 2 bonus prizes mentioned on note card available @ location, but I found more).

#16 was in store with many #9 birds, no 14 found


You're looking for a big black cat ($0). Some cats are larger than others, but all are at least 10m large. This hunt is great for new (female) players because the size of the hunt item is easily spotted! Once you've found and bought a cat check your inventory to locate the note card which includes all the landmarks to hunt locations.

Midnight Lotus's gift of a female genital piercing & *~s0c~* Vintage Rose Espadrille PAIR not displayed. (1 male prize @ Naty's)


Thank you vendors & good luck hunters!