Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sum Spam-o-Ramma for Yew


SHIRTS- L$0 for :::aju::: T_Shirt Swan_Ver1, :::aju::: T_Shirt GITER_WOMEN_CH*, and :::aju::: MIZU_T_4TYPE++ FREE,,; EARRINGS - L$0 for *YourShape* Roundie earrings gold (buy champagne bottle),; HAIR - L$1 for A.M.K.R *R* Axel 02 Orange,; SKIN - group gift in store !Imabee: Lucy - First Sight Love,, secondlife:///app/group/fe450f74-a3f8-266e-daa5-1a53f8f0f875/about,, source -; EYES - (previously blogged) L$0 for MIASNOW Gift - Realistic EYES sampler pack 1

LEFT: SHIRT- L$0 for: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Boobs Tubes,,; SKIRT- L$0 for Honey*Soul Jean Midi Skirt,, secondlife:///app/group/6c714f61-9975-91cc-eedd-d171c5640026/about,; PURSE- L$0 for =IZUMIYA=Free Mini BOX Bag @ Izymiya's free section,,; SHOES- L$1 for *+SAIKIN clog sabot sandal REST red,, source-,; | CENTER: L$0 for Honey*Soul Strawberry Mini Dress; | RIGHT: BRA- L$0 for .::Vassnia::. Free Filthy Bra (red),; SKIRT- LUCKY BOARD @ Honey*Soul BLack-Laced Long Skirt, PURSE- L$0 for *KOISADA* kago Bag,

LEFT: SHIRTS- L$0 for *ARAI* Thunder T_Red @ *SAIKIN,; PANTS- (previously blogged) *Jetcity* sweat pants=Asian={Black} $0 | CENTER: *ARAI* Long T Pocket_purple @ ARAI on xstreet,; PANTS- *Jetcity*| RIGHT: *ARAI* Swet02_blue @ ARAI on xstreet,, PANTS- *Jetcity*; SHOES - lucky chair (60 min) : *OC* White Abyss Ballet Shoes,,

UNDIES- L$0 for OG Strip 'r Latex (10 varations & also men's undies available),,; L$0 for Sculpted Mini Doll @ Putti Tiny Shop,,; SHIRT- L$0 for ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Hakka printed cloth coat,,; Lucky Board - K_gs BigLightning -- Kumaki Glasses Style --,

Page Burner

OUTFIT - L$0 for -GRrr- Red Temper -Display-,; SHOES- lucky chair @ Bukka,,; HAIR- Alli&Ali Designs Present 21st May 2010 f,,;SKIN- L$0 play game for Naomi Makeup 03 @ Heaven's,,; POSE- (Miyoko Magic) The pose for my boots - gift,,

OUTFITS & BOOTS on the RIGHT- everything $L1 @ 96 Clothing Warehouse L$1,

LEFT PAGE: OUTFIT- L$0 for Adjunct Free Gift - Baseball Tee - Glasses, Adjunct FREEBIE- Superstar Sunglasses, & Adjunct Free Gift - Argyle Bubble Pipes & (upstairs) L$1 for Adjunct Geek Chic Space Rocket Boxers,,; HAIR- Hair Voting Present 21st May 2010 @ Alli&Ali Designs ; SKIN- L$1 for ::: I CE COCO ::: FREEBIE SKIN AT THIS WEEK,;

RIGHT PAGE: SHIRT- L$1 for Marilyn Shirt *PB Collection Ardigraf Design*,,; SHOES & BAG - L$0 for *.:[K]:.* sandal free & *.:[K]:.* vinyl bag (pink) R-Shoulder.@ KLOKA,; EARRINGS - L$0 for Lucy In Disguise - Owl Earrings FREEBIE,,; SKIRT: L$0 for *.:[K]:.* suede skirt (green) @ KLOKA @ Marche du Soleil - Shopping Mall,

OUTFIT- L$0 for Fu's Forest Fairy Dress box,,; HAIR- L$1 for W&Y 1 Prem Hair "Metal",,; SKIN- L$1 for .::Mother Goose's::. Margaret _1L,,

LEFT PAGE: OUTFIT, SHOES, & HAIR - L$0 for Dark moon free @ Land of Freelenium - FREE Medieval Fantasy OutfiT,

RIGHT PAGE: LINGERIE- (touch tray) RD Exclusive Bra and Panties set!,,

LEFT PAGE: OUTFIT: L$0 for UN Freebie @ United Neko's, (outfit for guys too in store); SHOES- L$0 for [IHS] Leather Boot Black,, (male version available in store); HAIR- L$0 for Exile Micah/ Dark Browns,,; SKIN- L$0 for ..:: Adoring Charms ::.. Store Gifts,,

RIGHT PAGE: OUTFIT: L$0 for *[ROC]* ROC Your Life Freebie,; HAT: L$1 for BP*toqueblanche/cookbou,,

SHIRT: L$0 for *Jetcity* border shirt_black., gray or aqua,,; SKIRT - L$0 for *ZIF* Ruffle pink (mod/trans),; PINWHEEL: L$0 for kazaguruma @ Waterland sims,,

SHIRTS, HAIRS, & JEWELRY: Group gift in store - ...Scars...Print T [Group Gift], L$0 for: ...Scars...Free catsaw[black], ...Scars...Free catsaw [emerald-green], ...Scars...Saturn Necklace "Silver", ...Scars...Saturn Necklace "Gold", ...Scars...Saturn Necklace "Pink", ...Scars... hide free & ...Scars... Free Hair 3 Color set,,; SKIRT- CLOTHING: L$0 for Honey*Soul Jean Midi Skirt,, secondlife:///app/group/6c714f61-9975-91cc-eedd-d171c5640026/about,; SKIN- .::Mother Goose's::.MOMO SkiN_1L

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More New Releases

Inga Wind Clothing Store:
Inga Wind Blog:

*IW* Forest Nymph (includes: shoes, jewelry, wings, and 2 hairstyles)

## CI ## Store:

## CI ## Forest Nymph AO (23 anims in the ao, 2 wearable props each with its own anim and a rezzable mushroom. So a total of 26 copy mod anims and 3 props included in the ao)

** Skin used from Dulce Secrets ( Dulce Secrets has been remodeled & to celebrate for the next a 48 hour there is a sale. 10 items are marked down to $10L each. There's 1 fat pack of eyes, 3 dresses and 6 skins.)

Pictures taken on the Moonsong sim.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

NEW Releases: It's the New Stylez....

Inga Wind Clothing Store:
Inga Wind Blog:

*IW* Taisa in Sand (includes 2 hairstyles in 2 tones each, mask, & shoes)

*IW* Jackie (includes shoes & 2 shirt options on jacket layer)

*IW* Hope in Blue (includes hair shown, jewelry, shoes & swing)


A-Bomb main store:
A-Bomb @ Reasonable Desires:
A-Bomb @ The Wash:

Unisex Plaid Shorts are only 50L until the next new release then will go up to the normal price of 100L. The unisex Addison boots are still currently at 150L (because of tremendous response), but they will go up to 300L at the next new release. The boots are color change via script to: gray, purple, tan, black, brown, or crimson.

A-Bomb will be/is participating in the following events: ZombiepopcornSL Carnival - June 15th through 30th, The Addiction Hunt - July 15th to August 15th, The Washes are hosting an Art Street Fair till the end of the month of May.


PixelDolls in Liome:
Affiliated Vendor's site:

Leather Crop is now available at PixelDolls in the City of Liome for L$130, available in black or red each set includes: pants, top and jacket and a multitude of prims.




Additional Credits: Skins by Magika; Hair by BettiePage; Eyes by Miriel (closed); Jewelry by Miriel (closed), DECO, and Trinity Moon; Tank used with A-Bomb items from Sn@tch, Shoes shown with PixelDolls items was made by :69:; Poses- Genira Fantasy RP, KSCreations, Lazy Places, MNK*SHOP, Pididdle, MadDesigns, *oyakin*,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Coming Soon To a Theater No Where Near Anyone

OUTFIT & POSES: L$0 for "*noju* thank you gift(pose) & L$0 for "*noju* thank you gift,,; GLASSES- L$0 for Donna Flora MANON glasses gift,,; SHOES: Subscription sign on gift - (Shiny Things) Zimmy Flats - faded denim,,; HAIR- L$0 for **Pocket Mirrors** Lily Short - BROWN Color Sample,,; EYES - L$0 for MIASNOW Gift - Realistic EYES sampler pack 1,,; SKIN- L$1 for .::I CE COCO:: GIFTS!, L$1 for .::I CE COCO:: DOUDI ::: GIFT 2., & group gift advertised in store,, secondlife:///app/group/9a2ea4f0-f5be-8241-807e-7e4e07787f44/about, source -,; SKYBOX - donation, Your new items can be found in your inventory in a folder by the name of flowey. the sunbeam box (v) ((updt.)),, source -,

OUTFITS - Lucky Boards: Printcloth design shirt(LB) Mall DE ALOALO 1, ****em**** Gingham check shirt(LB) BOX, ****em**** maximum Dress(LB)BOX, Game Boards: ****em**** Opening gift Dress(LP), ****em**** High waist dot SkirtBOX, ****em**** Gradation Skirt (Yellow)BOX,,; SHOES- $0 for tomoto, opening gift (buy shoebox),,; SHIRT - Female Rocker Chic tank from Library; HAIR: Group gift in store - May gift @ Ay.Line,, secondlife:///app/group/7debf053-2de7-3043-3e29-80f4f1eed80f/about,; EYES - L$0 for MIASNOW Gift; SKIN- L$1 for Mango, Mango! - Citrus Gift & L$1 for Mango, Mango! - Sepia Gift,,; POSES: L$0 for "*noju* thank you gift

CLOTHES- L$1 each for: ][AV][shirt knit camel, ][AV][skirt beige lace, ][AV][camisole blue & ][AV][cami camel woman,,; JEWELRY- group gift in store: *::UM::* UmeMode_Necklace&Pierce GG (BOX), secondlife:///app/group/0b203c02-f095-786f-f209-d3da9065050c/about,,; HAIR- (touch) - Hair Voting Present 14th May 2010 @ Alli&Ali Designs,,; SKIN- L$0 for monthy gift @ Virtual Diva,

OUTFITS & SHOES- L$0 for(Y)Pink Panther Free Groupgift, (Y) Freee Tease Mini Skirt Dress [ Black ] Box , (Y) Free Dark Mysterious Silk SLX & (Y) Fancy Freee OutfiT @ Yesss Designs ™,,; HAIR- group gift in store: Alli&Ali Designs Present 14th May 2010 f,,; SKIN - (look for martini glass) ADH #35 Dulce Secrets,; POSES- L$1 for .::meu::. For TUFT Box of Poses,

LEFT TO RIGHT ~ OUTFIT - L$0 for ::JUJU:: Liberty print salopette* + Short,, TY CHERI PYE; OUTFIT 2 - L$1 for ::P:: Puppy Pot Red-Hot Outfit @ Petunia Fashions,,; OUTFIT 3 - L$0 for TBL_Maid1_BlackColor,,; OUTFIT 4 - LUCKY CHAIR - :SK Designs: Rebirth Outfit,,; POSES - L$0 for D004 Smart Woman AO @ oracul,

CLOTHING/ACCESSORIES: ($1 Wall; much more available for guys too) @ Vellas,; EYES- lucky chair: **Firefall** Eternity Eyes Blue Pale @ Phoenix Designs,; HAIR- L$1 for *OC* Crazy Hair,,; SKIN- lucky chair: ![Nikita Fride] =^.^= Skin Winter !,,; POSES- L$0 for GLITTERATI - Fence [freebie!],,,

OUTFITS- L$0 for Retro Swim Suite(blue) & L$0 for Retro Swim Suite(black) (on clothes line) or L$0 for Retro Swim Suite (in bag on ground includes mailbox) @ waterland sims,,; HAIR- (look for globe with unicorn inside) M&L Hunt #55 (Alli&Ali Designs) Alice Klinger, Romeo male style worn; SKIN & EYES - L$0 for :::Dimbula Rose:::Mainshop OpeningGift, size="1">, source -; PROP (Beach Ball): L$1 for **Ray Skin**++[Ai & Wanryoku],,

(post is getting rather long) TO BE CONTINUED.....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Freebies to Rule Them All

SKIN- L$0 for MOMMYS GIFT @ Virtual Diva,; HAIR- (touch) - Group gift Present 7th May 2010 @ Alli&Ali Designs,,; EYES- L$0 for Freebie @ Willow,,; DRESS- $L1 for *CUPCAKES - Cute Dress - Zebra (hidden $L1 clothing & 50% off sale),,

DRESS & SHIRT- L$0 for Freebie Dress & L$1 for Dollarbie @ Willow; SHOES-S@BBiA::GroupGift No.12,, secondlife:///app/group/c48f13ae-50a0-c2f2-14c6-e5eaebb81d7a/about,

SKIN- (blogged below also) L$1 for LuAll Designs Dollarbie,,; HAIR- A&A 12k groupies present @ Alli&Ali Designs; EARRINGS & Truffles- L$0 for **Hi Calo**(Ichigo Earring) & **Hi Calo**(Truffe Choco Chair) @ Sika,; STRAWBERRY- (previously blogged) L$0 for :: relaxin' :: strawberry wear set,,; DRESS- L$0 for Muhi - Bristol Dress.,, Source,; SHOES- L$0 for (AB) March gift,,

SKIN- MM Board, TARA Skin * Tone 2* Glossy LIP BROWN By May Vayandar,; EYES - L$0 for MIASNOW Gift - Realistic EYES sampler pack 1,,; HAIR- Hair Voting Present 7th May 2010 @ Alli&Ali Designs; CLOTHING- L$0 & Lucky Chair @ Runaya True Value Market,;

Monday, May 10, 2010

Blah, blah, blah..........

On the cover: SKINS- L$1 for .::Mother Goose's::. GeMMa_1L.,,; EYES- L$0 for [C*love*r] Eyes 01-HL (Graphite) @ event,; HAIR: Lucky Board @ Jade,,; NECKLACE- Lolapop! Delicate Beauty Necklace - Lucky Board,; DRESS- L$0 for !STC Flirty Plaid Dress,,

Left Page: DRESSES- L$0 for !STC Beaded Halter Pink & !STC Glitter Heart Pink; EYES - L$0 for !STC Eyes Impossible Universe

Right Page: OUTFIT- L$1 for (SELDOM BLUE) SYLVIA ONE LINDEN OFFER,,; HAT- L$0 for *KOISADA*Piano Hat Free!,; NECKLACE- L$0 for Grim Bros. mini cupcakes necklace BOXED @ Bake Sale,,; SKIN - .::Mother Goose's::. Renata SkiN 1L; HAIR: Lucky Board @ Jade

Left Page: CLOTHING- *: Lo*momo :* Groupgift,; HAIR: L$200 (sale ended) for *Brit*Madrid 4 @ Britnee,,; EARRINGS & EYES: ALL L$0 for: **Sika**(Burger Earring), eyes, & heart earrings;; SKIN - .::Mother Goose's::. GeMMa_1L, SHOES: ($50 for 3 pairs) ::: B@R ::: School Loafers $50 @ Bare Rose,,

Right Page: OUTFIT: L$0 for Fierce**VIOLET GROUP GIFT,,, NECKLACE: L$1 for Lolapop! Kawaii Milkshake Necklace Dollarbie.

Above Pages: OUTFITS- L$0 @ Cafe Cloud (many more),; HAIR - L$1 for .+*HS*+. Gift Hair ::AGE::.,,; SKIN: L$1 for LuAll Designs Dollarbie,,

Above Pages: OUTFITS- Camp 10-15 minutes, LUCKY BOARD - Pink Bunny, & L$0 for beniusagi2, Beni Usagi5 & Beni kunoichi.@ Electric Lady Land store & cafe., HAIR- L$0 for freebie demo @ Bishwear,; SKIN- L$0 for all skins (spring) @ Miss. Murder Warmouth Freebie Zone,,

Left Page: OUTFIT- L$1 for MOOI Elizabeth suit,,; HAIR- L$0 for YZ/Hair/5 @ Yuzuya,; SKIN - L$0 for all skins (spring) @ Miss. Murder Warmouth Freebie Zone

Right Page
: L$0 for rina307-free-box,,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Release: Happy Cinco Humpness & Repeated Crash Day

Inga Wind Clothing Store:
Inga Wind Blog:

NEW: *IW* Taisa in Gold

Includes 2 hair styles each in 2 tones, shoes, & mask.


PixelDolls in Liome:
Affiliated Vendor's site:

New to PixelDolls Affiliated Vendor in Liome: (PixelDolls) Amourette . Emerald .

**socks & shoes not included

Juicy Blog:
Juicy Main Store:

NEW: Juicy Victorian Ankle Boots


(Additional Credits: Skins- *REDGRAVE*; Eyes - Kmadd; Hair - [Atomic]; Jewelry - Prims & Pearls, Socks - Vitamen, Poses- [Snook], KS2Cool, & Luth)
Pictures taken on Astoria sim.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Blue Show

OUTFITS: L$0 for Black, Colors, & * + * maria * + * Ushi Black POP. @ Black Ship Market Event,
SHOES: MM Boards, Lucky Chair, Group gifts in store from [TARA]
EARRINGS: L$1 for *Cento Pallini*Pearl Flower & Heart Earrings.,
HAIR: L$0 for **MJ**Gift vol.1 pink. @ Black Ship Market Event
event area -
SKIN & EYES: Group gifts in store - [MJ+DADA] MJD*2SKIN-05 -Obscure- Group gift & [MJ+DADA] Cat's eyes - Group gift, secondlife:///app/group/41339630-a867-507d-0d5c-d2aec7bd292a/about,

SHIRT: L$0 for :NuDoLu: Les petits bonbons bleus.,
PANTS & GLASSES: L$0 for so what?++denim1, so what?++denim2, so what?++dark black denim, so what?++dark blue denim & so wgat?++blood glasses. @ Black Ship Market Event,

CLOTHING: L$1 for mijn.t [BASIC IS THE POINT] shirt - CHOCOLATE - dollarbie., L$1 for mijn.t [Pirate's outfit] - DOLLARBIE., L$1 for mijn.t [BASIC IS THE POINT] dress - CHOCOLATE - dollarbie. & L$1 for mijn.t [BASIC IS THE POINT] shirt - PURPLE - dollarbie.,
HAIR: L$0 for **MJ**Gift vol.1 darkbrown., (source) ,
SKIN: L$0 for [PHOTON] Free Navi Female Avatar.

OUTFITS: Subscribo join - **Mis** Rock Me, Roll Me & L$0 for **MIS** Funny Bunny Polos.,
NECKLACE: L$0 for ::ra'ta-j:: *cube* Neklace. @ Black Ship Market Event,
HAIR: Group gift @ event - GOVIL hair bel Ggift & L$1 for GOVIL hair BEL gift., secondlife:///app/group/bb6ac91c-eb89-3482-7298-559bc431f8a9/about

OUTFITS & HAIRS: L$1 for :::**Ray Skin**::: *Garden* (Lineage). & Lucky Boards,
SKIN: L$0 for Avatar Female Skin - Special Edition (by Unique Megastore).

OUTFITS: Group gifts in store - ** DIRAM ** ABBY Attire-pink-gift & ** DIRAM ** La robe pretty noire-gift, secondlife:///app/group/be454a7c-3a9a-8339-9aeb-a8a53cf29b4e/about, (source with more pictures),
NECKLACE: L$0 for A*S Necklace 001. @ Black Ship Market Event,
HAIR: MM Boards @ ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...