Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Go Hunting! - Ichi

Paradisis creations sims, invites you to a funny easter hunt, from April 1st till April 11th. Find the eggs around the sim and collect originals gifts ! Lynece's Shop (4 eggs), LOULOU&CO (3 eggs), PARADISIS (6 eggs), & Ragnarock Shop (5 eggs) are all providing hunt gifts. The eggs are small so take your time. Sometimes it helps if you toggle in and out of wire-frame view. This may be a challenge for inexperienced hunters, but the prizes are nice:

Skin from Fricka Hunt & Hair from TA@KDC mall

Easter Egg Hunt from: Just for you, Blood Rose Gothic/BDSM, VF Design, Luscious & Lords, Moon Magic, Drake`s Design, Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue Main Stores, Lustovia, and Pictures By Rodger. This hunt ends on the 7th of April.

Finish the maze at the end to receive some of the bonus items pictured. Only 10 stops to complete this hunt! Fnordian Easter Egg prize not pictured; must rez & touch to enjoy. ^_^

{Frick} Easter Egg Hunt 8 @ $1 each
Hiya everyone! I'm right under the wire with this one, but I'm having a little dollarbie Easter Egg Hunt in my store until April 10th! There are 8 eggs scattered around the store for L$ 1 each. You can find 7 different skins & a mini dress covered in bunnies. These skins are a sneak peek at the new lips I'll be using whenever I get around to making new stuff again. I've included a reference picture so you know which egg has what in it. Enjoy!

Hairs used throughout:
L$1 for "TA hair KDC Limited gift02(R). @Time of angel Hair,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monsanto May Patent Your Pixels

Left: L$0 for KWZ Omaga Female Steel.,

Center: Jacket- L$0 for !129129**026_brown.
Shirt- (vive9) Single Layer Tanks - (Vive9) last day for gift bags & sale
Pants- L$0 for *Jetcity* sweat pants=Asian={Blue}.,
Shoes- Lucky Chairs - BT- Chunky Bloody boots,

Right: L$0 for **Paty Zebrina Vendor**.,

Left: lucky board - feel at home(KDC mall Cream) @ "+Lo*momo+",

Center: MM Board - :WhoNose: Sparkle TEAL Outfit - MM Board
Shoes- Angel Alphaville - Shoes 026 (red)

Right: :WhoNose: Viivi BERRY Dress+Necklace (Lucky Board)

Above: L$0 for reiko konpeitou., L$0 for reiko-kin-no-hosi., L$0 for reiko-gin-no-hosi., L$0 for R-majyo. & lucky board - reiko-clara-p

Above: group gifts in store @ L&H Clothing Collection,

Boots- Dominion Femdom Fetish Gift Box,

**********************Used Throughout:
Hair: ENKY's Dollar$tore (Lollipopz, Exile, & I love Olive),

Skins: Warmouth Freebie Zone! (Miss Murder)
group: secondlife:///app/group/cb188e61-06a8-868f-9dda-b5d0ea18e73e/about/about

Breakfast of Packrats

Left: L$0 for *Lovely Hearts* Renewal Open Gift.
(*LH*::::: dot dress ::::: purple), (source)
Hair- L$0 for ++AY.LinE++Gift[[Yomogi]].
Skin- L$1 for .::Mother Goose's::. Alice SkiN.1L.,
Eyes- Poetic Colors - spring meadow - Freebie,

Center: L$0 for ruchica gift-pierce-.,

Right: Shirt - L$0 for *Lovely Hearts* Renewal Open Gift.
(*LH*::::: polo shirt ::::: purple)
Skirt - Lucky Board - *.:[K]:.* denim frill skirt (LB) @ Kloka
Purse- L$0 for *.:[K]:.* OMIYA2 jam bag. @ Kloka

Left to Right: lucky board - o*m mame-skirt(dark), o*m antique-blackdevi, & ode*Myu rinana(w) @ ++ode*Myu++
Hair- L$1 for Object. @ Waka&Yuki @ KDC Hair Mall,
Skin- (Vive9) last day for gift bags & sale. (All skins below Vive9 also.)

Left: $1 - Dress Naig @ Dany French Touch, Ty Dany
Hair- ::groovygirl designs:: moni @ Savoir Hair.

Center: Lucky Board - *NN* LB+HONEY+0050,

Right: L$0 for *MTU Free::Karakusa WH. @ *MIYABI*~Rabbit InThe Moon~,

Left to Right: Sway's Lucky Present - 'Fruit Undies' -blackberry-, Sway's Lucky Present - 'KATRINA' CLOVER HAT SPECIAL, & Sway's 'LOVE' Knitted Sweater,
Hair- [Raspberry Aristocrat] Chai Anxiety Hair @ Savoir Hair.

Dr. HoneyComb

More posts to come. ^_^

Left & Center: L$0 for *.:[K]:.* relax wear (green & yellow) Gift ❤. Kloka
Hair- L$1 for "TA hair KDC Open gift(R). @Time of angel Hair,
Eyes- L$0 for ::UH::Opening Gift (BB).,
Skin- L$1 for .:*Sowelu Skin*:./Spring Gift/2010.

Right: L$0 for *happyshop*free wan ryuminset.

Left: L$1 for *PL*UM*Flower Dress WH.,
Hair- Lucky Board - BC322 Yoi-Yume (LB),

Center: L$0 for ][AV][onePeace jelly been pink.,

Right: lucky board - ][AV][dress spring red

Friday, March 19, 2010

CrystalRoseMall Treasure Hunting

Crystal Rose Mall is having a petal hunt to compose a Crystal Rose and win some fabulous prizes. You'll need to first buy ($0) and wear the hud. Then visit 15 stores and collect the petals. Once your hud is filled then touch the hud and take the teleport to the prize area. You'll only need one hud to collect all 15 prizes in the area. Touch each treasure chest provided by the Crystal Rose Mall vendors.,

Prizes from: Maya's REMIX, O-musi* shop, Kotolier, yuiyui, Heart CAT, MIYABI~Rabbit In the Moon, めがね屋れりす, Sen*2, ***Ambrosia***, Salbador Dali, *MHK*, +Honey+, Arrshu's Shop, JD Motion, ::EverlastingFace::

Hair: L$0 for FS CITY farewell gift. @ Rosy Mood until 31 March,
Skin: L$5 for .:Glamorize:. Rita "Rave" 3-Pack

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rotten Defiance $10 Birthday Sale

*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*] News 3.18,10 [notecard quote follows] :

So, tomorrow is my birffday XDD

In honor of my birthday, I'm marking everything in the store down to 10L until [S]unday night. So starting RIGHT NOW everything is on sale yay!

Ok thats all....have a good night everyone.

Go check out the goodies @ $10/piece it's worth a look ~ *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*:


You can even pick up hunt gifts in store. (Lovebirds gifts shown; more available.)

From Freebie Finds & More

Additional information:
Rotten Defiance blog -
Hair by !SyDy! many found on lucky board.,
Skins by Mango available in the $1 gift packs.,
Poses used: PIDIDDLE - Artistic Taxidermy Pose Set Gift.,
Location: Sick2 sim,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


.::lucky charms mini-hunt thingy::. (3.14.2010 - 3.24.2010)
3 stores are participating (each store has 2 gold bags):
#1 - *tw.
#2 - [ skream! ]
#3 - [ P E R A ]

This is a very easy and quick hunt.

(skin, shape, jewelry, hooves, & clothing all from lucky charms mini-hunt)

Champagne Celebration Treasure Hunt

Come Celebrate Virtual Impressions 3rd Birthday, Champagne for all :))

Virtual Impressions began on March 14th 2007, opening a small space in a mall, selling a few sparkly shoes and simple pearl necklaces.

3 years on and it has grown up considerably.

From Saturday 13th March until Saurday 20th March, to mark this milestone there, will be some miniture bottles of bubby around the store to discover with treasure inside.

There are 6 for men and at least 24 for Ladies, with contributions also kindly provided by the vendors on the first floor, ie Styles of edo, Angel Dessous, B-Style, Crie Style, Grasp, A Folie, and 2 of the designers have supplied a treasure items exclusive to the Virtual Impressions Hunt, Bliss Couture and Azul. A very specal thank you to my dear friends and tenants for supporting Virtual Impressions Birthday Event. I love you all :))

Have fun looking for them and Good Luck

Chrissy Ambrose
Virtual Impressions

This hunt is challenging. The hunt item is sculpty and blends into surrounding objects; keep your eyes peeled.

Additional pictures here.

Luxurious World ---
Happy St Patty's!I've gone wild and set 8 lil sharmrocks for you to hunt! Only1L eacha nd they are filled with goodies! Grab the LM and happy hunting!*Muah*
$8 to complete this hunt.

(Eyes, Shirts, Tats and Scarf all from the hunt.)

Hairs from kmadd, Audacity, & Discord Designs found at Savoir Hair.

Please take a look at Freebs for SL Kids as Stjarney has completed the Lucky Charm Hunt and there are some nice items for Adults too. ^.^

Thank you to vendors, StJarney & Good luck hunters!

Happy St. Patty's

Left: L$0 for .::HH::. pajamas? :-D [Star] + Lollipop.,
Skin - L$0 for montly skin. @ Virtual Diva
Hair - Lucky Board - [!SyDS! Hair] La fleur du petit pas :, secondlife:///app/group/afac299b-6cb8-9bb5-2685-ae8f4f975cf5/about

Center: L$0 for free15-box. @ Rina

Right: L$0 for rina-free10-box. @ Rina

Left: L$0 for **Ydea Banned Vendor**.
Hair - L$0 for .:: KMH ::. Hair Free003.,
Skins - L$1 for !MM! Snake Charmer @ Mango!,

Center: Lucky Chair - Violent Seduction - Buckle Up! @ Violent Seduction

Right: GLAM Couture "Miriam" Set - Pink (Group Dollarbie),

Left: L$0 for Abia Capalini Design St. Patricksday freebie no 1.,
L$0 for ::{{trico}}:::free gift ribbon dango chan (boxed).
group gift in store,

Center: L$0 for Abia Capalini Design St. Patricksday freebie no 2.

Right: Lucky Board - :::**Ray Skin**::: CandyGirl *emery*,

Left:group gifts No.10 @ S@BBiA::

Hair - Lucky Board hair @ Voice Mall
Skins - LCH #042 Turducken

: Lucky Chair - FREE *CGirl*H* Sexy Dress * CottonBG *

Right: L$0 for *Tweedle* Pot o' Luck.
Lucky Fest until 19 March!,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dr Ungulate This

Left: L$0 for ***Ambrosia***blue gingham tunic+cropped denim pants.,
Skin - hunt prize - L$1 for ..::A.Y.Y:.. Saint Patrick's Day #6.,
Hair - L$0 for "TA hair UP fujiyama01U(R).,

Center: L$0 for -IW- Patty's Girl St. Patricks Day Gift. @ Icewerk
Pose - (Miyoko Magic) Balance 6 - gift,

Right: L$1 for <Kiss This!> Barely Covered Clover *boxed*. until midnight St Pats day.,

Left: L$0 for B!Fashion Spring Dress,
Skin - Game - Valentine's Day Skin Hinako A @ Heaven's,
Hair - L$0 for 3636-Ebony.,

Center: L$0 for B!Fashion - St. Patrick Gift
Shoes - L$0 for A.D.D Andel! Rave Stompers-Shamrock Freebies-.,

Right: Lucky Chair - <Kiss This!> G's A Gem Outfit

Shoes - L$0 for :::LiNe::: Osterhase/ St. Patrick's Day.,
Skin - Game - Valentine's Day Skin Hinako B @ Heaven's
Hairs - group gifts, $1, group lucky boards @ Govil

Center: L$0 for PINKY*GALS=onepiece(GIFT).,

Right: L$1 for Tres Beau "Patty" Freebie.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Easy Little Hunts

Precious Mall's White Day, Soy Cookies Treasure Hunt 3/14(Sun)-3/21(Sun)
$0 - look for 12 soy cookies (#9 @ tomo❤noren was not located)

Skins used in Precious Mall Collage from:
Minutes To Midnight's [ M2M]..::St. Paddy's Day Hunt::..
There are 27 cloverleaf all over the store for 1 L (new itens).
There's 6 for 0L with old itens from the store.

Hair: L$1 for :Liriope: Spring gift.

JE*REPUBLIC-2nd GIFT BOX HUNT (0L&1L $6 total)
HUNT10 Gift Box [ Skins,Dresses,Clothes ]
Start - 2010.03.05~
Your looking for a Gift Box.

Take a look at Stjarney's Freebs for SL Kids for details on the Shamrock Scramble Hunt ending on 20 March.

Alter Ego & More

Left: L$1 for *OC* Gift. @ Alter Ego
Shoes - ]::{ TARA Gift Sexy Passion
group gifts in store * lucky chairs * many mm boards
Hair - L$0 for 3636-Loli. (hair) @ Alter Ego
Skin - $1 Cupcakes hunt source info @ Kijirushi's blog.

Eyes - (lucky board) :: hsh :: LB---S-REAL (GLITTER 01) RED (M)

Center: L$1 for :: Alatiel Fashions :: black Sparkle. @ Alter Ego

Right: L$1 for LMC gift. (blue dress) @ Alter Ego
Necklace - L$0 for Free Gift. from Bag Lady @ Alter Ego
Hair - L$0 for 3636-Valentina @ Alter Ego

Left: L$0 for ::Schoen:: Free gift. @ Alter Ego
Hair & Shirt - L$0 for Treebeez AlterEgo Freebeez!. @ Alter Ego
(skin, eyes, clothing)
Skin - $1 Cupcakes hunt source info @ Kijirushi's blog.

Center: L$0 for Treebeez AlterEgo Freebeez!. @ Alter Ego
(skin, eyes, clothing)

Right: L$0 for Treebeez AlterEgo Freebeez!. @ Alter Ego
(skin, eyes, clothing)

Left: L$0 for V&T aqua scroll mini. from Vamps & Tramps @ Alter Ego
Eyes & Shoes - L$0 for CCC - huge freebie pack. @ Alter Ego
Skin - $1 Cupcakes hunt source info @ Kijirushi's blog.

Hair - L$0 for *SugaLici0us* // Amy // Brown Pack. (upstairs)

Center: L$0 for CCC - huge freebie pack. @ Alter Ego
Hair - L$0 for *SugaLici0us* // Kelly // Brown Pack

Right: L$1 for Satoria Free ITEM!. @ Alter Ego
Hair - L$0 for *SugaLici0us* // Lola // Brown Pack
Shoes - Lucky Board magi take chucker sneaker [ camo ]

Left: Touch Vendor | Paris Metro: Tu An Animal - Panther Gown: A folder named 'Paris Metro: Tu An Animal - Panther Gown' has been created in your inventory.
Hair - L$0 for *SugaLici0us* // Kiya // Brown Pack
Skin - Lucky Board ..::A.Y.Y::.. Melatonin Makeup - 3

Center: $1 - The Sheer Lace Suit includes Black lace cami and underpants is Yesod's Designs signature style. This two piece outfit is a dollarbie!
ty Yesod and Serena

Right: group gift in store: +cat holic+ March Group gift!!@izm

group gift in store: BB Buttoned Short Capris-FREE GIFT
Hair - L$0 for *SugaLici0us* // Elizabeth // Brown Pack

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sum Weekend Pickn'z

Left: L$0 for *.:[K]:.* relax wear (pastelblue) Gift [Kloka]
Hair - ChiChickie! Isabella -
SAVOIR HAIR (all hairs $1 or $0)
Skin: Group gift in store - .:::GARAGE:::.-GIFT

Center: L$0 for *Bliss Couture* Anniversary Gift.

Right: L$0 for *Bliss Couture* St Patrick's Day Free Dress.

Left:L$1 for elacor abito mimosa festa della donna.

Hair - Audacity - Savoir Hair - Women's
Skin - L$1 for *CUPCAKES - Allure - Nutmeg - Keen.

Center: L$0 for FREE-Simplicity-Bright Green. @ Skye Qi - Vintage Apparel Emporium

Right: L$1 for Honey*Soul Border Sweat Dress Pink.

Left: L$0 for Ibizarre Gift Bag - Summer Dress.

Skin & Hair - L$0 for ::::IrEn:::: Vanessa_Valentine_Gift.
L$0 for ::::IrEn:::: Anna_Summergift.
L$0 for ::::IrEn:::: Giftie@HoPo.

Center: L$0 for Ibizarre Gift Bag - Beachwear - Allie Bikini.
Hunt gift until 27 March - Accessory Fair 2010 Hunt Freebie: AlexanderHunter's Couture
ty Alexander ^^

Right: group exclusive L$1 for Marinoco Fashion exclusive sale

Left: L$0 for PARALLEL LOVE Free dress Black.

Hair - Tiny Bird - D.A.N.C.E. - Great Personality pack @ Savoir Hair
Skins L$1 each from Smash Face Cosmetics ( formerly Domestic V)

& two gifts in subscribo (one for guys!)

Pants - L$0 for *.:[K]:.* Denim leggings (free). @ [Kloka]
Shoes - L$0 for Munros Net (red) Stiletto for Free.

Right: L$1 for ::TGIS GIFT:: Black Sequin Dress

Left: L$0 for ~*RunoRuno*~ Spring.

Skin - Lara Skin-Heather*Party Girl*Gift (limited time)
Hair - Uw.St Ann-Hair

Center: L$0 for ~Blacklace~ Hearts Temptation: Sexy Little Gift.

Right: L$0 for ~*RunoRuno*~ Swim.

Location: Love Soul

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Left: L$1 for {AHC} Dulce & Ghanel @ AlexanderHunter's Couture
ty Alexander ^^

Skin: L$1 for {AHC} Spring 2010 Dollarbie Makeup - Bella & Vanessa
Hair: *NN* Lucky Board - +*HS*+. LB Hair ::CAMI::. @ ,+*Heart Softens*+. TSUKIJI Shop

Center: L$0 for {AHC} Dulce & Ghanel - Houndstooth Riding Dress, Black
Skin: L$1 for {AHC} Spring 2010 Dollarbie Makeup - Bella & Vanessa
Hair: *NN* Lucky Board - +*HS*+. LB Hair ::NARI:: Dark Brown. @ ,+*Heart Softens*
Shoes: L$0 for (vive9) Xian Boots Powder FREEBIE. @ (vive9) Haute Footwear Building

Right: L$0 for *ZIF* freebie. @ Zif's Creation
Hair: L$1 for "TA Hair JSP Open gift(R) @ Time of Angel

Skin: L$1 for {AHC} Spring 2010 Dollarbie Makeup - Bella & Vanessa

Left: L$1 for ::humming:: flowerDress A
Shoes: L$0 for Pricess flattie @ Wireflys
Hair: L$1 for .+*HS*+. Gift Hair ::MIR::. @ ,+*Heart Softens*
Skin: L$1 for .::Mother Goose's::. LEE troublemaker2

Center: L$0 for .::SM::. EASTER GIFT OUTFIT. @ Sensual Mistery
Skin: L$1 for .::Mother Goose's::. LEE troublemaker3
Hair: L$1 for .+*HS*+. Gift Hair ::MIN::. @ ,+*Heart Softens*

Right: L$1 for ::humming::knitDress_brown
Skin: L$1 for .::Mother Goose's::. LEE troublemaker1

Left: L$0 for [Totem] Free Gift - Girls
Hair: L$0 for .:*CBH*:. - 30 - [++AY.LinE++].

Skin: L$1 for {AHC} Spring 2010 Dollarbie Makeup - Bella & Vanessa

Center: L$0 for OmNomHunt #02 - Cutey Honey

Shoes: L$0 for .::SM::. EASTER GIFT OUTFIT. @ Sensual Mistery
Hair: ++AY.LinE++Group Gift[[March]] (in store)
Skin: L$1 for {AHC} Spring 2010 Dollarbie Makeup - Bella & Vanessa

Right: L$0 for [Totem] Free Gift - Boys
Hair: ++AY.LinE++Group Gift[[February]] (in store)
Skin: L$1 for {AHC} Spring 2010 Dollarbie Makeup - Bella & Vanessa

Left:0L each - A-BOMB Marisa boots - Strange Brew Hunt gift & A-BOMB Thermal shirt-Strange Brew hunt
ty A-bombers ^^
Skin: L$0 for [the.oBscene] OPENING GIFT 1
Hair: +AY.LinE++Group Gift[[February]] (in store)
Pants: IBIZARRE - Anouk Pants (black) - not free

Center:L$1 for CMORE - Cherry Dress.

Hair: L$1 for ETD Twila - Freebie

Skin: L$1 for {AHC} Spring 2010 Dollarbie Makeup - Bella & Vanessa

Right: L$0 for Larapixie dress. @ Vita's Boudoir

Skin: L$0 .:*CBH*:. - 11 - .: Acid & Mala Creatons :. (Hunt Prize)
Hair: L$0 for *C:K* Nyanotech 09-A Series Hair - Cherry Bob V2. @ Curious Kitties

Location: Muu workshop park

**** I *think* I've gotten through all the items sent to me, but if you've sent me something and it hasn't been posted & is still available please send me a notecard. My hand is still in a brace from being broken, so it will take me a little longer to post items. ^^

I'm slowly working through the side bar and moving links to pages to clear up visual clutter. If you provide a link back then your link hasn't been deleted but moved to a linked page or remaining on the sidebar, but in an rss feed. If you aren't linking back then your link will be removed.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Releases - February

Releases include items from the month I was absent.

From Inga Wind Clothing:

(Hope includes the rose swing shown.)

Inga Wind Clothing:
Inga Wind's Blog:

(Additional Credits: Skin - Heaven's Shapes, [Aden], Face Paws, LionSkins, Redgrave; Additional hair - Eternity, Jewelry - Trinity Moon Designs,

From Cutie Honey:

Cutie Honey store:
Cutie Honey blog:

(Additional Credits: Hair - Aoharu, Skin - Cutie Honey)

From A-Bomb:

A-Bomb Main Store:

(Additional Credits: Skins - [Rockberry]; Hair - BettiePage)

From Yesod's Designs:

Yesod's Designs:

(Additional Credits: Skin - Redgrave, Hair - Eternity, Shoes - Bukka & Pixel Mode )