Saturday, July 18, 2009

Flip, check, & Correct

I will be infrequently blogging, due to relocating until 1 August 2009.

I guess it's been a while and there are definitely a ton of hunts and bargains to pick up, but I've just finally gotten into my new place and am surrounded by boxes. =| I decided to pop on and post a couple of things & say yah, I'm still alive & everything is okey-dokey. =]


At Inga Wind's you can hunt around for 12 special LAUNDRY baskets in store that will allow you to put together the above outfit. You basically get two looks - one with apron and one without and the hunt does include shoes dyed to match. Remember to look high and low for those special laundry baskets which include a prize. ($0/12 laundry basket hunt - F - dress -

The hair is free from Curious Kitties. There are 4 hairs total that are free and if you'd like to change the color of the free hairs you can purchase a color hud starting at $100. Take a look around the store because there are freebies not only in the hair section. ($0 - m/f - hair, clothing, accessories -

Skin is by Seshil and may be found in the Slice of Summer -Watermelon hunt.


This dress is from Ray Skin and hair from W&Y only available for a short time at this new Prin Prin mall location. ($1 each - dresses, hair, gifts - F -

Skin is by Seshil and may be found in the Slice of Summer - Watermelon hunt.

Pose is from Striking Poses - SP_Anna Wong Pose. ($1 - pose -


Outfits from Ibizarre. These are the newest two additions to the giftbags ($1 or 0??? - F - outfits -

Skin is by Aimesi and may be found in the Slice of Summer - Watermelon hunt.

Hair is one of the weekly $1 items swooped up fromt he pool at Concrete Flowers. ($1 - items change weekly -

Slice of Summer Hunt 1
(Larger here)

The SLICE of SUMMER gridwide hunt started last night. Above is the first batch of photos & I'll show more below. This hunt runs until 9 August. (#3 location also included a male prize not shown, # 9 prize is gestures)

Official website:
Start Point:
Credits: Participating stores from the official site -

Slice of Summer Hunt 2
(Larger here)

Slice of Summer Hunt 3
(Larger here)

Slice of Summer Hunt 4
(Larger here)

Slice of Summer Hunt 5
(Larger here) #79 - belly jewel

Slice of Summer Hunt 6
(Larger here) #94 - couples pose

Slice of Summer Hunt 7
(Larger here)

Thank you to the merchants participating int he Slice of Summer hunt.