Sunday, June 28, 2009

Less than 24 Hours - ASAP hunts

Yep, at approximately 5am this morning a crowd gathered and began to search the heavens for gifts lost amongst the stars. 12 gifts total from designer Digit Darkes and Baiastice are lost in the celestial bodies at the SL6B exhibit. Gifts include clothing, shoes, and accessories. ($0/hunt - clothing -


Don't fret if you miss the hunt you can still score killer hair and cyborg style skins not photoed for free. Ty's to Sis & Digit. ^o^

Skin shown from the Toastyville bean hunt. Do this one asap too.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wack da Post


Hair is a $1 gift from @Waffles [@Waffles - Free Sophisticated Love (Starlust 'A la Mode gift)] which may be obtained at the Starlust 'A la Mode sim as an opening gift. Get this asap, I'm not sure of how long this and a slew of other $1 & $0 items will be available. ($1 - F - hair -

Skin is by Frick and can be found at House of Munster location. Main store location - ($1 - F - skin -

Gift 10 in the Irresistable heart hunt are the shoes worn with the above look. ($0/15 hearts - F -

Eyes are part of the RFL Hope Hunt gift from *Clover. Some stores have taken their yellow roses down since the cash prize for the hunt have been pulled for now & will be rescheduled for some time in the future when the databases will hopefully function better. The flowers in Clover were present at time of writing. ($0/2 yellow roses - m/f - eyes & F/clothing -

Outfit: Lokum was kind enough to send me the new lucky chair prize at Crimson Shadow to share with you guys. Thanks Lokum! Guys could easily wear this one too. ( $0/lucky chair prize - f/m-

Pose from Adorkable Poses: Bridge Freebie box at Starlust 'A la Mode sim. ($0 - m/f -poses-



Hair is free style [ ((JUNWAVE))FreeHair*Orchid*CherryBrown* ] from Junewave which is also having a 50% off on older styles until 30 June. There are a couple older styles which are also male friendly so guys may want to stop and take a look. Sale styles start at $40! ($0 - f- hair -

Skin & eyes from [Random Fashions] - Hair, Skin, and Eyes! box at Starlust 'A la Mode sim. ($1 - m/f -hair, f- skin, eyes-

Clothing: Cilia Shepherd of Cilian'gel Fashion wants to spoil you! She has a ton of items for both guys & girls. The above is just a taste of some of the items available! Here's excerpts from the notecard she sent me to share with you guys detailing all her specials: ($0-10 including some group gifts - m/f -

§ Cilian'gel lastest 3 gifts to be found in past group notices are:

- The Lolita look with 'The Gift [number 8]'
- Many options summer dress set with 'The Gift [number 9]'
- A selection of nice cute Tees tucked and untucked with 'The Gift [number 10]

§ Still available for a few days in the boutique and surrounding the following hunt gifts:

-FITS (fun in the sun) sets (one for the ladies and one for the gentlemen)
-Bedtime Stories set (a dreamfull gown)
-TTLG set (tees)
-SLDiscovery sets (one for the ladies 'The Pink Panther' and one for the gentlemen 'Men in Black)

§ New or quite new releases:

-Rose in Mouth (2 lindens)
-Free Tees tucked and untucked 'noobody' and 'Most wanted'
-Fat pack of Tees tucked and untucked (10 lindens per set) 'lm 2 my heart' and 'U R A STAR'

That's all for now folks!
Hope you will like it all.
Cilia ;-)
Poses used throughout are from Striking Pose and are available in store and on xstreet. Many used are $1. ( $1 & full price poses -


Skin used are from the ALB DREAM FASHION skin hunt. Skins in this hunt are priced from $0-50, the boxes are in the store and around the sim, all are in boxes which display the contents. If memory serves me correct skins at ALB are normally priced between $700-900 so even the higher priced hunt items are offered at a significant discount. The skins shown are all priced at $0 - $1. The hunt will end on 18 July. ($0-50/hunt - F - skin -'ksha%20Dunes/184/75/52)

Shoes, clothing, jewelry, hair, & poses from the Beat Clash Hunt ending 30 June. There are also a couple of houses included in prizes. ($0/hunt - m/f - clothing, jewelry, houses, poses, ao, shoes -



I was lucky times 3. First I scored this skin from a lucky chair at Irresistable. ($0/lucky chair - F- skin -

Then I snagged the white flat shoes from the lucky letter pad at Mother Goose's. This store is so cute and filled with great deals. ($0/lucky pad - F - shoes -

Last with a little help I won the hair from lucky boards at Sweet.W from Glitter hair. Kiss Kiss to Khitten. ^.6 ($0/luckyboard - F - hair -

The clothes is all from the Czech Made Hunt ending 30 June. This hunt only consists of 11 stops and each place has a gift for males and one for females. ($0/hunt - m/f -

Poses by Juicy. (


Clothing and shoes may be found in the heart hunt at Irresistable. The skin was won on the lucky chair in store. ($0/15 heart hunt & lucky chair - F- skin -

Hair is a free style Miss Felt available at Historical Heroins store. ($0 - F - hair -

Poses by KS Creations.


Photos taken at the New Trails sim. The sim houses the New Trails store specializing in trees, plants, and landscaping needs. (

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mid-week Peek-a-b00

Free & non-free items:

Inga Wind is having a strawberry hunt at her store. Search for strawberries and you'll get all the pieces for the dress shown below, also shoes, & strawberry basket! ($0/7 strawberries - F - ensemble -


Skin is from the now cancelled for future rescheduling RFL Hope Hunt, many stores still have their yellow roses out including Weird Designs. So it's still worth a hop around the grid to see if the roses are dispensing the gifts. ($0/yellow roses @ Weird Designs - F - clothing/skin shown -

The Hair can be found at the hair fair booth for *Filigreemotion* and is the $1 Mia style. ($1/hair fair - F - hair -

More items from Inga Wind's store; these items are part of a mini grid-wide hunt The Czech Made Hunt. The Czech Made Hunt has 11 destinations and each include 2 prizes - 1 female & 1 male. This hunt will end on 30 June. You'll be searching for the letter " C ". ($0/2 items/11 destinations - m/f -


Shown with hair from the rfl hope hunt from Battle Angel. ($0/25 roses - m/f - tattoos, hair, jewelry -


Previously blogged freebie skin from vive9 used with the above and below pictures of the The Czech Made Hunt prizes from Inga Wind's. (vive9- f- skin -


The following items are non-free & all clothing may be found at Ms. Inga Wind's store:


Shown with skin from Redgrave and hairs from House of Heart and Bewitched.
(Redgrave -
House of Heart & Bewitched -


All photos take on the Life is Good sim. (



Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sim Openings - Drowsy & Costa Rica

I will be infrequently blogging, due to relocating until 1 August 2009.

A couple of sims opened over the last week...

home of Bettiepage has plenty of goodies hidden around. Find all of the clothing and accessories hidden around the sim:



Scenic shots of Drowsy:


Shoes from MagiTake lucky board. -
Skin is a limited time free item from Lara Skins. -
The hair used throughout are from ChiChickie and are all Hair Fair releases with a percentage of the profits going to charity. $200/hair -


The Costa Rica Welcome Center & Land Store has a ton of free items placed on a large table. Stop by to check out the new sim & pick up some quality gifts. (



Above photos ~ Skin is a limited time free item from Lara Skins. -
Below photos using skin from Damiani Unisex Gift bag available in Costa Rica Welcome Center.




Shoes from MagiTake lucky board. -

More Details about the hairs used throughout:

"All these styles are available at HairFair 2009 from now through July 3rd. After that, they will be available in my ChiChickie! Store.

A few notes about the styles:

Farrah - Is a tousled, sexy mane, in honor of a woman known for her lovely locks... who is also a strong woman of untold courage, fighting her own fight with cancer. During HairFair, 100% of proceeds from this style will go to Locks of Love.

Fiona - Is a sweet, simple bell sweep with a color-change scarf. During HairFair, 50% of proceeds from this style will go to locks of love.

Blossom - Is a multi-function menu-driven hair which features choices between a twist and a ponytail, multiple bang options, show/hide flower accents and color change for the flowers. During HairFair, 50% of proceeds from this style will go to locks of love.

Grace - Is a multi-function menu driven hair (also good for MEN who want that "Highlander" look!), which features your choice of knot (simple or elaborate), multiple bang options and a color-change, show/hide Bandana. During HairFair, 50% of proceeds from this style will go to locks of love.

Austin is a short cropped male style, with an irrepressible wave to the bangs. During HairFair, 50% of proceeds from this style will go to locks of love :)
All hairstyles are $200.00 for a pack of four colors. I have introduced brand new, original textures and 6 new colors!

The color packs are as follows:

The Blondes pack contains the following shades: Ash, Blonde, Golden, Honey.
The Brunette pack contains the following shades: Brunette, Chestnut, Chocolate, Mocha.
The Mixed Dark pack contains the following shades: Black, Black Pink, Mahogany, Smoke
The Reds pack contains the following shades: Copper, Crimson, Dark Auburn, Red
The Silvers pack contains the following shades: Grey, Platinum, Silver, White
The Black Tints pack contains the following shades: Black Blue, Black Emerald, Black Purple, Black Teal
The Pearl Pack contains the following shades: Pearl Blue, Pearl Green, Pearl Pink and Pearl Purple"
Thanks to Chiana Meredith for sending the hairs and detailed note. ^^

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Retrology Sim: "My Heart Belongs to Daddy"

22 June 2009 (Monday) is the last day of this hunt! The official Retrology blog has more previews, but here's a couple of my faves. You're searching for hearts. Some are smaller than others. ^.6 Check out the official blog for more details!
(blog -

Retrology Hunt
(House of Heart, Periquita, Punch Drunk, Pink Cadillac, Donna Flora)

Hunt prizes include goodies for both males & females. Check out the Retrology blog for complete preview of prizes and head over to Retrology for the hunt.

Skin used from Nah! skin #5 - $5 -

Hair Fair 2009

You'll find a ton of hair for $0 - $1 at the Hair Fair. Clothing, shoes, & a couple other goodies may be found also. You'll only have 2 weeks to get there and check things out. Many designers have designated styles which either the entirety or a portion of the purchase price benefits Locks of Love so don't forget to do some shopping. A few hair styles will be retired after this event. Remember this is a chariatble event - do us all a favor and ditch your huds & prims!

The Hair Fair grounds are comprised of four sims:
1) Hair Fair -
2) Hair Fair 2009 -
3) Beta Business Park -
4) HF 2009 -

Here's a peek at some (not all!) of the goodies:

Hair Fair_1 copy

Hair Fair_2

(Collage 1 & 2 shown above using freebie skin available at LeLutka's skin store unless otherwise noted -

Skins used below from Diversity Girl's Hair Fair gift except where noted otherwise:

Hair Fair_3

Hair Fair_4

Here are some blogs you might find useful while trying to navigate the Hair Fair:

Seqspot -

Arabella's Amblings

You'll also find tons of cute clothes for free or $1:

Hair Fair_5_outfits

Hair Fair_6_outfits

Hair Fair_7_outfits

Hair Fair_8_outfits

Hair Fair_9_outfits

So strip down and head to HAIR FAIR 2009; it's for a good cause!

Friday, June 12, 2009

So Many Mini Hunts

Yeah, I'm suppose to be packing & cataloging boxes, but I'm not.


Skin, piercings, eyes: Cyanide is having a hunt from today - 14th Sunday. You'll be looking for 12 bags. Tiny bags are priced at $1 & there's an example on the front desk. There are other larger bags priced at $5-$100 if you don't feel like hunting, but would still like to pick up something. There's also clothing & hair to be found. ($5 skin shown & $1 eyes & $1 piercing - F skins & unisex items -

Hair - Dark Mouse is having a secret sale. Scroll over items to find some priced at $0. No idea how long this will last so head over there asap! The hair shown is the free Basha style so you should be able to snag this whether the secret sale is over or not. ($0 - F - hair -

Clothing - Adored & Inks & Kinks is holding a hunt for 20 bejeweled butterflies all are free.
Adored -
Inks & Kinks -

Shoes- ROCK N ROLL ALL NITE HUNT! going on at Vinyl Cafe. From the official note card
"Boys, girls, punks, goths, there is something for everyone! Get ready to begin your search for 18 Vinyl Cafe coffee cups stuffed with all sorts of great freebies including boots, shoes, rock posters, record bins, furniture and MUCH MORE! All of the prizes are spread throughout the main location of The Vinyl Cafe and Shops[.]"
(18 coffee cups -

Poses from TorridWear


Keep an eye on the Fab Free blog for more thorough coverage - they will most likely cover this since they have opened their headquarters on the Wash sim. The Let Them Eat Cake Hunt will be taking place on the car wash & the wash sims from June 12th till June 30th. Keep an eye on The Washes blog for updates about the festivities.

Let Them Eat Cake

(All items excluding eyes from The Let Them Eat Cake Hunt - GeEs Design, BooPerFunK, BALACLAVA!!, Cheap Love Song, & Short Bus)


Eddiesan Bailey an artist who is exploring sl has just given his group an art piece watch and he asked me to share this information with you guys. You can get the watch for free by joining his group: click on his profile to find it ^^


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Rest & Non-free Items

Skins used throughout are from NOMINE. From the note card regarding the skins: "I [Munchflower] have prepared a huge package of rainbow skins that are available in the store under the new releases section for FREE, along with a male and female short sleeve teeshirt in three colors that reads - Not gay is in happy, but queer as in F[***] YOU. Come get them because I love you, or just because you like rainbows. Thank you for being a part of our lives and bringing much needed color." \o/ She's also released a ton of limited edition goth skins for $500 a pop. ($0 - m/f - shirts & f - skins -


Lemania Indigo items:


The above outfits have been moved to the changing room and will be retired. $1 each - Slurl in changing room -

For a $375 - charitable donation - Hellen Keller Dress for Wheelies Donation available at Lemania Indigo's -


Website explaining the charity and eventual event this money is being raised for

We will have the Helen Keller dress out all month...and any money raised will be donated to Wheelies...

Lastly a look at a couple of the weekly $1 group offerings:


Gerbe D'or or Goldenrod in english is a golden dress with beautiful peach flowers on it and matching shoes available at Lemania's Main Store. This outfit will be replaced with new outfits Saturday at approximately 11 am! $1 - Slurl -

Lemania has designs a beautiful gown..another in her flower series, similar to the RFL gowns from earlier in the year...this one is called Peach Orchard and is availabe for 1L at The French Farm for the next two weeks! This is a must not be missed dress! -

Hair from Bewitched & House of Heart which is having a seret sale at the moment! Read how it works here.


Saminaka African Animal Treasure Hunt June 8 – June 22, 2009
Tons of furniture & clothing for both men and women. Don't forget to pick up the outfits at the infohub too, which are shown with the hunt clothing.

African Treasure_1

Explore the sim searching for 20 oranges which will be hidden by the animals on the sim. Collect the oranges in a calabash bowl carried on your head! Every orange has a prize and if you find all 20, you also get a bonus grand prize back at the starting point.

African Treasure_2

All of the prizes feature an African animal in some way and were made exclusively for the hunt. Prizes include clothing, furniture, jewelry, art, shoes, etc. If a prize is gender-specific (like shoes or clothes), it will include both male and female versions, and marked transfer.

African Treasure_3

Hair from BooperFunk - Make Him Over Hunt Prize - $0 - m/f - hair -


Mix Outfit

Pick up a fat pack of argyles skirts from [Over Our Heads] thanks Mikomi Tobias for sending the info. There's also another dress available in store for $1. ($1 - F - fat pack skirts -

Shown with boots from Mstyle. Thanks Alabastrowa ^o^. We've made a discount on High Helios Boots! ONLY for 1L$ !!! Check them out! They are available only on XStreet:

Shirt is part of the free pride packages from Nomine. All skins used in every photograph is also from Nomine and found in the new release section. Yay for GAY! \o/ ($0 - m/f - shirts -


Cutie Honey run by designer Navina Waco has recently released a drop dead gorgous wedding dress priced at $500, but she's also updated her lucky chairs! You can find tons of freebies in this store, so while you're waiting for the chairs to land on your letter browse the store and take a look around. ($0-$500 + group items - F/unisex items -

15 minutes - cow dress (previously blogged here), 15 minutes - honey hood & 20 minutes -cutie honey hair - group camps in store

Cutie Honey_1

Group Freebies in store are: Valentine dress, happy new year rideable cow, icebar (popsicle) bag that dispenses treats, cutie honey fuzzy earrings, & clover with face light

Cutie Honey_2

Non group freebies are the Cutie Honey Hair-001 & Sleeping Mask

2 Cutie Honey Sweet dresses are new on lucky chair and also the money pile which rains particle money is on another lucky chair in store.

Cutie Honey_3

This wedding dress by Cutie Honey is priced at $500 & includes hair which the veil(s) are fitted for. You may have to resize your head size a bit. I remember how extremely hard it was to find a dress when Dolci got married & since it's wedding season I wanted to share this unique design, even though it's not free $500 for a wedding dress which includes hair, & quaility veil is a bargain.

Cutie Honey_Wedding DRess

Cutie Honey is also participating in 3 hunts: sldiscovery hunt and the prize is Cutie Honey Cheescake, The Storybook Hunt which has a trio of moth attachments which include face light, & Fun in the sun hunts which has the relaxing massage pillow set.

Cutie Honey_4

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~The End~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

More Semi's Comming Your Way

I will be infrequently blogging, due to relocating until 1 August 2009.

SL Discovery Gridwide Hunt - 1 May - 30 June
starting point: Newport Keys Downtown Shopping -

**this hunt is kid friendly** 500 vendors participating in this one. Previews on blog from this and other hunts. You'll have to scroll back through the entries as not all post about SLD hunt are tagged with the SLD Hunt keywords.


(Lunacy, Maryjane's Boutique, Jinx'd Voodoo, Cattivo, Nushru, Street Dermatology, Cosmo Chic, Designs by Alestra Vollmar, Splendilicious Skins -
non hunt item ----- TODAY ONLY 9 June 2009 - $100 hair sale at ::69:: -


Fun in the Sun Hunt - ???? No information on the duration of this hunt.
(not a lot of information on this hunt) Official note card in it's entirety:
"Feel free to start at any of these locations and good luck! There are 250 stores in all. :D"
Start locations:
#1 - Wistful Pathways -
#75 - Lantian Village -> Medieval Them -

This hunt has gotten really mixed reviews. At least one vendor decided to leave the hunt, so having a list of all the vendors handy is helpful if you get stuck. If you plan on doing this hunt please take a look at the Hunt Location Blog entry on this hunt. You'll be looking for beach balls and not all the folders are numbered correctly.


(Splendilicious, .::NOSOTR@S::. , Sinuous Shapes, (Nushru), Cosmo Chic, Deviant Designs --- non hunt item ----- TODAY ONLY 9 June 2009 - $100 hair sale at ::69:: -


Vendor Support Month - $10/50 prize $500 total - 1 June - ???? 30 June

Not so much of a hunt, but worth mentioning. Each vendor will display a box showcasing an item that is specially priced for $10. There are 50 vendors so a total of $500 if you buy everything. All items are clearled photographed on the official blog.

Vendor Support

(Sn@tch & Retox)


Through the Looking Glass Hunt - 25 May - 4 July
starting point: Anadem Fashions Main Store -

Through The Looking Glass

(SavoirFaireShapes, Nefertiti Nefarious, (Nushru), Color Me Chaos)


Both locations of ElaCor have a gift box (touch) you'll get the skin, eyes, & dress below. You can wear the dress without the glowy attachments or with them. ^.6 I died a little when I saw the skin- the lips are great, but she only makes her skins in tans. /me weeps
location 1- You'll find the gift box near the lucky boards at this location -
location 2 -

ElaCor Gift
(Hair from the 9 June 2009 50% off 69 hair sale)

Ok, ok, all of these are from several different hunts, but you may get them all in one store! Thanks Cilia for the care package from your store Cilian'gel. Prizes are from: Through the Looking Glass Hunt, Bedtime Stories Hunt, GL OMG!!!! IT'S ANOTHER Hunt, & FUN IN THE SUN Hunt. (Hunt Prizes - M & F -


(Shown with skin from the ElaCor gift package & eyes from Poetic Eyes $0 -



Zif's Creations has a new freebie dress out. Fat packs of dresses are $100, single dresses $25, casual outfits $15. Great for youself or as gifts. The midnight madness board only needs 10 people to slap it for everyone to receive the prize too! ($25 & midnight madness dress -

Zif's Creations Dresses

Hair from Bewitched & House of Heart which is having a seret sale at the moment! Read how it works here.

Ok... one more mini post.....