Friday, May 29, 2009

My Weekend Frop


Outfit: Subscribo score from Frop. I found out about this store from DSN. You have to take a look at the Frop Blog, the clothes are super cute & affordable. Prices start at $65-250 for fat packs of clothing. There's even a couple things for guys upstairs & gestures are $40. Next to the clothing store is a furniture store too; prices start at about $39 -$400. Permissions are clearly marked on vendors & most items are transferable, just make sure to read because jewelry included with some outfits are no transfer. Lucky chair in clothing store changes every 5 minutes and the store does have a midnight madness board. (Subscribo gift - F -

Shoes: [Tou Fromc*] has a small booth at the Albero Accessory Fair (ending 23 June) where you can try your luck for $10/chance for a pair of earrings or shoes odds are in favor of winning earrings, but I lucked out and won these lemon shoes. ^^ There's also a couple of pairs of shoe earrings for free and one store (flat/shoes) in several colors for $170. All items transferable. ($10/one of 15 prizes - F - shoes or earrings -


Outfit: DSN Frop prize - sign up for DSN to be available for these advertisement/gifts & on the right a through the looking glass hunt prize from Frop. ^^

Boots on left: On 2009-05-28 I received a tip from Mike of Mstyle letting me know he's running a special on a pair of boots, but only here & only for one week. So grab these for $1 while you can -->

Jewelry on left & necklace on right: LaGyo - accessories and jewelry you'll find tons of bold pieces to jazz up any outfit. Prices start range from $95 - $620, most of the older items are transfer with the newer pieces being non-transferable. The second floor has a small collection of hairs for $50/color. On the top floor you'll find non-transferable clothing $250-350. Throughout the store you'll find affordably priced giftbags on a tables: LaGyo - Free Gift - 2 necklaces $4, LaGyo - Free Gift - earrings $2, LaGyo - Free Gift - jolly earrings (silver and gold) $4, LaGyo - Free Gift - robot earrings $4, LaGyo - Gift - Volta ring $3, LaGyo - Free Gift - silly simphonies necklace $2, LaGyo - Free Gift - bangles set$1. ($1-4 - F - jewelry -


Outfits: I was asked for some helpful hints in beginning gor. I haven't a clue, but I did ask around and the following is what I was given. It seems to be a thorough library on a variety of role play questions on Gorean lifestyle/rp areas and includes a freebie (& $1) area with tons of stuff in each kit for both men, women & home.

"The MAIN location of the Gorean Information Center is on a german roleplay sim called Kargash.

If you take the TP you will land in the skybox of the Gorean Information Center (G.I.C.), so no worries :)

Gorean Information Center []

The G.I.C. is also present in the internet: "
This area is a 'safe zone' so you can read up in the library without fear of being 'captured'. ($1-0 - m/f - Gorean items -


Outfits~Left: Grace Kelly Classic Black Box is Friday, May 29 in store Lemania Indigo $1 selection found in the main store where it will stay for 24 hours until about 11 am tomorrow when it will go upstairs to the changing room where it will stay for a week.
$1 - store gift area:
Slurl for changing room -
Right: "This week at The French Farm, we have a great's a great casual outfit...just perfect for mucking about in the earth gardening, or going fishing, going on a picnic or doing any sort of sporty activity you can think of in SL." (The Matching shoes worn with it are priced at $200)
$1 - Slurl -


Outfit: Fairy Costume-Purple found at the Free Bazaar in Stillman. You can find a couple gems here. Great landscaping items & building textures. Take a look around here while picking up this outfit and Silk's hairs. ($0 - m/f -

Used throughout:

Hair: All made by Silk Aeon for free distribution and may be found at Free Bazaar in Stillman. Silk is an awesome freebie hunter, sweetheart, and talented freebie creator. You can find her full avatar, outfits, hairs, eyes, skybox, dragon, ao, & whatever else strikes her fancy and she feels like donating at the Free Bazaar in Stillman. She always adds stuff so give her vendors a look when you're there. ($0 - m/f -

Eyes: Kuri-style prim eyes cupcake & clover styles used. ($1 - m/f - eyes -

Skin: :::L'ORING::: formerly Lazolli has one skin specially priced for $1. Scroll over the vendors until you find one marked $1 - Not sure of how long this will be $1 so if you want it dash off to L'oring asap. ($1 - F - skin -

Poses: []Chez Oleandra[] is a shop specializing in shapes of various types, including Asian. All shapes are MOD/COPY and custom shapes are available upon request. Be sure to check in for the freebies which are often updated weekly! (Description taken from land description.) Female shapes are priced at $100 & 3 (female) skins in store priced at $10/skin. There is also a $1 shape in store for men - []Chez Oleandra[] Darin Shape gift (MALE). ($0 - m/f - poses -

Location: embryo...un jour de lumiere_* - Accept the folder upon landing; it's a cute handheld light. (

Greatest Love - OMG Hunt 30 May - 20 June
I don't see any information about this hunt, but you may check the old Greatest Love Blog perhaps it will be updated with information and a starting point.


Outfit: Coming out tomorrow...the 30th is the Greatest Love OMG hunt.... the above is a photo of the prize from Lemania Indigo. You'll be looking for cupcakes ...mmmmmmmm
($? - F - dress -

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hump Me Day


Dress: Gorgeous Earth Goddess Gown won from the lucky chair at Dragon and Rose @ Lemania Indigo. Try your luck; chair changes every 20 minutes. Outfits in store range from $100 - 390 and permitions despite the sign at the front of the store claiming everything is no transfer are inconsistent with some outfits being no transfer, others transferable, and still some being a mix of the two permition options. There are several $25 lingerie sets that are transferable as well as vendors from D-Factor in store which vendors display that the items are transferable. So look before you purchase items. There's also a may day hunt going on and the store has many may poles for sale for $1 as well as a couple of $1 and free outfits. (Lucky Chair - F -


LIMITED TO FIRST 100 PEOPLE bikini: I was #28 to grab the limited freebie bikini for the opening of Pure Style. If you miss the bikini there's also a $1 opening gift in the bag on the table. You'll also a lucky board and near it several shirts for $10-0 and poses used in ad creation for $1-20/pose. So even if you aren't one of the first 100 people to touch the bikini distributor or the couples pose distributor (at A' poses) next door there are a couple shirts and possibly poses of interest. At Pure Style there's also a $100 random shirt distributor, the shirts inside are normally $300 so if you don't mind getting a random color you can get one for 1/3 off the regular price. ($0 for first 100 people - F - bikini -


Subscription gifts: Blacklace & Alphamale are offering gifts for subscribing to their subscription system. If you're already a member, you'll have to leave the group and rejoin in order to receive the items. (Sign up gifts for subscription system - m/f -

Shoes: CLASSIC pumps by Heart & Sole <3 $0. You'll also find that the main store is having a sale with random shoes marked at 1/2 off. ($0 - F - shoes -


Dress: TTLG - Looking Glass - #58 (Cat Tracks) This is from The Through The Looking Glass grid wide hunt, you'll have to search for the hand held looking glass in order to claim the prize. ($0 - F - dress -

Starting point for the through the looking glass gridwide hunt:


Dresses: Both dresses may be won from midnight madness boards. On the left is the dress [LI] All Heart won from Lemania Indigo and the dress on the right, [LI] Oh Baby can be won from the French Farm location. (MM Boards - F - right - & left -

Used Throughout:

Hair: (Previously blogged) Rosy Mood's Tokyo Pig Sight vote box is dispensing hair. You can find a swimsuit each $0 & skins each $1 for both men & women at this location. Rosy Mood has skins (m&f) $120-250, shapes (m&f) $90, hair $120-250, shoes $100, & shirts $40-70 at this vendor location. (Vote gift - f - hair -

Skin: This will only be on the lucky chair at SG Fashion for a limited time. (Lucky Chair - F - skin -

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 1 Year - "moTions" Sea side Resort M's Cafe

Skin, shape, hair, clothing, furniture, and some poses won in hunt. Additional poses bought for $1 from **yuiyui** located in the moTions mall.


Bathing suit for both guys & girls...


At this hunt you must first find passwords, then find the corresponding numbered prize box and utter the password in open chat to claim the prize. The times displayed for the hunt are 24 May - 30 May, since all the instructions are in Japanese this hunt may end at 30 May 24:00 Japanese time which would mean the hunt would actually end 29 May SL-time.


Afk book & Rose seat with 3 poses ...


Examples of the items you are hunting for are placed at this area placed outside the moTions mall. The notecard contains the password. ($0 -


More furniture ...




Eyes by Miriel, store closing soon... so get them while you can. ($0 - eyes -


Happy hunting. ^^

Hunt Away

SLURL location of hunt updated. -

Kiss This! is having a hunt, ya'll ...

"Kia Ora, Kia Orana, Aloha, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Bula!!
*in english these all mean "Hello!"*

Kiss This! in collaboration with Medow's Closet bring you the Kiss This! Tropical Hunt.
Lots and Lots of goodies to be found!
Some items will come with notecards explaining exactly what they are *things like hangis aren't really known by everyone - this I know lol* so please read the notecards that accompany the prizes, they're there to help you!

Now what exactly is it you'll be looking for? Well our nuts of course, coconuts that is. How many are there? You know, I have no idea, but I know there's alota loose nuts hiding around inside the store just waiting for you to find them!
As always, you will see a sample of what you're looking for, they do change in size but a nut's a nut right?


Some gifties will be set at 0L !!
The rest will be 1L

Some items never to be seen again for sale in store
Some items made especially for this hunt

Just like every other hunt we've held, most goods are made to be sold at normal prices after our hunts are over - so......if you want to get them at a bargain price, now is your best time!

Hunt starts Monday 25th May - finishes....well.....we're not sure yet :P"

For all the outfits, jewelry, shoes, furniture, & prop start the hunt here. ($0-1 - f-clothing/furniture -


Skin: Two skins used both from Dulce Secrets. One is from the freebie ring available in store without hunting the other from Through The Looking Glass ($0 - 25 May - 4 July) grid wide hunt prize from #128 Dulce Secrets.
Hunt Start -
Dulce Secrets -


Eyes: Miriel which if you haven't heard is closing soon, so best to rush over and get jewelry or eyes now. ($0 - eyes -


Hair: [kik] hair FREE(1L) - other styles available for purchase $100. Item available in the B11 mall area with lots of $1 and free items, even a few for guys. ($1 - F - hair -


Poses: Although poses used are not free Sylva's Animation Factory does provide a free ao and many affordabley priced poses. Sylva's was used for all poses not included in furniture & props from hunt.

Location: Serenity Keys sim (one of the sailing sims) -

Closer view of jewelry from hunt with non-free items...


(non-free~ skin- redgrave, hair - cutie honey, eyes -miriel)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

/me Slams the Packing Boxes Closed

ABomb_25 sale

Dress: Not free but on sale for $25 until Sunday you can snag the green version of the above A-BOMB Miss Murder skirt set. Also a couple pairs of the sneakers were on sale for $25/pair, so scroll over the sneaker vendors ... and see you might get lucky. ($25 sale - f - dress -


Earrings: Arielle of Classica let me know that her $1 item that was only available on Xstreet is now available in world. She is also having a grand opening sale on a number of other jewelry sets for $30/pair - all are really nice and a couple would even work for steampunk! The sale is only for this weekend and will end Sunday at Midnight. ($1 - F - earrings - jewelry -

Hair: ETD
Eyes: Sn@tch


Left: [LI] Smile, It's Argyle RETIRED 5/22/09, which was put out Friday as a $1 retirement dress has been moved to the dressing room where it can be purchased for the following week. ($1 - F - dress

Right: [LI] Speakeasy Shoes Box - RETIRED 5/23/09 - Shoes available here & then moved to the changing room for a week.
($1- F - heels -
[LI] English Tea Box - Group Gift 5/23/09 - Dress & cup of tea - Join Lemania's group and purchase for $1
($1 group gift - F - dress -

Used throughout:

Location: The Muse Church -

Hair (excluding jewelry shot): =orange*pecoe= has a number of hairs available for women. $100/color pack $580/fat packs all are no transfer. ($1 - F - hair -

Skin: :::L'ORING freebies::: ($0) the full price skins range in price from $1100 - $1225 and are no transfer. This is (The new store of LAZOLLI line skins) according to group information. So everyone looking for Lazolli might stop by and take a look around ^^. ($0 - F - skin -

Other Stuff:

Homeward Bound Event at LVS & Co -

Adored & Kinky Island are having a 40 flower hunt. Detailed information and a list of all participating merchants is available by touching the hunt sign outside of Adored's main store location. or

S.I.C. is having a hunt which if you find all 10 data blocks you'll receive a nifty cyber bastard type sword. Pick up the hud and begin searching.

Magic of Oz sim will be holding several events for Baum Birthday Bash. Currently there's a trivia hunt where you can win prizes. "Scattered throughout the sim are podiums with books on them. Click the book and you will be asked a trivia question. If you answer correctly, you will be given a balloon. Wear the balloon and it will tell you what shop to visit. Go into the shop and look for a birthday cupcake. When you are within 2m of the cupcake, click your balloon and you will receive a special Birthday gift from the Wizard! There are 15 podiums in all. REMEMBER! These questions are based on the Oz ~books~, not the movie. ;D" -

24 May will be the end of the Gorean Grid Wide Hunt.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Mish Mosh


Dress: *LA PINEDE a la folie has two sample dresses available one is $30 and the one shown is for free. A La Folie focuses on women's clothing - single pieces starting at $150 and dresses starting at $200, but there's also shoes $350 & up, jewelry $100 & up, bouquettes $500, and hats $500. Most items are transferable. ($0 - F - dress -

Hair: Rosy Mood's Tokyo Pig Sight vote box is dispensing hair. You can find a swimsuit each $0 & skins each $1 for both men & women at this location. Rosy Mood has skins (m&f) $120-250, shapes (m&f) $90, hair $120-250, shoes $100, & shirts $40-70 at this vendor location. (Vote gift - f - hair -

Shoes: ~~Sakka's Studio~~ has two (m/f) pairs of clogs as gifts. You can also find flowers $50-300, jewelry $60-200, & a new shoe line with prices from $120-360. Permissions are mixed so check prior to purchase. There is also a $1 kimono complete with geta for women in the sky shop (secondlife://Nautilus%20%2D%20Suniaton/198/65/426). Items in the kimono shop range from accessories ($50-150) to casual Japanese ($100-300) to kimonos for both men & women($350) . ($0 - m/f - clogs -

Poses: The poses used for the photo above are from Vain Inc. While these poses aren't free, if you're a member of Vain Inc. group (which is a very helpful group, be forewarned we/they do chatter a bit) you're able to get a pose a day for the next 6 or 7 days as part of their 13 Days Of Poses for Vain Inc. Group promotion. Poses are put out at the *V pose Vain Inc. store where you can buy poses for around $35-50/pose. (Group gifts - poses -

Location: Waterland2 sim -


Lingerie: Nenashigusa Nest is a co-op comprised of several different creators. It is newly reopened after a brief remodel and has a new open gift comprised of a lingerie ensamble for $1. There are other goodies in store like the free sleeping mask for your eyes or a red bikini that the back is open and one strap is hanging for $1. WTW (wander the wind) makes up the larger part of Nenashigusa Nest and is a lingerie and bikini shop prices start at $1-30 with a mixture of permissions for the bikinis. Lingerie sets are $60-180 all appearing to be transfer. You can find 3 lucky boards and 2 30 minute group camp seats. RyoPose is also in the same store with pose from $2-25 no mod, no transfer. has particle gardens from $50-189 and are mixture of permission offered also Cez.Accessory has a couple of older freebies ( a necklace & earring set $0) and prices range from $30-120 the items are no transfer, copy, and modifiable. ($1 - F - lingerie set -

Hair: MOZ.Market maker of affordable hair ($70-100), household accessories ($10-150) & architect ($600) are holding a (5) heart hunt for women's hair. You'll also find two 5 minute lucky boards in the main shop area dispensing women's hair as prizes along with a free hair & women's shape. In the freebie-cheap area you'll find more women's hairs for free along with a special $10 style, pants $25-30, eyes $5, and complimentary goldfish purse, christmas tree & snow globe. Most items in store are no transfer as hair makes up the majority of the inventory, however other items have no copy/transfer permission so look before purchasing. Hearts for the hair hunt are hidden inside and outside the store. Only 5 and they aren't so hard to find, just look all over. Hair worn *f.wi Freehair(black). ($0 - F - hair -

Photo taken in studio.


Ensamble: Kaiya of Monsoon has asked that the word be spread about her new freebie. She has this lovely outfit which includes hair available for completely free at her store. You can also pick up several wish jars for free too. Monsoon has an eclectic ethnic and fantasy vibe and everything is transferable. Many outfits for a mere $300 include hair & shoes! There are outfits for less starting at around $175 & avatars for more $800 that include everything you need for a new you. This is a great shop to pick out something and share. ($0 - F - Spellbinder : Earth Fire outfit -

Poses: From the very affordable KS Creations. Pick up your pose packs for $5, jewelry $5, hair $1-10! Poses 5, 13, & 19 used. ($5 - poses -

Location: The Forest of the Fairy tale location for photo above through #7 -


Left: The French Farm will have Antique Pink available from 14 May - 21 May until 11 am priced at $1.
Hair - *f.wi hina hair (FREE) from

Middle: If you sign up for Designer Showcase Network ( you'll be eligeble to receive ruffles in fuscia from Lemania Indigo Designs. ****The DSN website appears to be down so what you'll do is go to either The French Farm or Lemania Indigo Designs and find the DSN kiosk and subscribe to the female fashion channel to be eligeble for the ruffles in fuscia outfit.
Hair - *Dark Mouse* Basha (Dark Brown) from Dark Mouse $0 -

Right: The Black Eyed Susan will be available until 23 May around 11 am from Lemania Indigo Designs. It is a group gift so sign up for her group. ^^
Hair: Lilly - blonde is the new sample of the newely released Lilly hairstyle from House of Heart Designs. You should really check out the HOH blog to see how cute the back of this hairstyle is and the burgandy flowers matched this ensamble perfectly.


Left: RFL Gorean is from May 17th to the 23rd...People are looking for box sized pink ribbons...We have placed one on each sim.... At Lemania sim you'll find Violet Veils -
Hair: *f.wi Freehair from

Middle: RFL Gorean is from May 17th to the 23rd...People are looking for box sized pink ribbons...We have placed one on each sim.... At the French Farm you'll find Pink Glitter.
Hair: *f.wi Xmas candlehair(free) from

Right: Milk Chocolate is on the MM Board at Lemania. Slap the board around for the next week until it reaches 250 to win it. -
Hair: *f.wi Xmas candlehair(free) from


Right: TODAY ONLY - get this until 18 May at 11 am the $1 retiring outfit from Lemania -
Hair: MOZ.Market mitsuami light blonde from Heart hunt at

Left: In the MM board at The French Farm you'll find Spring - which includes the skin shown.
Hair: TRUTH Hair FREEBIETruth -

Poses used with all Lemania & French Farm photos were courtusey of Reel Expression (LUTH) via the Designer Showcase Network gesture/pose channel.


Silks: A little bird gave me a bump and let me know that she added the Gorean Freebie Area to the sidebar category of Freebie & Cheap areas. I picked up the above silks (Delta Designs - White Star Silk) from the area which is located in a rather large mall with a wide selection of merchants. Very interesting area that you'll find more freebies lying around as you explore the area. Explore while you still can. ^^ ($0-1 - m/f/gor/gorean -

Additional tears: You'll find a bunch of fashion foward eyelashes, glasses, & jewelry; not to mention shapes at [Glow] studio. The tears are a limited time $1 item found in new releases. ($1 - m/f - tears -

Hair: >TRUTH Hair<>FREEBIE< href="">Truth -


Skin (omiting the one outfit which included skin) & shape: This was SLD Hunt #328 Magnifying Glass from the discoversl hunt store Shapes Skins Eyes by LUNACY Shape. Ty to the person who pointed this out to me since I hadn't had a new skin to write about. ^^ (hunt item - $0 - F - skin & shape -

Eyes: House of Ruin is celebrating it's grand re-opening and having a shell hunt. The hunt will run from May 14th to May 30th. Complete rules & details may be found in store. Eyes (no transfer) start at $20 in House of Ruin, the fat packs are considerably more but you get an astounding amount in each one. AlterEgo had eyes starting at $1 with a variety of perms listed on the display textures. ($0/seashell hunt - eyes -




I would like to thank Miranda Tretiak and Sephy McCaw of <Kiss This> for sending me a great mix of items for Bloggers Week. I lulzed when I read the desciptions of all the items. Kiss This makes my favorite fuzzy (raver) boots in sl, among many other items. ^^


Thanks to Lexi Oppewall who sent me one of her latest designs from Deco*licious. I immediately went about mixing the colors on the color change roof tiles. ^^


(Style notes: Pale Skin -Vivian- by Redgrave -non free-, ETD Nadia - Chestnut -non free-, "RR"tanktop Blue Undershirt - R2 fashion $1 or freebie, <<Burt Laundry>>border pants - way old camp prize-, ::69:: Beach sandals - old group gift-)

One last freebie...........

I think Nikita wants me to share this, lol & I really needed it after all the picture taking.....


AFK/Sit attachment: Grimalkin Workshop is participating in the Discover SL hunt. You'll find that #375 is none other than Nikita's store and she's made two versions of the above shown attachment - yep, attachment - so sit anywhere, as long as scripts allow you too. One version is the afk version above and the other is a non-afk i'm chill'n version below. ($0/hunt prize -


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yebizah Pearl Shell Hunt


Clothing, Shoes, & Poses: At 1pm Yebizah sim pearl hunt kicked off. You'll want to stop by asap and do the hunt and pick up summer sale items (bathing suits 20% off - now $100). Items shown are from Chikka Designs, Ibizarre, R.A.Crystal, Lil's, Elisa, LA Union, & Earth & Sky Designs. There may be more participating stores. Elisa's included a special pose pack for men also in a shell. Shells were easy to find. ($0 - shell hunt-

Hair: .:: KMH ::. Skybox & Furniture & Hair Store has set out another free hair. Hairs are just $70-80/style color & $250/fat packs. Furniture starts at $30 - houses top off at $450. All items are no transfer. A free simple skybox is offered for free, also one may be won from the in store lucky chair. Two 20 minute camping chairs are also available for either a chair or table prize. ($0 - F - hair -


Skin: Wot? Skin 000 can be found along with scarf and wearable clothespins on the gratis $1 wall. All items in store are non-transferable. You can pick up a skybox for a mere $10. Hairs are $100 with $1 demos. For $10 you can pick up a tattoo or $80-200 fat pack of shoes. A couple of brass knuckle themed accessories are for purchase $100-280. ($1 - F - skin -


Location: Genk Groene Stad -

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Namoshkar India


Zaara has a large assortment of Women's casual to formal wear. There's also a small line of jewelry ($75-175/piece & $225/set). The men's clothing line ($90/piece-450/ensamble) has expanded recently, but is still rather small. The main focus is Women's wear; you'll find casual separates starting at $100 to wedding ensambles at $1200. All items are non-giftable no transfer. Sample items shown were obtained at the Zaara Polly Jean location and not at the main store. ($0 - F - outfits - main location -


Mashooka is comprised of two stores: one comprised of traditional Indian inspired clothing and the other store is non-traditional clothing. In the traditional clothing store you can find jewelry & clothing for both men and women. The clothing ranges from simple to formal wedding wear. Prices start are $15 in the sale section to $1400 for ensambles. The men's clothing line comprises a much smaller section of this store and prices range from $15 - 300. Most clothing items are transferable, however a few are not so always take notice prior to purchasing. Jewelry in this store ranges from $30 for a simple bindi - $475. Many of the cheaper pieces of jewelry are non transferable. There is a lucky chair in each store. ($1 - F - ensamble -


Shown both above and below are pictures of clothing & jewelry from Yak & Yeti. Yak & Yeti is a long time staple for free clothing, jewelry, & furniture. All are beautifully textured and all the owner asks for is a simple donation. Numerous outfits for both men and women are available. You'll also find an extensive jewelry collection which includes a couple of pieces for men. And you may also pick up several accent pieces for the home. ($0 - m/f - clothing, furniture, jewelry, pets -


While more hippie chic Sari's is definitely worth mentioning since there's no question of Indian influence. Clothing, tattoos, jewelry, & hair ($10- 250) may all be found here and all items are non transferable. The below photo is of the current freebie in store. Free items change often at this store. ($0 - F - outfit -


Used throughout:

Eyes: *Sakurako* has several eyes, as well as a chair and a couple of pieces of jewelry free in store. *Sakurako* specializes in male and female Asian skins which sell for $1500 each. Eyes may be found in fat packs for $100-200. You'll also find several pieces of jewelry ranging in price from $10 - 200. All items are no transfer. ($0 - m/f - eyes -


Skin & Hair: *Diversity*Free Skin Sneak Peak! pack includes several tones of an upcoming skin line. Diversity is probably best known for the extensive hair line available $175/color pack. Skins are a reasonable $300/skin at the moment. Male & Female clothing starts at $100 for seperates and shoes for girls range $300-350. Everything in store is no transfer. A selection of $1 hairs may be found in the hair section upstairs & a lucky chair may be found in the clothing area. ($0 - F - skin & $1 - m/f - hair -

Poses: Double You by Sharona Flow - no idea where or if this store is still open.

Photos taken on the Zaara sim (home to the main branch of Zaara).