Thursday, April 30, 2009


--- Today only dress: ---


Dress: The dress is a today only (30 April) special from Zif's Creations. Here is what Zifra says about her dress "Here in Holland we are celebration tomorrow the birthday of queen Beatrix named Koninginnedag. I made a orange dress, specialy for this day :-)" Let's all celebrate Queen Beatrix. ($0 - F - dress - )

Hair: The one in the picture above is from the lucky board. - You can find hair at nodoka for $1 in the heart shaped box on counter (touch it). Nodoka is a small store, but one of note since all hairstyles are a mere $30 per style & color choice. There are only 4 color choices/style most styles include a brown & blonde color while others also include a black color. There is one color which is an auburn but for red heads wishing a more bold color, you'll have to tint. There are also 4 lucky boards in store: 1) female hair, 2) male hair, 3) either male hair or glasses, not sure & 4) toast with egg. ($1-30 - m/f - hairs -

Skin & Eyes: All skins & eyes available at Numb for $0-1. You may also find a small assortment of tattoos in store for the same price. This was pointed out to me as a feature on the Freebie Telegraph blog. ($0-1 - m/f - skins, tattoos, & eyes -


Dress: .:T2T:. has released another incredibly well textured outfit. The set includes jewelry & shoes. And it can be mixed and matched with other sets. All are affordable at just $125, but this one is only $1. ($1 - F - dress with shoes & jewelry -

Hair: Nodoka - free style shown.

Skin: Numb


Dresses: Francoise The Witches Paradise a dress which improvises on a business in a box dress's (symmetry) pieces may be found downstairs. Both outfits featured are for free at Land of Freelenium. Also two men's rp outfits upstairs & one downstairs. In addition you'll find 2 more dresses upstairs next to the Francoise outift. This was a request and has been featured else where. ($0 - m/f - fantasy outfits -

Hair: Nodoka - $30 - full priced hair - *Honey-mocha*

Skin: Numb


Dresses & Hair: At this shop Mauloa location you'll find two free dresses sitting outside the store. Don't forget to take a look at the $1 board some of the items on this board have been blogged before, others have not. You'll also find 3 lucky boards inside: 1) dress, 2) dress with shirt option, 3) Female hair. A couple of hairs are on sale for $10/style too! ($0 - F - dresses & hair -

Shoes: Won from the *Strawberry Milk* lucky board. There are also two other lucky boards here: 1) simple Female hair in a variety of style options & 2) dress. Also check out the free area downstairs for a variety of goods including clothing and some shirts by QueenQueen. (Lucky Board - F - shoes -

Skin: Numb


Dress: Mondira Fashion has had a midnight madness board available for a while. The dress was yesterdays prize. The prizes change very often and the number of participants is set low so that the prizes are always distributed. This store also has an affordable liquidation center (105/176/58) next to the main shop where prices start at $49 & you'll be able to test your luck via the lucky chair loaded with tons of outfits & lingerie. (MM board - F - dress/outfits -

Hair: Nodoka - free style shown.

Skin: Numb

Photos taken at Templum ex Obscurum. Please read rules upon landing. (

Poses used throughout by ++Desire++ $30/10 pose pack. (

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I iz Title


Skin: [Random Fashions] - Female Skin (GNUBIE) available at the Gnubie Store used throughout. ($1 - F(shown)/M - 4 tone pack of skins -

Hair: Gurl6 0ver 10 styles in the $1/0 corner available for women. You'll also find the boyfriend style for guys available in the men's (secondlife://GuRLyWood/124/131/27) store & at the Electric unisex style available at the Gnubie Store. ($1/0 - F/m - hairs -

Dress: * Donna Flora * LORY - You can also find in addition to this dress a new pair of pink heels added to the $1-$10 section. ($1 - F - dress -


Skin: [Random Fashions]

Hair: Gurl 6

Dresses: Although you'll find tons of $10 deals around the store (including this gorgeous gown on the third floor) all the dresses shown above were purchased for $1. You'll also find more $1 dresses along with 3 lucky boards. Don't forget to take a look around because EleCor is also having a $50 sale! ($1 - F - dresses -


Skin: AD-V.1 Mousie-White/Black - won from Midnight Madness board located at Ari's Neko Retreat. The package includes: eyes, whiskers, & ears. There's also 2 MM boards for guy's themed skins here too. (MM Board - F - av -

Hair: Gurl 6

Outfits: Help Laynie Link formerly of Layniewear & now of TeaLane send her son to camp. He has diabetes and this is a special camp for children suffering with this illness. You can read the full story from Laynie here. Visit here to make a donation. Then stop by Nooby Doo's to pick up some retired goodies from LaynieWear where you can find a ton of stuff for men also. Items in Nooby Doo's are between $0-$10. Outfits from Laynie Link shown above and immediately below. ($1 - F/M - clothing, skins, hair -


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mission: Do A Post & Go Outside


Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Skin OnYx - Purple Special Ed. - SUNKISSED from the Dutch Touch hunt. Details available on the official Dutch Touch blog. ($0 - F- 5 Caucasian skins -

Hair: (found on April 25th only ) Calla's gift celebrating the 2 year anniversary of Urban Shoppers mall. Details about the Urban Shopper's Mall celebration may be found in the post below. ($0 - F - Hair -

Outfit: S.Y Design gift of the month includes shoes, dress, and umbrella. ($0 - F - outfit -


Complete Avatar: You'll find the above ensemble in store compliments of Baiastice. The fans are animated and a dance is included. ($0 - F - avatar -

Highlights from the Urban Shoppers mall 2 yr anniversary gifts:($0 - presents -


Birthday Gifts: (found at each store on April 25th) Calla Hair, Awesome Designs, Serenity Style, Primal Art Tattoo's, Loser Designs, Fierce, Quality, ShoeFly, SD Wears, Boycut, OutRage, Belerophone, Pixel Dolls, BlackLace & Alphamale, Savonah Designs, addixion, !mpossible, (nova), Lookr, Danika Designs, Shouted Couture, Hugo Designs, 4 Guise, Maloney & Hudson, K2 United Enterprises, & Dani's


Guys will also find a couple of gifts.


Photos were taken at the Shuri Castle Gardens. (

Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend Sales

Not just freebies...


Tattoos & Shirt: 25 April ends the festivities taking place at the Sezuan Estate Festival 2009. Included with the music festival is a treasure hunt. Look for the metal chest/boxes to find these and other great prizes. ($0 - tattoos & shirt - m/f -

Hair: At Calico Ingmann Creations Main Shop you'll find selected styles on sale for 50% off. Touch the subscription service in store to see specifics on the sale. The sale ends 26 April. The style shown above (Heather) may be purchased for $10 and there is an alternate style available for men. ($10 - m/f - hair -

Skin: Previously blogged skin is from Domestic-V's $25/fat pack sale. ($25 - F - skins -


Dress: Desdemona fo SD Wears was kind enough to provide me with her contribution to the Urban Shoppers 2 year anniversary celebration on 25 April. Urban Shoppers is a nice shopping center which always has special events going on. ($0 - prizes -

Here are the details for the Urban Shoppers 2 yr anniversary:
Urban Shopper is celebrating their two year birthday on Saturday April 25th!

Many of the designers are giving really cool birthday gifts too.

Start shopping now and get yourself some fancy duds since the big bash kicks-off @ 4pm for “The Best Dressed”. You could get a chance to win $10,000+ in cash & prizes. Included so far in the prizes & raffle give-aways:

$5000L Cash for Best Dressed ($2500 female & $2500 male) (that’s so far!)
Pixel Dolls: 3x $1000L Gift Cards
SD Wears: $500L Gift Card
!mpossible: $500L Shopping Spree
OutRage: $500L Gift Card
Fierce: $5000 Gift Card
Mahoney & Hudson : 2 give-aways
- Ladies Outfit (Beautiful black & white 1950’s polka dot knee length dress)
- Mens Outfit (Stunning long red top with sculptie collar and blue belted jeans
(nova) : $1000L Cash
~ Serenity Style ~ : 2x $1000 Store Card

DJ Nox will be hosting the bash and playing your favy 80′ & 90’s romantic & rock tunes.

Are you excited yet? If so, join us for the party and help us celebrate the two years of Urban Shopper!

** April 25th only **

Contest Cash Prize Donated by:

* $2000L from Urban Shopper

* $1000L from Impossible

* $500L from OutRage

* $1000L from Loser Designs

* $2000L worth of gift cards from Pixel Dolls ($1k each winner)

* $500L from Awesome Designs

Birthday Gifts: (found at each store on April 25th) Calla Hair, Awesome Designs, Serenity Style, Primal Art Tattoo's, Loser Designs, Fierce, Quality, ShoeFly, SD Wears, Boycut, OutRage, Belerophone, Pixel Dolls, BlackLace & Alphamale, Savonah Designs, addixion, !mpossible, (nova), Lookr, Danika Designs, Shouted Couture, Hugo Designs, 4 Guise, Maloney & Hudson, K2 United Enterprises, & Dani's
(Congratulations to the Urban Shoppers team!!!)

Skin: Won from the lucky letter camp pad at MyUglyDorothy. ($0 - F - skin -

Hair: W&Y's yuki HAIR 51 available at Savoir's Hair for $1. ($0-$1- m/f- hairs -


Wooden Headpiece, Shrug, & Satchel: The Satchel is $0 & an animal print shrug for $1 are both out indefinetly at *~Sasquatch Design~*. Selena says "These two items have been added to my ever growing collection of freebie/dollarbies, which are all located to the left of the store entrance." Find at least 14 items in the freebie corner. You can also find a lucky chair and camping chair available in store. Selena was kind enough to forward her Midnight Madness prize - the forehead crown - which only needs 75 to lockdown. ($0,$1, Midnight Madness - F/M -

Skin: The skin was won from the random guess what's in me box? at Ari-licious Design's found next to all the lucky & camp chairs. You can also find 4 midnight madness boards in store (2 which have male skins!) & two with eyes. This is an anthromorphic friendly store which has a wide variety of neko skins along with other animal inspired skins & accessories. (Lucky Box & MM board - m/f - skins, clothing, avatars -

Hair: W&Y information above.


Outfit & jacket: Both gifts are available at the location Thibedeau of OYAKIN*本店. ($0 - F - clothing -

Bunneh AV: At De La Fae Productions you'll find both a male and female bunneh avatar as a prize for a 90 minute camp. (90 minute camp - M/F - Avatar -

Hair: The only item missing from the avatar was hair. I picked this style from Discord Designs for $1 at the Savoir Hair free shop (slurl provided previously).

Harajuku Box

Outfit, chair, & skin: A brief shotout to Harajukubox City (official blog with photos of all prizes here) who is hosting a hunt which ends 6pm 25 April. You'll see posters around the sim showing examples of the eggs which you'll be hunting for. Remember to look high, really high =^.6=, and low. ($0/egg hunt - m/f - skins, clothing, furniture, accessories-

Hair: Available at Savoir Hair provided by Curl up & dye salon.

Solstice Silks

Outfits: Solstice Silks is having their semi-annual sale. This means everything is $100 or less and there are even freebies and cheapies lying around. If you or your guy is a fan of gorean styles this place and sale is not to be missed. There will also be new releases tonight (Friday) at midnight released at the special sale prices. This sale will end 26 April. ($0 - F -

Skin: The Shamrock skin is complete free compliments of {Frick}. You'll find a generous supply of skins affordably priced along with a large selection of $1 skins. ($0- F - skins

Hair: Available at Savoir Hair is provided by *White Well*.


Please remember if you need to get in contact me in world USE A NOTE CARD. I will never respond to random IMs from people who aren't friends or those not in sight. When I crash your IM disappears, if you're not on my friend's list I have no clue who you are. Furthmore, I will not show or give direct slurls to hunt items (please read faq at bottom of this page) - it defeats the purpose of a HUNT. Please join the sponsors group to find exact specifics for each respective hunt, a freebie chat group, or a fashion help group like Vain Inc. Remember, hunting in groups is always better. If you have a question you should be able to post it as a comment via this blog and I or someone who reads will give you answers/help asap and if you leave your inworld name it makes it easier for anyone who reads a question to contact you. ^^

Also, I've been asked to start a group. While this may be flattering, I do not have the time to manage a group nor group slots to spare. =[ There are tons of freebie groups in world that disperse information about freebies. I recommend looking at the list of freebie blogs and choosing a group to join from that list (free*style, freebie telegraph, fab free, schnaeppchen, ...).


Boutique Cilian'gel

Dress: Cilia of Boutique Cilian'gel sent her newest deal over. While not free at $10 it's definetly worth the price. It is an introductory package to a new line of dresses and shoes inspired by Marie Antoinette. You may also pick up a hair in store for $1 & matching shoes for a nominal price. In the Marie Antoinette introductory package you'll receive several pieces including a hat and options for a long and short skirt. The dress works beautifully as a spring dress also. ($10 - F - dress & hat set -

Skin: Won from the lucky letter camp pad at MyUglyDorothy. ($0 - F - skin -

Hair: Found in the DarkerSide star hunt. Find the star and purchase it for $1. This store has frequent $1 items, sales, & deals sign up via the subscription system to stay informed. ($1- F- hair -

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, Monday......

This was blogged somewhere else & a friend pointed it out, but I can't remember where >.<. It's a super cute teen av from *pop feel*. There's also a lucky board in store dispensing a pair of getas and several 25 minute camp chairs for kimonos. I snagged a kimono for $1 that included a shape. You'll also find lucky boards for spats & bra in another camp area of the store. In the main camp area (secondlife://Lazy%20Bloom/121/102/22) you can score a complete outfit for around an hour. ($0 - F - complete av -


& ($1 - F - kimono -


While not free, you can snag fat packs of Domestic-V skins for a mere $25. If you happen to have a group slot open, join this group. You'll not be disappointed with the frequent sales & gifts. ($25 - F - skins -

Shabby Chic Fish_1

(The Laughing Academy, M'Lady, Balliamo Designs, Montagne Noire, Ella's Victorian Fashion, Deadwool)

Shabby Chic Fish_2

You only have 10 more days left (until 30 April) to grab the fish plaques in the basement of Shabby Chic. Check each vendor located in the basement for a completely free prize. ($0 - F/M/lamp - hunt dresses & lamp -

You might notice in the background of the Shabby Chic photos that the locale is Caledon. If you haven't been to any of the Caledon sims you must stop by the Caledon Victoria City ~ 19th c. Steampunk Victorian Caledon and check out the 4 freebie carts stocked full of everything you need to be a proper gentleman or lady. ($1-0 - m/f - clothing, textures, accessories -


Ok, so I may be late for this one... but, I did stop by the A-Bomb Wash location and found some hidden specials (scroll over things to spot the cheapsters) in store along with a 50% off sale going on. You'll probably want to swoosh on over asap, since I'm not sure how long the sale is going on. You may also want to take a peak at the A-bomb blog for more thorough updates. ^.6 Today is the last day of the not so Condom hunt on the sn@tch sims. A-bomb has a couple of cute dresses up for free in their rubbers. Check out the A-Bomb snatch city location. Thanks to Addison and Lavea for providing the preview outfits. ($1/10 -m/f - clothing/hunt -


I'm sure you've been missing WigWamBam, you'll not be disappointed with the table full of $1 items in store. You'll also not be disappointed with the new releases! The bathing suit is $1 and take a look at the Silver Sequin Mini Dress while in store, it's strikingly beautiful. Thanks to Joodle for sharing. ^^ ($1 - F - bathing suit shown, but more clothing & skins in store not shown -


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Quickie

Wake-up and run right over to Skin Within. You've got until until 8 AM sltime tomorrow 19th April to find a skin pack regularly $1200 now priced $0. From the group notecard:
Mouse over every makeup in the store (individual makeups are denoted by the face pics) and find the one priced at L$0

So go and check out Skin Within asap! ($0 - F - skin -


Elspeth Woolley sent me her cute as a button flats which are a complimentary sample available in store. Woolley's Cordwainers shop will be offering this pair until June 1st. ($0 - F - shoes -

The shoes went perfectly with a cute dress from Utsuku City's Queen Berry for a mere 10 minute camp. Remember you must join the Utsuku City Members group to camp here. (10 min - F - dress -

The hair is a style from Pudge. The 50% off hair style sale ends today (styles are $125 at the Horst location), but you can snag this style at the Gnubie Store for $1. ($1 - F - Hair -

I noticed several other stalls had been updated at the Gnubie store. So take a look around to spot more goodies at affordable prices. Below items from Truth & Surf Co. area's. ($0-$7 - m/f - clothing and shoes -


And another hunt going on right now .... Get your fill of Rotten Eggs at the Hell Bop sims. Do it before 22 April. This is generally an area that includes some prizes for guys. ($? - check for details -

Photos taken on fantasy China dynasty land. (

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jetwag Suwviovor

If you've sent me anything via im or items to post since the 8 April - please drop me a NOTE CARD. Thanks = ^.6 =

I've been gone for a while and so I spent some time yesterday updating the sidebar a bit so there are a couple of blog links updated and a couple of places added, but I haven't removed any linkage that seems to be dead. Usually Dolci or Nerodrago update the linkage so I may concentrate on the actual posts, but I decided to do a once over after a couple of note cards. Yes, I've noticed Doll Has Handbook blog is gone and I'm refusing to remove the url. >.<

Mauloa while on The Bunny Hop hunt and noticed that the prices are very reasonable. Of course the items (clothing & hair below) I'm showing are $0-$1, but you can buy outfits for as little as $10 so if you're looking for cute dresses browse this store. ($0-1 - F - clothing & hair -


The skins shown with the above outfits are from the post-Easter egg hunt hosted by *** Chaisuki *** and featuring a bevy of female skins & unisex tattoos. You have from today until Sunday 19th April to find 20 eggs (I didn't find 19 - so it's not pictured). Some of the skins are chocolate drizzled or kissed novelty skins, but there are also a number of skins in a variety of tan to pale shades which are non-novelty. ($0/20 eggs - F/unisex - skins & tattoos -

(shown with hair from ETD -

There are a couple of newer goodies at Bot. If you haven't heard of this area you'll be pleasently surprised if you're a fan of Asian items or into punk culture. If you're a guy you'll definetly want to stop by and take a look at not only the clothing, eyes, & hair, but also the two mature male Asian skins available. ($0 - m/f- clothing, hair, eyes, M-skins -


The skin and eyes can be found at Digital Dollhouse and Harley B's which has a number of items on special for $1 right now. A variety of skin hues from light to dark suitable for dolls and goth girls alike have special $1 samples available right now! So if these styles appeal to you rush over to grab the sample sale before they switch back to regular price. ($1 - F - skin, eyes, & bunny outfit in 3 colors -

Bot Mix
(Skins & eyes: Digital Dollhouse & Haley B's, Pants: Bot, Shirt & shoes: Gransy , Hair: iN ESSE, Bracelets: Burning Chrome, Necklace: VintageWear @ Fabulous Fashion freebie area; all $1 or $0)

Diversity has a sneak preview of the upcoming skin line. Swing by and pick up the box that has a sample of skin tones. ($0 - F - skin -

Shown with this months $1 offering from Alatiel Fashions. ($1 - F - monthly $1 item -

(eyes: Digital Dollhouse)

The cute bob is one of two free hair styles available at Sister Strawberry. While in store check out the two skyboxes available and also inexspensive home furnishing items. ($1/0 - F/M - hair/skyboxes -

Fantasy China is having an amazing sale. There's a couple of $10 outfits around the store, but there are also a number of outfits on sale for $100 on the second floor. Drag your guy along for the $10 shoes & outfit for guys, but especially if he likes elegant Asian clothing or Elf inspired outfits and can spare $100. This is a great savings over the regular price of outfits including hair which usually range from $800 - $1600. ($10-$100 - M/F -

Fantasy China
(Larger here.)

Eyes, Skin, & Shape are available for free from Empty Glass. ($0/3 F avs -

When I stopped by Donna Flora to drool over her amazing new releases I snagged a set of smexy corsets for a mere $1. You'll also find a number of $10 deals in store and a lucky chair. ($1 - F - corsets & clothing -

Donna Flora

The hair is one of the 5 new style previews at the recently remodeled House of Hearts Designs. ($0 - F - Hair -

You may find the masked skin at ti'ko. ($? - F - skin -

Grab the newest rage - primy feet in shoes at Sole Sister. ($1 - F - shoes -

The choker is one of a many free cyber accessories at Burning Chrome and don't forget the lucky chair here which gets update pretty frequently. ($0 - m/f - accessories -

You can find a number of freebies at ~Maleeka~. If you're a fan of original non-photosourced Indian style this will garner your approval. ($0-1 - F - shoes, skins, jewelry, clothing -


You'll find the hair style available on the $1 wall at W&Y. ($1 - F - Hair -

If you haven't heard there's a hunt going on ending 20 April at the Sn@tch sims. You can check out Ivey's blog for the complete details on the condom hunt. All the items shown below (excluding hair) are from the hunt and were priced at $0 (items range in price to under $200 - a few were priced over the $100 price on the official blog). Guys will want to check out the hunt because there are a number of stores catering to them on both sims. ($0-175 - everyone - clothing, eyes, accessories, skins, art - &

Condom Hunt_1

Hairs featured in the Sn@tch's Condom Hunt photos are from the recent House of Heart release.

Condom Hunt_2

The hunt is in honor of STD awareness. Don't forget to wrap your willy or the willy of someone you slub!

Condom Hunt_3

You've got until 9:30 slt to slide into Lemania Indigo and purchase the $1 retiring outfit which includes shoes from yesterday (17 April). Shown with belt from Burning Chrome, hair from House of Heart, and skin from Empty Glass. ($1 - F - dress & skin -

17 April_LI

While at Lemania's slap her Midnight Madness board for a chance at the following stunner....


Skin may be purchased from SkinSane for $1. SkinSane has a $1 corner so take a look around for speciality priced items. ($1 - F - skin -

You can find several styles for new players priced $0-1 upstairs at Find Ash. ($1-0 - M/F - hair -

And if all this isn't enough there's another gridwide hunt starting today! 18 April until 18 May there's an adult themed SCARLET LETTER GRID WIDE HUNT. Check out the official blog for details and previews. ($? -

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fantasia: Camp & Lucky Chair Outfits

Fantasia:Fantasy Clothier is an excellent camp spot offering exceptional quality clothing prizes for both men and women. The focus of most clothing is Medieval and Gorean, but the clothing certainly is applicable for many other styles. For a 60 minute camp you'll receive an outfit of your choosing from 20 offered. ($0/60 minute camp/lucky chair - F/M - clothing -


There's also a lucky chair with a ton of outfits in it too. You'll find a mix of both male and female outfits in the lucky chair which changes about every 20 minutes.


Most outfits for purchase are $300 and transferable, but you'll find a few priced less and also accessories with varying permissions and prices. You can view more of the stunning outfits on the Fantasia Blog.


Skin & shape may be found at Indie Rose in a box labeled ' goodies ' upstairs. ($1 - F - shape & skin -


The hair used in the photos are available for purchase or you may camp for the Talita style at Hair Solutions for 120 minutes. There are 6 camp chairs available with styles stocked with both styles for men and women. ($0/120 minute camp - m/f - hair -


All photos were taken at the Japan Tempura Island. You may read more about the sim here. (


Hunt Overload

Have you been by Sway's Creation? Well if not you'll want to stop by. There are two hunts going on currently. The Easter Nest hunt will end on 14 April and there are pictures & details on the Sway's blog here. There's also an Easter egg hunt being put on by the village merchants. The village hunt ends 20 April and most of the prizes are pictured here. The pug dog has been removed as a prize, but the merchant is offering another prize in it's place. ($0 - two hunts - f/home items -

Not Easter related, but going on currently is the Albero shopping area anniversary hunt ending 19 April. You can snag a whopping 48 prizes! First you must go to Albero and search for 50 numbered boxes. Touch each box to receive a notecard containing a password that will look something like this ... /01 ciocco. Once you have collected all 50 passwords, then look for shops that have posts outside the shops with the words main shop, touch and teleport to the main shop. Once at the store search for a corresponding numbered box and then say the password in open chat. You should be offered a prize. Accept the prize. Ok, so what do you want to do if you don't want to teleport back to Albero 50 times: go around and touch each main shop post, make a notecard and copy slurl to clipboard this is an button on the map, then paste the slurl into a notecard. It might also help if you wrote the name to the shop before the c/p slurl, but you don't have to since this is a notecard you're making for yourself. ($0 - f/home -

(Left: W&Y, Uncle Wiggly, Swallowtail; Middle: W&Y, Blow-up, Kunstkammer, Ultra Kitty, Right: Icing, Fishy Strawberry --- Skin from Symphony Skins $1 hunt covered in entry below.)

(Left: Amrita, Bliensen, tomoto; Middle: Amrita, couverture, C'est la vie, Candy nail, Bliensen; Right: Amrita, Hal*Hina)

(Left: Avenue, Hair Salon Betty, Twinkleberry; Middle: =TEKUTEKU= , Bellange, :+*R*+: Aveu; Right: *Miu*, R2, Hair Salon Betty, :+*R*+: Aveu)

Above photos taken on the forest feast & adjoining sim. (

Although there aren't pictures of prizes on Ivalde's site, go and take a look for all the participating stores. I assure you this hunt will be covered by other sites so I'll just mention that it's going on here, worth noting, and you can search for eggs at Ivalde and check out pictures around the blogosphere. This hunt will end 11 April! ($?/11 eggs - F - dress, jewelry -

Don't forget about The Bunny Hop! Yep, you still have time. You've got to finish hopping before 19 April. ($0 - 300 items -

(Dress: #149 - *Little fish* Asian fashion store, Shoes: #088 - Zanzo, Ring: #139 - !SyDS!, Poses: #200 - Mela's)

[Dress: #179 - Sari's, Lollipop: #135 - LOCO POCOS, Shoes: #180 - Sentou Yousei (Battle Fairy), Poses: #261 - JUICY]

(Dress: #264 - .: WEiRD.DESiGNS :., Jewelry: #230 - ChaosLotus, Boots: #059 - Studio M'z, Poses: #218 - KSCreations)

(Dresses: #110 - Total Betty, Bracelet: #281 (2 of 2) - KOSH, Boots: #299 - ZHAO Shoes, Purse: TBH #082 - .: Lauwarme :. , Poses: #218 - KSCreations)

(Dress: #073 - Sweeter Than Candy, Tail & Ears: #248 - Sassy Kitty Designs, Shoes: #235 - * Pretties by JB *, Poses: #261 - JUICY)

(Dress: #142 - Sleepy Cat, Tail & Ears: #289 - Arianna Design's aka. Ari's Neko Retreat, Shoes: #299 - ZHAO Shoes, Pose: #106 - Chikka Design)

(Dress: #192 - .:i *Towa* i:., Boots: #152 - Tigerclaw)

Used in all The Bunny Hop photos: Skins: #050 - Deviant Kitties, Hair: #141 - LALA Moon, Eyes: #197 - Clover