Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just a little Mo

While in Lionskin I noticed a group so I wandered over and found a black mini from Phoenix Rising being offered for $0. And a Nardya Noir No.11 dress also available for free. ($0 - dresses - F -Nardya Rousselot dress - ; Phoenix Rising dress - )

Elf Fala Lands

Skin is free from Lionskins and went perfectly with the shape I picked up at the Yebizah grand opening sim hunt from N.B. Look. ($0 - F - skin -

Nardya Rousselot dress

The hair used is from Laqroki (which I'll never learn to spell) and is free. ($0 - F - hair -

Next I stopped by the Ibizarre sim opening. Enjoy the scenery and stop by Yebizah and check out the hunt for little chest that many of the merchants are participating in. You'll find skin & shape from N.B. Look along with clothes & shoes from Ibizarre, Alboe, Lilli Catteneo, & Earth & Sky to name a few! ($0 - F - HUNT -

Ibizarre Opening Hunt

Pictures taken on the Elf Fala Lands sim using these presets courtusy of Calilah Lyon.

Only a Couple More Hours..........

I was sent a couple of items (ty, ty for sending them) and they are offered at special pricing only for a couple more hours........

First up a dress from Lemania Indigo it's a wedding dress for $1. ($1- Dress - F -

Lemania Indigo Saturday Only

And a little additional information provided from Topika in the notecard she sent along with the dress:

This is just a note to show you the beautiful dress and shoes that Lemania Indigo Designs is giving away today for only 1L for group members and the public alike...and as an added bonus...if they wear the dress to Blood Diamond, they will be given the necklace shown in the picture of the dress, by the owner of shop, Endra Graves.

So don't forget to read the notecard in the box and go to Endra's store too.

Next a pic of a shirt offered until Sunday from A-Bomb for $1. Find the Stealin shirt for $1 and you'll find other t's priced $10 until Sunday and also a ballet pair of boots specially priced for $100 until Sunday when all prices will go up. ($1/$10/$100 - shirt/shirts/ballet boots - F -

A Bomb Until Sunday

Skin is free from Lionskins and went perfectly with the shape I picked up at the Yebizah grand opening sim hunt from N.B. Look. ($0 - F - skin -

The hair used is from Laqroki (which I'll never learn to spell) and is free. ($0 - F - hair -

Pictures taken on the Elf Fala Lands sim using these presets courtusy of Calilah Lyon.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scrambled Eggs

Tox sent me this lovely dress avialable at Black Swan to share. It's for a very limited time only
Rezzable Productions Ltd. So stop by and pick it up! ($0 - f - dress -

Black Swan Dress

Hair is from BishWear named Avarice is available for free. ($0 - hair - F -

Skin was a special limited sale for a couple of hours this morning from Domestic V skin. The sale was for a special line of skins based on Vampire (remember those old larp & rp sessions that involved dice?) Clans. I don't often recommend groups, but if you like these skins you really should join the group Mairead (Domestic V's owner) has insane sales! You can find a $10 Holly & Ivy skin from Domestic V at her store. The skin worn in the above picture was the DV- Camarilla- Epistatia Skin. (Alternate Skin pack available for $10 @ mainstore - F - Skin

Eyes are from ::EbiShop:: and have been blogged many times before. Get them here -

The above picture was taken on the Black Swan sim. The preset used was [TOR] Arrakissed and I wore a facelamp from Laqroki.

The Sea Hole 2

I had picked up a number of items late last week from The Sea Hole. You can find an outfit, pants, several hoodies for males, and female skin each $1. ( $1 - m/f - clothing/f skin -

The Sea Hole 1

I wanted to find shoes that matched these items and found myself on the Niseko sim. Where I stopped by Shoes Vinci and found not only two fat packs of shoes (1m/1f), but also some cute neko paws and $12 fat pack of slippers. ($0 - m/f - shoes -

The hair shown with the above & below styles are from HCT (Here Comes Trouble) and can be obtained at Savoir Hair for free. ($0 - f - hair -

I showed the above styles with accessories from Sasquatch Designs (Ty, Selena). You'll find the butt lollipop, 6 pack of neko ears and tails, emo panda, and the road crew work accessories shown below with skin & pants from Sea Hole all for free. ($0 - m/f - accessories -

Sasquatch Designs

After looking around Shoes Vinci I noticed a market and wandered over and found a bevy of items. At Nisek OMart you'll find items for free and $1 among items from different merchants sold at regular price. Just remember to scroll over everything and have fun looking around. Not everything is fashion related. You'll find animated objects , meditation equipment, & wearable fishing ice chest among other things for free. All items below including skin, shape, & clothing are from the market and $0 or $1. ($0 -

I found this complete outfit including shoes for $1. There is another variation of the same outfit that is shorter.

Nisek OMart 3

Nisek OMart 1

Red jeweled heels are a limited time Valentine day goodie from Woolley's Cordwainers (Ty Elspeth) for $0. Run by and pick them up before Febuary 15th. ($0 - F - Heels -

Flats from Shoes Vinci & Hair from HCT.

Nisek OMart 2

The bear shown in the above pictures is a lucky chair item from Je*Republic. While it isn't meant to be held I couldn't resist giving him a squeeze. (Ty Jun) (LUCKY CHAIR item - bear -

Pictures taken at Niseko Shrine using [Tor] Coastal Sunset mod preset.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Limited Time Items & Others

Hey, hey, hey... 14 hours, a nap, & Navina's help I finally got her dress! I am a *Cutie Honey* Cow girl. =^.^=


Ok, first let me give you the details on a couple of items used throughout:

The skin is available at Donna Flora for the price of $1. You'll also find a bevy of $10 bargains for the ladies on the coffee table surrounding the skin and a lucky chair upstairs. $1- skin - F -

Bodyline has a $1 ' Russian shape ' available for a short time. So If you're digging the shape run there and pick it up. It is shown with a light toned skin in the store, but I found that it worked fine with a variety of skin tones. (Thank you Nedeko for the information about your shape!) $1 - Limited Time - Shape - F -

All hair is from *Cutie Honey* $0

All poses, with the exception of the Cutie Honey items are using poses from *Juicy* - *not free*
(Ty, Gorgeous -

I received a packet of clothing from A-Bomb (Thanks to Lavea Alter and Addison Mortlock for wanting to share). There's a special sale going on, but just until Sunday! The items on sale in the pictures are the shoes which are $25 and after Sunday will be $100 and the two turtlenecks are each $10 and after Sunday $100. The not so valentine tshirt is $1 and there are two versions in the box - one male, one female. So guys pick this up too! You'll also find a lucky board in the main location for a great pair of shoes & the letter changes every 5 minutes. ($1 tshirt m/f - SALE UNTIL SUNDAY shoes - $25 & turtlenecks - $10 -

A-Bomb Sale & Valentine

You can also find a totally free outfit in a box near the door shown below with shoes from X-ed Designs. Items shown above with pants available at X-ed for free also. ($0)

A-Bomb Free Outfit

All the clothing shown below is from X'ed Design's freebie wall. You can find the following looks along with several other items including the Jack (Nightmare Before Christmas) avatar featured during last years Halloween list(s). ($0 - M -

X'ed Designs

To celebrate the Korean New Year Navina of Cutie Honey has put out a cow themed dress in one of her lucky chairs. The dress is so cute, it includes an animated drink cup and the purse and hat have animated eyes that blink. I hope you guys can win it faster than I did, but don't fret there's also the cute pigtails I wore in all pictures available for free. ($0 - LUCKY CHAIR - F -

Cutie Honey_ 2

The shoes shown with the Cutie Honey Dress are free from the Midnight Madness board at Dilly Dolls. Just stop by and touch the board located in the basement. If 200 people touch a mm board before midnight then everyone who touches the board receives a gift box. I'm not sure if the prize items change, but this is a fantastic store and you should go and touch the board. And, they will soon have a Valentine Hunt and I've heard the dress is beautiful. ($0 - Midnight Madness board - F -

Jacqueline was kind enough to point out to the Dilly Dolls group that there is a forum where people are trying to collaboratively post a list of all the Midnight Madness boards. Check it out here.

Before I end, If you're lucky you can also win this pile of money to roll around in at Cutie Honey. It has 5 animations in it. ^.^

Cutie Honey _ Money Pile

I used the [TOR] Deep blue sky 2 preset, but it was a little blue so I turned down the blue on the Lighting tab via Ambient menu. All pictures were takenn on the Pax -- Where The Wild Things Are -- Sim.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cilian'gel's Queen of Hearts Hunt Ending 24 January

You'll want to rush over to Cilian'gel's Fashion Designs to do a super easy hunt! You'll be looking for cards like the one shown below. Buy the King of Hearts or Queen of Hearts cards when you find them! ($0 - Hunt - F-

Card Hunt

Don't forget to look all around. Including the dance area and sky garden (where all the pictures were taken), but also the beach. (Sky Garden & Dance area - ; Beach -

Cilian'gel Card Hunt Prize

Not only will you find the super outfit shown above, but also several additional prizes: A Valentine special sign 'BRB', A 'Heartbeats' pillow fighter, A wearable queen of hearts card, A wearable king of hearts card, And many many more surprises! Details of the outfit shown below along with some of the additional prizes:

Cilian'gel Queen of Hearts Details and Gag Prizes

You can find the hair for free at the Tokyo Pig Sight area it's available in the Tukinowaguma Hair Style booth. ( $0 - Hair - F - )

The skin, a prize from KAO Skin, can be obtained by camping at the Tokyo Pig Sight - Energy Green Island Sim. website here ( $0 - Camp 5 locations 5 minutes each & obtain 3 prizes - M/F prizes -

Big thanks to Cilia for letting me share this with you guys! ^.^

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wandering Around

I'm trying to play catch up and show some of the store owner's items that have sent me things to share. Because I didn't receive the item in world with the note cards from the owners, I'm not sure how long any of these items may be available. So If you see something from Je*Republic, Zif's, Supreme Clothing or Sin & Secrets that you want you'll want to scramble on over and pick them up. ^.^

Je*Republic - Neko Hair & Diva Dress $1 each

Ok, so I was asked where to get cute shapes a while back. So, I'm going to try and remember to pick these up! The shape used in the photos featured below is free and from League. You'll find it on the wall near the entrance. ($0 - f - shape -


I stopped by Supreme Clothing and picked up 3 tops - supreme pink sequin top in the gift box for $0, pants for $1. While all these pieces are for girls you'll find a couple of pieces on the bargain wall for guys and a couple more things for guys throughout the store.

Sin and Secret

And at Sin & Secret I got 4 $1 outfits and snagged the panties & tank for fweeeeeeeeee! There's also a lucky chair; but, alas my lucks been used for the day. ($1 - f - dress, lingerie, & pants outfit -

Zifs Creation

At Zif's Creation you'll find a single black elegant gown completely free. The dresses here were all $125 and below too! ($0 - f - dress -

Ray Skin

If you haven't by Ray Skin that's featured everywhere then stop by and take a peak. There are 6 - 20 minute camp chairs for ponchos, 4 - 30 minute camp chairs for dresses, 4 lucky boards featuring dresses, tons of $1 items (including snow boards, dresses, sunglasses, bikinis, poses, and much more) and don't forget to buy those cute little cats with love letters ($1/8 love letter cats) cut out cats for $0 for the lonely kitties and pick up the free gift boxes filled with gifts. ^.^ ($1 - f - kawaii & neko -


So while roaming around this week, I noticed one of my favorite dress & fairy clothes store had some lucky boards at two places. At the first location in Greece you'll find 4 boards from Pas De Deux & 3 additional boards from other stores. On the other side of the PDD boards you'll find a branch of edge grafica ( where I picked up the eyes used in all photos and additionally you can camp (10 minutes) for jewelry or a skirt from this edge grafica location. I'm showing the PDD dresses & hair won from lucky boards with wings purchased from Deviance for $1. ( $0/Lucky Boards - F - location 1 (4 boards from Pas De Deux -
location 2 -
** Deviance** - $1 - wings -

I was lucky enough to win a skin on the [42] lucky chair it has the lovely purple swirls aorund one eye. You can stop by and try your luck for tattoos & skins the chairs change every 10 minutes or you can pick up a pack of rainbow hued novelty skins for girls for free. (Lucky Chair - f - skin -

I stopped by Baby Monkey Shoe & Store and picked up their pack of free Classic Shoes. You'll also notice there's a group gift displayed in store. ($0 - f - shoe -

Aryannas Closet

And while there Sara told me to check out Aryanna's Closet which has a ton of small boutique stores and most complete outfits were $75 or less! Tons of $1 outfits found inside the boutiques and most included shoes & two free shoes displayed on the main 'new' wall. And it looks like there's a men's boutique in the works too. ($1 & $0 - f - clothes & shoes -

I also stopped by the Medieval-Fantasy Gorean Fair and found it really relaxing! Since this area is small (only about 1/2 of a sim) you'll want to stroll around. There's free and $1 items in most shops or some outside on carts along with information on several Gorean Sims. You'll find free & $1 silks, medieval, & free persons attire all are available for male and female avatars. I also spied a $1 mermaid tail, lucky box, & hair. Check out the docks for several $0 items. And there's an upcoming hunt according to their website. (City Sulport Female gifts shown, male gift available also.

City of Sulport Gifts

At Magika I bought two boxes of Discontinued items on the information board next to the lucky fortuness. Each was $10. The hairs has 3 styles of hair in various colors and the skins come in various goth appropriate shades. I also stepped inside the hair store and purchased another skin for $1 and noticed there's a wall of hair on sale -- so go check this store out. ($10 each - discontinued hair & skins -

All photos were taken on the Miniascape sim. Using the Torley windlight preset - [TOR] Pink sink.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm baaaaaaaack................

Computer problems 75% solved. After some mix up I was *finally* mailed the correct fan for my laptop and installed it and everything is working. And now with a semi-updated photoshop I can blog.....

So you guys probably know all about these things, but since I haven't been around I really haven't heard much about it. There's a grid wide Gorean hunt (not kid friendly) taking place until the end of this month (read more about it at the sponsor's website here). You'll be searching for a Talendar Flower at each store. Some signs still display the end date as being January 19th, but with the extension the end is January 31. Which if you've been putting this hunt off is a good thing! The first couple of places were relatively easy to find and from there the flowers just are a bit hard to find & with no 'I give up' landmark to the next place if you get stumped you're forced to give up on the entire hunt or contact the coordinator for assistance.

I'd really recommend doing this hunt with several people so you can help each other (unless you're an experienced hunter). This is probably your best plan of attack since the flowers which you are hunting for move. ;) You'll find that not all of the objects are limited to the Gorean 'lifestyle' and you're sure to find a couple new merchants that you'll want to keep track of. The hunt prizes include: silks & camisks, free women's attire, jewelry/accessories, an animation, haremn tent, (lots of really nice) furniture & house accessories, cloak, male clothing, & a gift certificate.

(Gorean Grid Wide Hunt Starting Point - )

I'm showing all the clothing items with the new release hairs from House of Heart and Bewitched Hair Designs - a preview color of each new hair style is completely free at both of these stores each time hair is released. The hair shown in the preview are styles from House of Heart's January 6th releases and from Bewitched's January 12th releases. All skins are from On The Catwalk Studio & Skins' lucky chair (Thank you Benedetta & Fay for the tps ^.^) which changes letters every 5 minutes. Eyes used are from ::EbiShop::!

( House of Heart - hair -
Bewitched - hair -
On the Catwalk - (f)skin -
EbiShop - Eyes - )

I made modesty shorts to wear with many of the outfits. You can do this by opening your inventory > from the CREATE menu > select NEW CLOTHES > you'll want to create NEW PANTS or UNDERPANTS. The new pants will appear in your clothing folder. Wear the pants and then right click your avatar and select appearance and then edit your pants or underpants tinting to a shade that is close to your skintone.

Gorean Collage 1
Velvet Surcat from House of Alisha Historic Gowns, Masters Cookie outfit from Evil Neko & Furrable! shown with jewelry from Inca Temple, camisk from *juelles*, red Enraptured silks by Solstice Designs, & black Celtic Kirtle by Gutterpup

The clothing items are shown in no particular order.

Soul Garden
Spicy (Red) Silks - Soul Garden with modesty pants created in second life and tinted to match skin.

Black Skull Adorned Skirt shown with Armbands and Top from the Pristine Silks all components are part of the prizes from Ripped which has additional Male & unisex prizes.

Chained Heart
Blue (Tie Me Up) Camisk by Chained Heart.

Spellbound provided 3 outfits pictured above. The pants, belt, and shoes from the male outfit provided by Spellbound were also used below.

Frock You and Ganie Lane
Tunic provided as part of the Frock You prize shown along with the cloak and hood from Ganie Lane.

There are many other high quality items not pictured.

Gorean Collage 2
The Bodacia silks are from *Sexensual* shown with modesty pants, the freewomans ensamble is from Greenwood Designs, Camisk from Little Tasta shown with modesty pants collar from Bound by His Will and belt from Feral Designs, sheer Tantalizing silks by Arachne Silks shown from the side, Rahana Green silks provided by Eye-Catcher shown with modesty pants.

Lastly the red camisk by Zyba is shown with belt from Eternity Collars and Nose ring from Gorean Roleplay Collars .
Oh and when you're finished you'll want to stop by Grimalkin's and pick up the nifty Castaway Sky-Raft $1, but only unti 23 January! ($1 - sky raft -

All photos were taken at the beautiful Glimmer - Fairytale Fantasy Roleplay sim provided by Wraith Unsung the owner of Fairy's Grove Creations found on the neighboring sim. If you haven't checked out Fairy's Grove Creations you'll want to. Wraith has provided the elf avatar in the Library and also one male & female in her store for free.
( Glimmer sim -
Fairy's Grove Creations - )