Monday, December 1, 2008


After I pressed send on the last entry my computer *died*. I'm not sure if I'll have any access at all until some time after July. I've been trying to figure out what's wrong, but I give. Check the sidebar blogs for goodies. Hope everyone has a nice Christmas & Happy New Year.

It's the Fabulization and It's Coming to Get You

Sweeter Than Candy has an Outlet where all items are $1. Items included a nice range of clothing women, shoes for women, furniture & even a corner for guys. You'll be sure to want to check this out by touching the teleportation sign on easel at the landing point. The sign will teleport you to the outlet area. $1 - outlet area -

1_Sweeter Than Candy

Oh where, oh where did I find the cutie bunny avatar? Why the GNUBIE STORE of course. You'll find a wide range of items from a number of designers around the grid all housed in this store as an introduction to their designs. I also snagged the newer Another Shop skins (shown below). Which has a painted on hair option; excellent for hunts and low lag events! While both of these items were $0 some items are priced $1. (The slurl is located on the side bar under free areas.)

2_Ero Rabbi

If you pop in to Ero Rabbi -- You can pick up the cutest little plaid dress shown with shoes from Kinvara Village. Also accompanied by hair from Bewitched Hair that is holding one of those super secret sales where you might spy hair packs usually $195 for $1! $0 -
Bewitched -

At Kuri Style I picked up two Christmas themed dresses for free. $0 - F -

3_Kuri Style

Styles above and below are shown with skin, eyes, & shape courtesy of Laqroki (RAC). Hair shown above is from Laqroki. I'm not sure as to how long these will be available - so get on over there. $0


In Bijou's new lingerie store (next to the hair area) you can find several sleek bodysuits. The hood for each bodysuit has hair attached. I'm sure you've seen everywhere. $0 -

And at Solstice Silks I found 9 gift boxes laying around Santa's feet all filled with goodies. ($0 -

5_Solstice Silks

I was lucky enough to win the hair shown with the above styles from the lucky chair at * 0 Style * which despite it's name is a great store to buy hairs from. Lucky Chair - hair -

Elsepth passed along a preview item & details of month long events happening at her Kinvara Village sim!
"There is a Christmas dress with long and short skirts and special Christmas high heels with sculpty holly on the toes :) I am sending you these. [pictured below] They are unique to Kinvara.

There is also a free Christmas tree, wreath, skates, snow boots, caps and scarves in red and green, a pearl necklace and there will be more upcoming.

We'll also have our winter treasure hunt starting this week through January 1st."
($0? -

6_Kinvara Village

I was lucky enough to win a gift card from the raffle item at the new Chai store and used it to purchase the skin shown above. The raffle ball disperses a gift card worth $950 equal to the purchase price of one skin from the new skin line! If you have time head over and try your luck! Raffle Item -

Swing by G Field to pick up the $1 Rose dress! If you're lucky you may win the matching boots from the lucky bear/chair (195/86/22) & tons of $1 & $0 items near the chair to pick up. $1- F-

7_G Fields

Oh, sometimes I can't help buy play with windlight! The hair shown with the above isn't free, but with ETD's sale you have to pick up a couple. The above style is Lanie and can be found in the discounted section for $15/hair pack.

All photos taken on the beautiful Falln Sanctuary sim. And if you have a few dollars to spare swing by the store(s) associated with this sim Fall'n Angels - 364 items have been marked 1/2 off, but only until 1am December 7th. (Falln Sanctuary - ; Fall'n Angels store -