Sunday, November 30, 2008


I'm going to be playing catch up with a couple of posts before I'm gone for holiday vacation. I'll be gone and without computer access for much of my trip from the 10-23 December & again from the 27 December - 4 January. So I'll not be posting for much of the Christmas season. I will however be posting a couple more entries with hopefully a brief list to inform you of a several places to check out during the season.

I've been busy 'building' and one of the things I'm still not satisfied with (hence the entry title), but willing to share is a Greek inspired abode. It's still a work in progress, but since it's empty a great studio to take pictures uninterrupted in. So, I won't be sharing the location of the shots, but lots of information about the clothes. And hopefully a couple of these places will be things you haven't seen before. ^.^

First up is an outfit that Leila passed to me with a brief note about Sin & Secrets holiday gift plans for all of you! This is the first in a series of gifts she'll be placing out. So you will want to stop by her store every couple of days. Here's part of the note she passed to me along with the outfit:

I am writing to let you know that we will be having a series of presents for xmas. This is the first one, I'll put it under the tree tonight!

But the presents stay there only for two days and they are changed every other day. They include Skins, catsuits, and other stuff dresses I will be making. So be sure to grab them while it is there...
($0 - items will change - **check S&S blog here for previews of the outfits while I'm on vacation.)

30 Nov Sin & Secret Christmas 1

I've shown the Sin & Secret outfit with the new wearable demo hair that is available in most of the House of Heart hairs now. As the new tipped hairs are added for purchase to each style so is a this texture variation which is completely free & wearable! While in the HoH mall I spied a couple of bags in the Blacklace & Alphamale branch location & on the stage there are 2 bags each priced at $1! Both bags contain underthings, but one bag contains 3 skins & shape in addition to the lovely lingerie. ($0/hair & $1/skins -

30 Nov HoH Blacklace

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR: Ok, so if you haven't done the murder mystery hunt at Urban Shopper haul your pixels there asap!!! You can pick up some great schwag whether you're a guy or girl! You'll be looking for different clues in the following participating stores :Designers: !mpossible , M&H, Pixel Dolls, Loser Designs, (nova), Belerophone, Lil's, DaneMarkz, Dani's, & SD Wears. There's more information at the shopping center and the group (The Urban Shopper's) is open if you need help. The blue hair came with one of the outfit shown from the prize hunt. The other style is a new release wearable demo from HoH. ($0 (touch)

30 Nov Urban Shopper Murder Mystery

ALSO TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR: There's a Thanksgiving's Day hunt ending today at the Oak Tree Shops. Most shops also have $1 and $0 items. So definetly keep your eyes open while doing the hunt! Information is at the landing point and you MUST WEAR THE BASKET to participate. ($0 -

30 Nov Oak Tree Shop Hunt

The jeans shown with the Oak Tree Shop loot are found in the library (Girl Next Door Jeans). The fireplace & screen are also part of the prize pack from the Oak Tree Shops!

With the upcoming season I know we can all use a little help around the house! So if you're hiring wait staff for your parties you don't want to spend a bundle on their uniforms. (uhm, yeah) So send them over to Wakame's Bar where there are 3 uniforms up for grabs and completely free. Also a small area next to the bar with some $1 & $0 items. ($0 - bartender, receptionist, sommelir uniforms -

30 Nov wakame's bar

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'll Set Your Microwave Ablaze!

Recently a store I hadn't heard of before was pointed out to me. Pocket Pfeffer has several gowns (Morticia inside store includes skin) that would be suitable for rp along with several tshirts with funny catch phrases on them for free. $0 - F(dresses) Uni(Tshirts) -

Pocket Pfeffer
(Skin: Innovations & Pocket Pfeffer Morticia, Hair:Mikan, Shoes: Brazilian Style, Dresses: Pocket Pfeffer)

You'll want to swing by the <<Discord>> sim and complete their hunt (for pink doughnuts) before this month ends. If you find all 12 pieces (which I did not) you'll have an outfit for guys or girls. I didn't find the #2 pants for guys. The pants shown with the outfit are just black pants made in appearance mode. (ssshhh!) Hair can be won from a lucky board near the new releases area. $0 - M&F -

(Skin: Innovations, Shoes: Shoe Store Elan, Outfits & Hair: Discord - excluding pants with male outfit read above^^)

(Skin: Innovation, Hair: Mikan, Shoes: Brazilian Style, Dresses: Innovations)

I'm pretty much hunted out, but when I heard about DG Innovations hunt I had to check it out. You'll get skins (used in all pictures), eyes, prim corset piercings, dresses, & accessories in this hunt (dresses from Innovations & Isabelle's store). $0/30 turkey feathers - F -

(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Shoes: Brazilian Style, Dresses: Isabelle's - from Innovations hunt)

Kumamoto Japan has a new freebie, but you'll also notice a couple new shops on the block. Check out:
Kumamoto Japan $0 & Lucky Board Dresses, Jewelry, Shoes, Tinie AVs, Kimono & more-
::RuRi:: Lucky boards, $0, $1, & $5 Jewelry -
:::Morhime:: Camp & Lucky board for Kanzashi & Kimono - also $10 Cat Print Kimono -
Shop Luv - Lucky Board & Camp for a pair of shoes or dresses. Also a free outfit in the white gift box. Items no transfer and raging up to $40 (very inexpensive).

Kumamoto Japan
(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Outfits & Jewelry from Kumamoto Japan merchants,

***SB_Mall*** is an awesome spot for Lucky Boards with a whopping 17 boards all dispensing prizes from merchants located in the mall. Most stores have free or $1 gifts along with reasonably priced goods. For the following dress check out Saya ( $0 - F - & you'll find the hair next door at Mikan ($1/each - F (hair)-

(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Dress: Saya, Shoes: Shoe Store Elan)

All the eyes worn are from Edge Grafica which added the eyes to their stock on 20 Nov. Shown with clothing from Edge Grafica and free boots from Shoe Store Elan. Edge Grafica: $0 - m/f -
Shoe store Elan: $0 - f -

Edge Grafica
(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Outfit: Edge Grafica, Shoes: Shoe Store Elan)

If you're already in the festive spirit while checking out Edge Grafica & Shoe Store Elan stroll down to !SyDS! where you'll find a sofa, chair, ring, & decorations on sale for $1 each. $1/item- furniture and ring -

On to a few Christmas themed goodies:

First up at :=:Ryouta Works:=: you'll find the following look: $0 - F -

Ryouta Works
(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Outfit: Ryouta Works)

You can find a fur trimmed outfit given out on the **Cutie Honey** Lucky Board. Lucky Board - F -

Cutie Honey
(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Shoes: Shoe Store Elan, Outfit: Cutie Honey)

At PasDeDeux you can find a red and white outfit with several variations. And if themed is not your style there's also a black dress with orange sash available under the Christmas Girl outfit. $1 - F-

(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Outfit: PasDeDeux)

Lastly if you're looking for a bargain swing by JE*REPUBLIC where you'll find a complete outfit for a steal at $10. $10- F -

JE Republic
(Skin: Innovations, Hair: Mikan, Outfit: JE*REPUBLIC ~~~ thanks to Jun for forwarding this outfit to share!!!)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hopefully I'll figure out how I had added a cut, but until then ubber posts ahoy! Rush over to Maeva who is holding a hunt that will end in a couple of days!!! You'll be hunting for 12 small black bags in the store all but #8 are $1; #8 is $5. - F -

Maeva Hunt

Shown with:
Hair from Junwave. $0 - F - Hair-
Skin worn throughout from the [KA] Designs - Paris Hilton free avatar - $0 - F - skin-
Shoes worn throughout from Truth. $0 - F - shoes -

30+ free outfits can be found for the girls at Demi Etage's inworld location here! All are completely free by purchasing the outfit from the glass tube each is encased in. Many of the prim pieces are not flex and impractical. That being said, you'll still want these pieces because the textures are very nice and many outfits still appear complete even without the prim attachments. $0 - F - clothing -

Demi Etage

The above is shown with hair from Damselfly that can be found at Savoir Hair.
The below pictures show hair from ETD which is having a huge sale right now. All styles are $1 - $30 -

Bring your guy along because next to the Demi Etage area is a collaborative effort of 3 designers UNY + NZU. This area has many, many tshirts and all that are set for sale are free. $0 - tshirts -

uny nyz Tshirts

And if you're feeling festive visit this area where you & your guy can pick up coordinating Christmas outfits in black or red!

Early Christmas

Eyes are from Callie Cline (caLidescope eyes - gemstone) and are part of the limited time $11 sale. (Rush this will end at any time without warning!) Eyes -

Nah! - moved

Nah! has moved and is now two stores. At each store you'll find items priced at $1, but you might also remember that Nah! has no items priced above $50 and does carry low priced items for males too. These are great stores to shop at when you're low on pocket change.

At Nah! you'll find several items in carts outside the store all priced at $1. Some items are older $1 items which you may be aware of, but there were at least two newer items which I don't remember seeing prior. $1 - F - clothing & shoes -

Nah Clothing

The hairs shown with both looks are from a free store ::Bot:: . $0 -

At Nah! Kimono store you'll find the skin and kimono (burning) shown: $1 - F - kimono -

Nah Kimono

If you're looking for a kimono friendly ao there is a free one available at Fujiyama Geisha's freebie area.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crimson Shadow _ Victoria

Crimson Shadow has changed the dress in their lucky chair. ( Ty to Lokum for forwarding it to share.) Try your luck and maybe you'll win the Victoria dress. $0- Lucky Chair - Dress -

Crimson Shadow Victoria

Hair is completely free from Goldie Locks and will be discontinued along with a number of styles at the end of this month. Prices on sale packs range from $0 - $5 for fat packs & $25 - $100 for color packs on varying styles. You'll find a couple of styles for men in the $25/color packet price range. $0 - Sunny - (F) hair -

The 118 skin is from [42] which has a pack of skins available in shades from pale - tan for free. $0 - (F) - Skin -

Jewelry can be found at +Brian+ and is specially priced for a limited time for $5 (as is the entire line of items at this store). $5 - Jewelry -

The Black and White beaded heels from She's So Unusual were a perfect match and for $1 you get two pairs! $1 - (F) - Shoes -

You can find the center pose (Millie) priced at just $1 at Imperial Elegance the inset photos utilize poses offered at Striking Poses which were offered for $1, but don't fret there are still $1 poses available.
IE - poses - $1 -
SP- poses - $1 -

*The end*

And here is the rest of it.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sin & Secrets Lucky x 3

If you haven't heard, Sin & Secrets has one, two, three dresses up for grabs on their very lucky chair! Two of the dresses have lovely brocade tops and the third has an equally lovely tan corseted top. These dresses are sweet and you'll want to grab your friends and check out this store. (Ty Leila & Huxley for forwarding them so I could share.) You may see additional photos on the Sin & Secret blog. (Lucky Chair - dresses -

Sin & Secrets Lucky Chair Dresses

Hair & Skin can be found in the Starlust Motel Trash Hunt going on now (ends 9 Nov). (Hair from Pixel Dust & Skin from SINdecade) You are looking for pieces of trash that contain prizes. Some are touch & others you will have to buy. The trash looks like empty wrappers, milk cartons, or empty boxes, some trash is found near the bags and other pieces are littered about. So explore and keep an eye out for the pieces of trash. This hunt does have some prizes for the guys. $1 & 0 - tons of pieces ? -

Shoes from formerly SIN now Lya shoes. $0 -

*The end*
And here is the rest of it.