Friday, August 29, 2008

So here I come....

From time to time you guys know I get overwhelmed. This weekend is looking like one of those times. So instead of waiting to post information I'm just going to post the information and then come back later and add pictures. Since all these are limited time I wanted to get the info out asap. So, here's the info for this weekends going ons... (Now with pictures added.)

Bewitched hair & House of Heart are having an end of Summer hunt. There are 85 + gifts in this hunt. So uhm, yes I'm overwhelmed & grateful. ^.^ You'll want to check this one out before it ends September 2nd. Visit the Bewitched Hair or House of Heart sims and pick some daisies before they are gone. ($0-$1; m/f; 85-90 Lemon Island & Tropical Escape sims)

Hunt_Daisy Hunt
(All items from End of Summer Daisy Hunt: Lingerie ensamble - Lingerie: Blacklace lingerie, Jewelry - OA Designs, Skin & Eyes - Tuli, Hair - Bewitched Hair; Dress- Dress & Shape - Body Double Shapes, Necklace - KressKreations, Skin - IC-Skins, Eyes - Tuli, Hair - House of Hearts)

More after the cut...

This one is totally fun and a little less fashion oriented. You can pick up 3 yukatas for girls and 2 jackets for guys, but the majority of stuff is fun and games with novelty prizes. For example there's a shooting range where if you get a score of 10 or better you win a cute little ufo to drive around in. The Japanese Summer Festival will only be up for a couple more weeks. So if you need to decompress and unwind with a date or a group of friends you may want to take a peak in at this little festival. ($0; m/f; clothes, food, wearable vehicles, pets;

Topaz Square is having a stupendous re- grand opening. Here's the information from the notecard available at Topaz Square...
To kick off the Celebrations are SWITCH hunts!!Sensational gifts are hidden thru out the New Store, these will be SWITCHED every few hours to an entirely new selection of Sensational gifts!
SWITCH Sale!! Huge selections of your favorite TOPAZ SQUARE items will be reduced to 25 & 50L!CRAZY YES! Items normally much higher for 25L!! and 50LL!!
Every few hour’s these items will be SWITCHED with new items to this crazy low sale! (Yes! Everything in Topaz Square will have a time slot on the SWITCH Sale Clock!) Must mention we have lowered our prices on everything, for always!! You wont easily find quality like us for such reasonable prices!
Gifts Gifts Gift! We all love them!! Now Topaz Square has a New, Beautiful Gift Counter. Click the counter’s glass and you shall have menus & menus of gifts upon gifts to choose from. (We even have gifts heels in our “Shiny New Shoe Dept.”)
I really like the idea of the gift counter, so even if you aren't up for the hunt you're able to get a sampling of the products available at Topaz Square. Look for the black Topaz Square boxes in the hunt. Ends August 31! ($0; f; clothing @ counter & also hunt; Topaz Square sim)

(Dress, Shoes, & Skin from Topaz Square hunt; Hair from Pudge available at Hair Fair, Eyes from Tuli found at the Picking Daisies Hunt)

Amrita is celebrating the move of their store to the Kasandra sim with a 3 day party which starts tonight @ 7pm and includes a lovely hair and skirts as gifts to those who attend. ($0; f; hair/skirts;

(Skirt & Hair from Amrita opening; Shirt, Skin, & Shoes from Topaz Square)

Rfyre is having a hunt lasting from: Friday, August 30, 1 pm slt to Sunday, September 1, 6 pm slt. The information from the notecard states:
Mastrius for Men (in 6 pieces in verdigris treasure boxes hidden throughout the Isle--find all 6 to complete the outfit)
Twisted Swiss for Women (in 7 pieces in rose treasure boxes scattered throughout the Isle--find all 7 to complete the outfit )
There's also going to be a party Saturday 3-5 pm. ($0?; m/f;

(A mix of the pieces from the male & female outfits. The lag was so bad for this one, but well worth it. Please remember if you plan to participate to shed all huds and prims and consider wearing a skin that requires little rendering and no clothes. Skin -Topaz Square, Eyes - Tuli,Hair - Damselfly available at the Hair Fair.)

All hairs shown from Hair Fair merchants are either $0 or $1. For location of hair fair merchants look at this helpful entry on the Hair Fair blog.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Look out Weekend

First up two hunts ending on August 31! The first is a coin hunt at the Clover Mall ($0, f, with 30+ gifts you'll want to grab the girls and hunt out those coins.

Hunt_Clover mall_1

Hunt_Clover mall_2
(Everything pictured from hunt.)

The merchants of Cassiopeia sims are having a Pirate Day Event (ending on August 31) with tons of goodies for guys and girls $1 items & special price goodies from many merchants will be out. Check out @ LVS & Co blog for up to the minute info on the events. Ravenlynn is having some computer problems so if you like her designs throw her some lindens to get a new computer. (m/f, $1 each,

Hunt_Pirate Day_ LVS
(LVS & Co. Items shown with skin from Awesome Designs gift hunt ending August 30 $0, hair from Goldie Locks hair fair booth $1, eyes from Miriel $0 - LVS & Co items come in tons of additional colors.)

More after cut.......

All Seasons is celebrating an expansion in their family of merchants with a remodel, relaunch, & hunt. I'm not sure how long this one is going on, so rush if you want to partake in the festivities.
(f/textures/skybox, 10 items $1 each,

(Background, skin, and outfit are part of the hunt. Hair is from Wonderhair available at the Hair Fair. p.s. I'd love to show you more, but sl ate the entire folder I had all the prizes saved to. In fact I'm pretty sure I was naked to all around because any time I hopped in to appearance I was in the buff. lol)

Now on to a couple of stores that offer tons of freebies! .:+*'Cattleya'*+:. is jammed packed with freebie items (11 - $0) and the rest of the clothing is offered up at $30/non-transferable outfit. This would be an excelent store to share with any new citizens you find along the way. (f, $0,

(Shown with skin from Awesome Designs gift hunt ending August 30 $0, hair from ::69:: lucky chair 5 min wait, and shoes from *TVT* $0)

Next you'll want to check out Kid Asia that has 4 boxes of free clothes. Some of these are not flexi & some are. (f (pants may work for m?) $0;

Kid Asia
(Shown with skin from Awesome Designs gift hunt ending August 30 $0, hair from ::69:: lucky chair 5 min wait, and shoes from *TVT* $0)

One quick outfit before I go ... available at Magnet.

(Shown with skin from Orange from the Clover Mall coin hunt & hair from Kin available at the hair fair)

All hairs shown from Hair Fair merchants are either $0 or $1. For location of hair fair merchants look at
this helpful entry on the Hair Fair blog.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Special Events & Hunts

If you don't know by now the HAIR FAIR has arrived. As per norm you'll find a ton of things for girls and not so many for guys, but don't fret guys what is there for you is great! So TAKE OFF YOUR ANIMATION OVERIDES & MYSTI-TOOLS, shed the prims & hit the Hair Fair; you only have until September 7th to check it out. If you're looking for a particular participant you'll want to take a look at this helpful entry on the Hair Fair blog.

Hunt_Hair Fair
{Hair used by the following makers participating in the hair fair: Pazazz, Mau's & Mej's, Tekeli-li!, Tousled, Pixelated Dreams, Gurl6, Goldie Locks, Wonderhair, Kiss, Crush Factory; Skin from Awesome Designs Hunt, Lashes from Free Speerit (Free Style Hunt); Eyes by Curio; Earrings from the Golden Cage (Scavenger) Hunt on the new Miriel Jewelry, Eyes, Hair & Shapes Sim; Shirt by R2 Fashion Skin and Shoes $0

More after the cut....

The slurls for the four sims housing the Hair Fair: Rezzable Create, Rezzable Explore, Rezzable Design, & Rezzable Discover. There are many more hairs available than pictured here. (m/f ; hair, f-clothes, extras, $1-0)

Sascha's Designs (& the surrounding mall) is having a hunt ending August 31. There are at least 28 gifts available. You can read more about the hunt on Sascha's blog. This one is a bit of a challenge, but you'll find that now that the balls have been enlarged & colored to stand out more it is less of a challenge than when initially opened. I found jewelry, dresses, & a couple of pieces of furniture, but did not complete the hunt to give a complete listing of the prizes available. (*f/uni; $0-$1;

{Hair used by the following makers participating in the hair fair: Mirada, Color Me Couture, Gwendolyn Cassini Creations, Diversity, Curio, Miss B, Sparkle Skye; Dresses by participants of the Sascha's hunt: Bliss Couture, Sascha's Designs, & Soraya Shan Collection; Jewelry by Curio (hair fair) & Virtual Impressions (Sascha's hunt), Shoes by She's So Unusual, Skin by Free Speerit (Free Style hunt); Poses by [LAP](poop hunt); Location: Tropical Desires Sim}

There's a hunt going on @ the Free*Style sim. Not sure how long since it's been stated that it's lasting another week so *possibly until August 31. You'll be searching for bills (singles, cash, $) that contain items. (m/f, $1-0,

{Hair used by the following makers participating in the hair fair: BettiePage, Bryce, Calla, Comme il Faut, Damselfly, Eat Rice; Clothes from Free Style merchants: Kouse's Sanctum, Freda's, Blue Blood, Cheri Pye, >Pididdle<, Sweeter Than Candy, Skin by Free Speerit & Creamy Cooljoke; Poses by [LAP] & >Pididdle< ; Eyes by Curio; Shoes by SSUS; Location: Silvanus Forest - }

Hunt_Awesome Design
{Hair used by the following makers participating in the hair fair: Exile, Mystical, Ravenwear, Hair Solutions, House of Heart, Kin, Laqroki, Layniewear, Magika, Philotic Energy, Pudge, Poses by [LAP]; Clothes, shoes, & skin from Awesome Designs' Hunt}

Awesome Designs is having a gift hunt lasting until August 30. There are 20 gifts up for grabs. (f; clothes & acessories; $ ;

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Juicy Bella Sim Opening

I'm not sure how long these items are out for, but at this time these outfits, hair, and many more items can be found for $0-$1 under the big Christmas Tree on the new Juicy Bella sim.

Juicy Bella

(featured items by: Katat0nik, Digital Eyes, Jabs, Fireflies, & Simply Silks)

Additional items used:
Skins are another shop mods from the Heaven's Gate
Shoes by **Deviance** - f - $0

August Monthly Gifts

If you haven't scooped up the monthly gifts from stores yet - Do it & Do it now. There are some outstanding gifts out this month and you will want to pick these up. BAIASTICE ( has added an amazing wardrobe piece complete with skin suitable for a more mature female avatar. Most outfits pictured inside the wardrobe are complete from head to toe. There is also jewelry included. (Baiastice f avatar $0


Another great store that offers monthly freebies is ALB DREAM FASHION by AnaLee Balut. This months gift is a complete female Native American avatar. You'll receive two skin choices, hair, along with several options for the outfit & jewelry. ( ALB Dream Fashion f avatar $0'ksha%20Dunes/180/83/351)


I iz OK

Sorry for the somewhat unexpected and prolonged absence. All with me is ok. I'm going to probably have a couple more of these sudden & unexpected absences as my bf's dad's condition worsens and I have to travel to help his mother with family matters. This means during these times I won't be able to post as the laptop I take when flying solo is pretty old and doesn't allow me to render avatars or take pretty pics for you guys. I did receive a lot of notecards so I will post here next time that I'll not be making post for a while. But for now....

I have tons to catch up on and I'll be trying to catch up today and again over the weekend of anything that I have that is current. This post started off at Wig Wam Bam which you'll have to visit two locations to get all three of the $1 items. First at the Amicitia location of Wig Wam Bam ( you'll find a cute sleevless top " Amicitia bleu" then you'll want to tp on over to Wig Wam Bam's Bricolage location ( where you'll find another (this is the second frebie skin by Joodle Fadoodle) skin offered up for $1 Kylie which comes with two versions: with or without mask. You'll also be able to snatch up a cute dress "Bleu Rose". (Wig Wam Bam f, skin & clothes $1)


More behind the cut....

While at Wig Wam Bam's Bricolage location you'll want to lounge on the wonderful scene Joodle has created downstairs. If you happen to stroll upstairs you'll find a picture dome where you can pose also. You can pick up your own picture dome at Psycho Logic for $1 along with the pants worn with Wig Wam Bam's Amicitia bleu top above. You'll also find a number of outfits that are unisex and many include poses! (Psycho Logic m/f clothing $0; photodome $1


You'll want to take your time and explore the JapaTown sims where you'll find many shops have freebies that are not limited to just the JapaTown Free Shop ( where I found the green eyes pictured above along with the cute necklace worn. All items on the ground level are completely free ($0) and the items upstairs are $10. Exploring the sim I picked up the cute Piatto t-shirt at TMAS Square ( where you'll also find a top of entertaining animations. ( JapaTown Free Shop m/f $0

You can find all the hairs pictured at House of Heart Designs ( which provides along with their always available wearable hair color demos a free sample of each new release. (House of Hearts Designs m/f hair $0

The shoes which can be tinted an astounding 66 colors is available from Unique Needs ( for free. (Unique Needs f shoes $0

Additional poses were obtained by participating in the Long Awkward Pose [LAP] ( poop hunt. Run over and scoop them up! (LAP m/f poses $0