Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting Back to Nature @ Naturum Island Resort

If you like camping, fishing, and shopping this is the place for you. At Naturum Island Resort you'll find a lot of fun activities and a sim devoted larerly to nature loving. You'll also find a few stores nestled in cute cottages that are ever so cute. (Sim - Naturum Island)

At K*S you can find a free dress and also a $1 dress. I matched it with free hair from Izumiya and free shoes that come in 1,2,3,4! colors from Little Town.

Naturum Island_1
K*S ($0 & $1 dress scroll over dresses on rack to find $1 item and $0 dress in box on floor)
Little Town (You'll find shoes, outfit, and free jewelry here. Shoes on back wall. Outfit and jewelry to right of entry all marked 'free' on boxes.
Izumiya (Hair found on shelf. $0)

More behind cut......

In the background you can see the freebies offered from La Petit Fleur. (

You can find fun activities like hangliding which you can do for free and there are also camping areas near the tents.

The next look consist of a jacket which comes in two different size/styles to accomidate either a male or female avatar and can be found in the Lycee cabin for free. I purchased the skirt for $1 in a shop named DemiDemi. The hair and shoes are from the above sources.

Naturum Island_2
DemiDemi (You'll find three boxes each $1 behind the left door of the shop. There's a purse, skirt, and shorts.)

You can also pick up a fishing pole for free and a lure which allows you to cast 50 times in the central welcoming area. ( )

The skin used is free and from yorokobi-an. (f skin, $0 -

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crushed Velvet

I know I've posted about Crushed Velvet before, but they've added some new items to their freebie section! And well, if you haven't checked them out before grab your man and get going! He'll find a couple of costumes too!




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Happy Birthday Retrology & Kumamoto Japan!!!!

No excuses for missing these Birthday Bashes!!! The gang at Retrology has provided us with an amazing year of Retro fashions, art, and a themed sim that makes us long for days gone by. Check out the Retrology blog for up to the minute information on the festitvities. Go visit the Retrology sim and help them celebrate their one year mark!!!

All outfits, clothing, skin, and hair pictured were absolutely free and provided by the Retrology sim merchants:

Retrology Birthday Bash
(Larger version here.)

Every shoe pictured was absolutely free and obtained from the Kumamoto Japan sim which is celebrating their one year mark also. Check out both sims, now!

Pictures were taken while visiting the Greenie's Back Yard!

*The end*
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Visit the Summer Festival

The Summer Festival is set to start if you are able to access than you could probably read more about the festivities here. If you'd like to check out the Summer Festival you won't be disappointed.

There are more free or $1 items lying around. There are even several booth/stall areas that are entirely compromised of free or $1 items.

Summer Festival_5

I took a lot of pictures of the boxes laying around.

Summer Festival_4

You can find a variety of items at the Summer Festival: hair, jewelry, furniture, accessories, gestures, avatars, and clothes just to name a few.

Summer Festival_3

There are things for guys and girls.

Summer Festival_2

Everything pictured was either $0 or $1, but you'll find tons of other values in this small area.

Summer Festival_1

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pump It

At Mirrors amid an ever growing array of urban chic clothes you will find 4 freebies: leggings, purse (log0), shirt (logo), and shorts. All are $0


I chose to show the outfit with:
Shoes from **Deviance** Sexy Costumes & Fantasy Costumes $0

The Ganguro Skin is from Loli Nori and can be found in the Bare Rose freebie section. $0

Hair from Utsuku City's Amipuu Shop. Join Utsuku City Members group and camp for 10 minutes to obtain hair from Amipuu Shop.

Poses by Izumiya and are all free.

Pictures were taken in Utsuku City.

*The end*
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My Folder b Buldging Yo

Some of the items listed are specials out for a short period so if you see something you like run! First up are a couple of outfits from +Honey+ a store I've written about many times before. You'll find the same freebie vendor written about here upstairs, but you'll also find a bevy of things free only for today (or was today yesterday? - Run) downstairs. +Honey+ is having a sale too. ($0 m/f clothes)

Honey Freebies _ 6

I've shown the +Honey+ items with the following items from other merchants:
Shoes from Sole Sister - captured in white $1
Skin from Huxly's Castle - Gaia 6.006 $1
Hair from =Tekuteku= $1
Jeans can be found in the Library section of your inventory. They will be in the Girl Next Door by Renegade folder.

**Deviance** Sexy Costumes & Fantasy Costumes has two great gifts for you! You'll find a sexy aqua fairy costume for $1 and a completely free pair of sculpty heels in two great finishes.


I'm wearing this with skin from Heaven's Shape which I got a the B11 mall grand opening. ($1-0 m/f)
The hair is from Analog Dog, but can be bought from Savoir Hair for $1.

More after the cut.....

If you're a lucky girl you'll want to stop by Crimson Shadow and try and win this jaw dropping dress. Here's the information Lokum Shilova sent to me along with this fabulous dress to share:

Starting today we will be having the Midnight Blue Dress with shoes, sculptie roses, Hair pin, two skirt option normally on sale for 700lindens is now in the Lucky Chair until 10th of August . The dress is created by moxie Polano exclusive for Crimson Shadow.
Crimson Shadow through 10 Aug

I'm wearing skin ($0) from Purple Rose. Possibly better known as a jeweler Purple Rose has expanded their brand to now include clothing, shoes, hair, and skins for both men and women. But, you may find more if you explore their sim. You'll find tons of $1 hair in the women's skin store, a free outfit in the clothing store for girls, and also a ton of stuff in the jewelry store for free. The skins and hair are located at the slurl below. This sim has a central landing point so remember to show the slurl on map if you're having trouble finding the correct location.

The Hair worn in the picture above is from CocoLuv Hair, which is a great ethnic hair store and can be bought for $1.

Bijiou has put out another gift, this time a bikini in tons of colors. $0

Bijiou Bikini

Worn with skin and hair from Purple Rose; information above.
And free ($0) Hopemonger shoes from Sole Sister; information also listed above.
The handbag shown with the pink bikini is from [JE*REPUBLIC] - PINK HEART BAG(Shoulder(Only-R) $1.

If you're a girl and not a member of Callie Cline's group you may want to join. This week is freebie geebie week where group members will be supplying gifts for other members of the group. And Callie has generously extended the offer for group members to tell their friends! =^.^= The Cal Gal's group has been left open for everyone to enjoy the festivities. When and if you join please open group information and then go to the notices tab, sort by date and you'll be able to gather the information for that particular days hunt and gifts. Today started the freebie geebie week and a hunt kicked off the week (7/24/2008). Who know's what else the rest of the week will bring?

Cal Gal Isabella Maginot Freebie Geebie Gift

The above gift was provided by Cal Gal group member Isabella Maginot, hair by Purple Rose, shoes by Sole Sister, and skin by Heaven's Shape.

All poses used for all photos are from Ray Skin and were part of their opening gifts.
Location for all photos is the Bare Rose sim White Wolf.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Skins for *almost* all

Sorry post has been edited read comments...

Beauty Avatar has 2 skins out for girls; each $1. You'll find 2 for the girls, one has been embellished with a mask and includes an outfit the other skin is plain. You'll also find **an outfit** (Sorry no skin guys; my mistake.) for the fellas.....
(Apparently the skin pictured is not the **newer** of the freebie skins, just fyi since this was pointed out to me. Again read comments for details as to edit.)

Beauty Avatar_1

Hair used in the photos is from Savior Hair and was donated by Magika. $1
Savior Hair-

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shapes and Skin, Oh My!

Joodle of Wig Wam Bam dropped a package on me. She's started making shapes and has created skins using Eloh's Another Shop Skins as base. You get a shape, 3 skins with choice of eyebrow hues, eyelashes fit to the shape, and eyes for $850 and sold in limited runs of 30 then retired. She's made a special package for $1. You can see that Joodle has changed up a bit with the skins adding new lips, nips, skin tones and added a bare vagina. Try out the $1 package and see what ya think: ($1 - female avatar)

Wig Wam Bam _ Racheal

The shapes are no mod so hopefully demo shapes will be added at some point and an all important second skirt shape.

Wig Wam Bam _ Racheal_Edge Grafica

The dress is from edge grafica and is completely free like all their wears. ($0 m/f clothes)

The hair which would work for a guy too is from Seshil Shop and is completely free. ($0 m/f hair)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Emery Gifts for Girls and Guys

Emery has a gift bag out with a cute dress, leggings, and socks for girls and a killer hoodie with sculpty attachments for guys. ($0 m/f)

Emery gift for guys

Hair is from Savoir Hair and is from Bishwear. ($1)

Emery Girls Gift

Those humongo framed glasses are from Crap and inspired by the one and only Elton John. If you want to feel like a rockstar hurry and buy these before they are gone (later today). ($1 - glasses)

The skin is from Bijiou and only comes in this tone with some lovely lace detailing and a logo bikini. ($0 - skin f)

Bijioux Skin

Almost forgot... The shoes can be found at *TVT* in a 3 pack for free. You can also camp for shoes at this location 180 minutes. ($0 - shoes - f)

CS Gridwide Hammer Hunt - For Men -

Hey guys just an fyi there is a Gridwide Hammer Hunt just for the guys that will start later today!!! It will run from today 20 July 2008 - 3 August 2008. The information is not yet out at the starting point, but hopefully will be put out later today. I'll give an update when I have more information, but I'm sure the guys will be super pleased to hear this.

Wilted Rose has already placed out 2 hammers.

And here is the rest of it.

*Bliss Couture*

Bliss Couture a dress shop has put out two $1 dresses. One dress is formal and the other more casual. You'll find clothes and tats here from $90 on up and all transferable (excluding the dollarbies). ($1/dress - f)

Bliss Couture Gown

The hair can be found at the *White Clover* Flower Shop and is by Mikan. ($1 - hair -f)

Comme Il Faut up close

More after the cut...

The skin is one from the Comme il Faut hunt ending today. ($0 - Le salon - Dulce skin - PROMO wine (cake) - female skin)

Bliss Couture_2

The shoes worn with the second dress are the Wood and Glass bead shoes from the Two Pairs of She's So Unusual Shoes Freebie Shoes. ($1 - Shoes - f)


If you haven't heard of Canimal you should seriously go and check this store out. Canimal does have a booth at the Gnubie Store, but the freebie area in front of her store has been expanded to include what were the outfits in her discount room. And the guys will be happy to find clothes here for them too. In addition you'll find unisex: chockers, a mushroom house, and goggles. ($0 m-f )


The skin I'm wearing is a free gift when you request the new Model magazine. You can do this by going to Premiere Modeling agency and touching the Model magazine kiosk. You'll receive the skin by Rachele Delgado & the magazine. ($0 -f)


The hairs worn in the photos are from the Comme il Faut hunt which ends today. You have to find & touch 3 of each of six objects to receive prizes. The shampoo objects are picky so you may *want to* get close to them before touching and hopefully you'll receive the prize. ($0 - f)

All the shoes worn are from various newbie assisstant packs you can pick up at Peppermint Blue. Some packs do include widely distributed freebies, but you will find some that do not. There are also several for male avatars. Three of the packs are only out for a limited time. These are no transfer, so if you find a new citizen drag them along! ($0 m-f)

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brain xYuuxEllils $1 store

At Brain xYuuxEllils' you will find clothing for the female avatar, jewelry and hair accessories, and furniture. There are a couple of freebie items, but you'll find that the store is a classic dollar store.

Brain xYuuxEllils

These items are at a great discount. If you visit the landmarks included with many of the free items you'll find the items in their stores at their regular prices. Many are $100+. So check out Brain xYuuxEllils and drag your guy along so he can pick up a couple chains/necklaces too.

Hair is from Deadkitties (Chiaru) and comes in a jaw dropping array of colors. ($1)

The skin is one that I camped for on the camping sim of Utsuku City, unfortunately the location where I camped (Amipu Shop) is in the middle of renovations. So you won't be able to obtain the skin at this moment, but you can join the Utsuku City group and camp for tons of super cute stuff (yes, some is new!).

If you're interested in a compreable 'Asian' skin please visit the Amorepacific sims where you can camp for skins in several locations.

The shoes are the glass slippers from ADA Store. $0

And here is the rest of it.

A Gift From Silent Sparrow If You're Lucky

Cecile Milena sent me an outfit that is being offered up at the Carnival of Doom sim. The ensemble is offered up by the creator of Silent Sparrow. If you're feeling lucky you should stop by and check out the carnival and maybe your letter will come up on the chair. There is quite a crowd waiting as I type. This outfit is valued at $500. Good luck ;)

Lucky Chair _ Carnivale of Doom

The hair and eyelashes are from the owner of Stinger. The eyelashes are the ninja eyelashes which you can purchase at the Stinger store for $1. The hair can be found at Savoir Hair and is either $0 or $1.
Stinger -
Savoir Hair -

More after the cut....

The skin is from Comme Il Faut and you can obtaining it by following the instructions on Moire Georgette's blog.

Lucky Chair _ Carnivale of Doom _Head

The eyes are free from Onigiri and can be found on the freebie wall along with many $1 and free items.

The shoes are a long time freebie from She's So Unusual shoe store. This is the Wood and Glass bead shoes from the Two Pairs of SSUS Freebie Shoes. You can obtain this box at a number of places including the Free Dove and also at the SSUS mainstore.

Sculpty Shell Bikini

ADA Store a great place to get sculpty shoes has come out with a cute and sexy totally prim bikini. If you dare you can sport this cute sculpty shell bikini, but be forewarned it's totally bare in the back. (

ADA Store Shell Bikini

Did I forget to mention everything (shoes, skins, eyes, and toys) is free at ADA Store.

The hair priced at $1 can be obtained from JE*REPUBLIC. (Bobbed Hair-II-Curl-Freebie $1) There's also a pink purse in the clothing section. ($1 too)

Skin by Tuli, information in post below this one.

And here is the rest of it.

Sascha's Designs

Wow, I cannot believe that I had not heard or stumbled upon this store before (ty, Lexis for the tp here!)- Sascha's Designs. Although there isn't a lot here for the guys (there is some) there is tons of glamorpuss dresses for the girls. You'll be delighted to know that there are a number of completely free dresses up for grabs by the front entrance (join group & touch).
front entrance -

Sascha's Designs _ Free

There's also a table with 5 boxes of $5 dresses. Just look up at the display to view the dresses before purchase.

More after the cut ...

Sascha's Designs _ Five

There are 3 dresses downstairs near the entrance displayed on easels priced at $10 a dress and also upstairs you'll find another $10 dress (SAS - Beatrix located upstairs .

Sascha's Designs _ Ten

The majority of dresses are $300 (prices $150-550). You'll find demos for many dresses priced at $0 and the designs at Sascha's are transferable. I think you'll find that the non-free dresses are a bargain and excellently designed.

Other items used:

Waka & Yuki

All hairs shown are free and offered at Waka & Yuki. You can find all the hairs in the hair room along with some low priced accessories. Waka & Yuki's regular hair pack prices are $30. This is one of the least expensive hair stores you'll find. (

The jewelry is from Yak & Yeti where you'll find tons more clothes, jewelry, and home accessories all with an ethnic flair and all entirely free. (

The skin is from Tuli and available at The Bee Hive Club but, I'm not sure for how long. So if you'd like it and haven't already picked it up I suggest you do it soon. (

You will also want to pick up the ALB 6 LASHES by AnaLee Balut DREAM FASHION ( which are free.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Neko, Elegance, Ethnic

Today is the last day of the Catty Shack hunt! So if your into neko wear or urban stuff you'll want to check it out. (Look at the entry below this one for the info) I've found a couple more neko freebies that I'd thought I'd start this entry off with, but I've got a lot of different looks to show you.

The beautiful Indian style jewelry is from Yak & Yeti which is an entirely free store specializing in Asian clothing and accessories. It's featured in a lot of the photos so I thought I'd mention it first since all the pictures of the clothes from Yak & Yeti are at the end of the entry. Yak & Yeti is supported solely through donations and you can give Annapurna's blog featuring more photos of her clothes for guys and girls, accessories, and furniture offered to us citizens. It's also where I decided to take all the pictures included in this post.

The next couple of looks are from Bounce which has a couple of skirts ($0 & $1), box of unisex tops and tat dollarbies. The free skirt is pretty neat because it's color change, but it comes with no undies. =^.^=

Tons more behind the cut...

The whiskers, tail, eyes, & ears that I repositioned are all from a kitty girl avatar which you can find at Curious Kitties freebie. (Wings, blindfold, bracelets, and eyes are definitely unisex friendly.) - all $0


I opted to use another skin instead of the one included in the Curious Kitties avatar set. Blue Blood has set out a freebie female skin. $0


And all the hairs used are from Bewitched Hair. Why? Well they're having a super not so secret ;0) sale going on right now! You'll be able to find super deals if you're lucky by scrolling over hair packets or listening to chat when the $1 packets are yelled out. Some are $100, $50, & $1 instead of the normal $195/pack or $99/fatpack in the clearance section. Remember if you take part in hunts or attend packed events Do NOT wear animation overrides, mystis, bling, primmy accessories, and if need be go bald and use those non prim outfits! It's just rude to do otherwise.

The flip flops and the next couple of looks are from Neko Gear. Neko Gear has almost 20 items for free. There's a lot for guys too and also a cute radio!

Neko Gear_1

And a look from Neko Gear's free section that would work for a guy:

Neko Gear_2

Tuli has provided a gift at The Bee Hive Club which includes a free female skin & dress. This is the skin I'll use for the remaining shots.$0

If you haven't been to Nicky Ree's then this should be the following dress should be the reason to rush over. Nicky Ree has a new $1 dress and it's not to be missed. It's not displayed on the freebie board with the rest of her freebies (all $0 - space suit m/f, 1 gown, 2 dresses, bikini, and bathing suit with a dress option), but on two vendors located inside the entrance of the shopping area on the left.

Nicky Ree

You didn't think I could go to Yak & Yeti 's without trying on a few outfits, did you?


Yak&Yeti_3 copy


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catty Shack Treasure hunt July 16-18

A treasure hunt and free pocket money! From the Catty Shack notecard:
Heres your chance, for the next 3 days the catty shach will be hosting its first treasure hunt, theres some great prizes to be found and some cash too, we all know you love that.. hurry on over for your boooty.

Cash coins from 1l$ 10L$ 50L and even 100L$, just touch and its yours..

Prizes from designers such as , Neko Gear, Blow-up, pretty n punk, the catty shack, Rare breed, and more.
Well, there are some great finds, but there are also some resell items mixed in (fair warning). I still say this is a definite must because there are more designer duds than redistributed freebies and neko gear is pretty hard to come by.

I've chosen to show all the things I found from Neko Gear (boots, skirt, shirt, & collar).
(Neko Gear mainstore -

Catty Shack Hunt _ Neko Gear Prizes

Neko Gear has tons of freebies at their main store. Some are logo-ized, but some are not.

The skin was an amazingly lucky win from MiaSofia's lucky chair. I love Mia's skins and hopefully you will too. (Thank you Mia for flipping the other chair so I could "win" the tattoo. I won't mention how many hours I was there for prior. lol)

The ears are a super cute twitchy pair I've had for ages. They are still available for free from Primalot's ever expanding freebie section. ( )

I opt not to wear the tail that is included with the Primalot ears. My prefrence is to wear the fluffy freebie tail from a box I found at Yiffy Yaffle's store. ($0) (

Since 'maps' are being added frequently to the Catty Shack hunt you'll find tons of stuff!!! Good luck hunting.

Almost forgot to mention... The hair is from !Mingo! and you can get it too if you have 20 minutes to camp.

*The end*
And here is the rest of it.

Glammy Gowns and Steals

If you're looking for gowns there are three places you should check out. ALB Dream Fashion is one you've probably heard a lot about in the beginning of July, but I don't think anyone has listed that there are additional items beyond the July gown to be found. So you'll definitely want to stop by for the Audrey gown, but you'll also want to take a good look around before leaving.

ALB Dream Fashion Gown

More after the cut...

Upstairs you can find ALB First hair (180, 119, 361) priced at $10 and if you look a little harder you can find ALB LAURA skirt aqua by AnaLee Balut Dream Fashion (191, 140, 361) for free. I really like the belt that came with this second outfit because it helps hide the midriff exposure caused by some too short shirts and low rise jean combos. You will also want to pick up the ALB 6 LASHES by AnaLee Balut DREAM FASHION (194, 126, 351) which are free. And don't forget before you leave to pick up the perfect pair of shoes to match your dress, because AnaLee has set them as a gift also. ALB AUDREY pumps + ankle black by AnaLee Balut GIFT FREEBIE can be found at 161, 56, 351. Hey and the guys needn't feel left out because while you're picking up a free ALB AMUL wheel necklace they can too (180, 34, 351).

ALB Dream FashionMini

If you haven't heard yet, DeFleur's Fashions has unleashed another set of gowns. You'll want to hunt (scroll over) all the vendors to find at least 5 free dresses marked down from their regular prices to $0 and several $100 specials. And if you've never visited this store before just walk to the back and take a look at the 20+ dresses Natalia is generously offering up for absolutely free.

(Dresses pictured are a sampling of DeFleur's dresses. These dresses may or may not represent the $0 dresses. This is a hunt after all and you'll have to discover the free dresses on your own. Good luck guys.)

If you haven't noticed I'm wearing the same skin in all pictures. It's the Frick Tan- glammy. You can find tons of another shop mods showcased in Fricka's store priced from $0-30.

Another shop featuring some glammy glowns to cute casuals is the soon to be closing Venice Picassa Clothing & Accessories. You'll find outfits and accessories from $25-0. The free dresses change up and these were a couple of the free dresses I've collected.

Venice Picassa

Don't forget to take a look upstairs as there were several free dresses.

Sweeter Than Candy

It was a dark and stormy night. The neighbors were loud! Anna got no sleep........

Sweeter Than Candy_2

but, she looked fabulous while awake thanks to Sweeter Than Candy. Sweeter Than Candy has extended their Grand Opening celebration. Many of the designer's dresses are $1 and all are at least 50% off. She's a reseller for Pixel Dolls and these dresses are not included in the sale, just her own personal designs. There is also a large "Free Stuff" section which does include several Pixel Dolls freebies. Go and check this store out you'll be happy you did.

While on the Rue D'Antibes sim you'll also want to swing by Allesse who has a freebie section with some lovely ladies accessories. (4 pairs of shoes & handbag $0

Sweeter Than Candy

The skin featured is from Oxygen and written about in the entry below this one. It may still be available. You'll have to rush to get this one.
(Oxygen- f, skin & dress, $1/

The hair is from Tukinowaguma's free section that you'll find under the stairs. You'll find 3 female hairs and one male hair completely free and several female styles for $5.