Monday, June 30, 2008

MoonCat Tourist

I spent the better part of yesterday zooming around the two MoonCat sims. I found tons of stuff to explore and freebies. Maybe you'd also like to check out the sims. I've compiled a list of freebies found on the two MoonCat sims which you'll find at the end of the article. MoonCat Ringo is still a being constructed, but you can find a couple of freebies there also.

Yohiko's Collection Freebies
(Shape & Kimono from Yohiko's Collection, Tail & Ear - Lucky, Skin - Amorepacific Ballroom, Hair - Ash Style; all $0)

And here is the rest of it.

In the center of the MoonCat Izumo Sim you'll also find several copyable trees.

Kumin Free Dress
(Dress- Kumin, Color Change Bunny Ears & Bunny earrings - Umi Usagi, Skin - Amorepacific Ballroom, Hair - Ash Style, Shoes- Imperial Elegance $1; Total- $1)

The one place you should check out is Izumiya Fashion & Object which sits on the border between the two MoonCat sims. The whole store is $25 and under with tons for the guys. It's super Neko friendly and I picked up the two cat cuddle pillow in the first picture from Izumiya's. The entire second floor is filled with $0-1 items.

MoonCat Sim
(Dress- Pearl Mj, Pants, hairs, cat pillows - Izumiya Fashion & Object, Shape & Black Shirt - Yohiko's Collection, Skin- Amorepacific, Purse - Jerrys; All $0)

One of the stores I found on the MoonCat sim is Festiva which is a particle store, but upon visiting the main store I found several tables reserved for other vendors. One of these vendors (Pearl Mj - japan nagano 28/43/21) had put out a free dress and if you visit the landmark for the main shop enclosed in the folder you receive with the dress you can obtain an optional skirt for free to go along with the outfit.

Pearl MJ
(Dress- Pearl Mj, Hat- Izumiya Fashion & Object, Skin - Amorepacific Ballroom, Hair - Ash Style, Socks & chocker- .+*Cipher*+, Shoes- Stitch by Stitch )

*************** MoonCat Izumo Sim ***************

Pipi Style 172/234/26
3 sofa & 2 matching chair sets - red, brown, ivory & wood all $0

Yohiko's Collection 175/ 204/ 26
Unisex Chinese outfit & m & f Chinese Shapes $0

Kumin 206/108/26
Free Dress $0

.+*Cipher*+, MoonCat Izumo (118, 165, 26)
Chocker, socks, wristbands $0

Izumiya Fashion & Object 148, 24, 25
Entire second floor filled with clothes, hair, shoes, jewelry & poses all $1 - 0

Honey+ 5/183/26
Stool $0

Yome Shoujo 135/81/26
Gift Box $0

Hani 118/ 118/ 26
Free Eyes $0

-D- Factory 135/123/26
Necklace The Dagger $0

flutter 136/ 136/ 26
butterly wings that flap $0

Myon Laval's Booth 188/157/ 26
Free Poses 1 & 2 - $0

Lucky 94/126/49
2 cat tails and tshirt $0

Jerry's 84/122/49
shoulder pet, booksack, fan $0

*************** MoonCat Ringo ***************

Izumiya - borders on both sims 153/ 250/ 34
2nd floor filled with $0-1 items hair, clothes, shoes, hats, tattoos, poses, etc.

Umi Usagi 105/ 231/ 27
face lamp, color change bunny ears, & bunny earrings

Find Ash (Hair) 228/150/31
Unisex Hair $0

Festiva 183/164/26
Tons of wearable particles - I would NOT recommend that anyone wear these all the time, but they are great for parties & taking pictures.

Haine (in Free Market Area) 174/192/26
Ring $0

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Discord North Sim Hunt

Discord has opened a new sim; Discord North. You'll find a hunt going on where you'll find outfits for girls and guys for free. Along with the hunt there are many freebies, dollarbies, and specials going on. ( - m&f - $0)

Discord North

Frick has released several new freebies take a look around for great values on another shop mod skins. ( - f - skin $0-30/skin) The shoes shown are from *TVT* ( -f - shoes $0). I know again. =T

And here is the rest of it.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Dear Blogger,

Stop crashing fooker!

Anna Banana Pudding and Pie
Watch out
She makes all the boys cry ;_;

Now, on with the show...

First up is the weekly gift from Surfline ( ) free until July 4th. The hair is a freebie from Curious Kitties ( ). Both completely free.

Surfline June 28 July 4

The wings pictured below are also free from Curious Kitties and shown with a gl kimono found in the freebie section at Bare Rose ( ). The hair is from Bewitched Hair ( ) which is having a hunt UNTIL 4 OR 5 PM TODAY and whose sister store House of Heart ( ) is also having a hunt. Find 12 boxes at each location for a total of 24 free hair styles.

Bare Rose Free GL Kimono


I was checking out different orientation centers and the following outfit is from the Walker Orientation ( ) sim. I just clicked on options until the outfit/skin/hair/shoes were offered to me, so no need to feel as though you have to speak Japanese to participate. This is the skin used in the two pictures above and the one immediately below. You'll also find a ton of avatars from a cartoon movie and a couple of avatar options if you go through the orientation building.

Walker Island Orientation

If you haven't checked out SL5BD, yet you may want to. You'll find a lot of freebies nestled in with a bunch of exhibits. Here's the freebies I found:


Ethnic Costumes @ Freda Fredriksson

Drummer Boy Costume @ Childhood Dreams

skin, silks, outfit, jewelry, shoes @ iZa Boutique

Toque hats & stoles in boxes on ice pedestals @ Chigadee London's Display

SIN VON DE (FREE OUTFIT), Elephant mask, Bear Info Hub, Tiny flying ufo, & Steam Punk Monocle @ SL5B Welcome Area

Transgender Lounge Box (bracelet, earrings, sculpture) @ Transgender Lounge

Mens Suits & Tux and Free Ballgowns @ Snuggler's Cove Ballroom

EW Radar Hud @ Exclusive Weapons

Giant Snail Racer kit @ Giant Snail Racing

SL5B T-shirts & Signs @ Youthful Creativity & Roleplay

(Does not work atm) Guest Robes & t-shirts @ The Great Hall

The Isle of Lesbo

Several house/yard related freebies @ Prim Perfect Magazine

Shirt & scarf, grim baby dolls, ashtray @ Callie Cline

***The hair used in the SL5BD photo is from Mod's hair Paris which was blogged about previous, but has since moved to

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some End Others Start

Ending at 9 pm tonight (Saturday 9 pm slt) is the Prim & Proper ( Shengri La 90/77/25) sale. You'll find tons of stuff for the Ladies and a nice assortment of period accessories for the Gents. All sale proceeds are going Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. Most items are $100 and under! From the Prim & Proper group announcement:
Also, as a special gift, donate $500L to the kiosks in the boardwalk area, and receive a gorgeous, never released ball gown with several changes of skirt.

If you happen to visit don't forget to touch the signs (these are rather large and in a variety of places on the sim) all over the sales area and sim that include information about the sales and a bounty of gifts:

Prim and Proper Gifts

The ringlet hair style comes in brunette and platinum. Tons of hats are in the folder you'll receive and I'd venture that a guy would look dashing in the musketeer hat. You'll also receive the fox stole, hat, & muff combination which is the only ensemble I modeled with one of the new demo hairs from Bewitched (Lemon Island 83/200/28). You can pick this hair up along with two of the latest styles for free next to any of the new hairs. And if you prefer the House of Heart textures don't forget to visit there also for the free wearable demos (Remember look for the hairs marked with the sparkling "New" signs and look for the small picture of all the new styles. The new release small picture will contain the demos). And the skin is from A Piece of Candy (Immintel (160, 180, 100), which you can find for $1 along with an all new black diamond hunt going on this week.

The dress modeled with the above gifts (and pictured below) is a lucky chair win available at Crimson Shadow (Crimson Shadow Rezzable (189, 182, 27) designed by Draconic Kiss. The unisex skin is also from Crimson Shadow and is $100, all the vampire & bloody skins are on sale until the 22nd. The hair is the Una new release from Bewitched and the shoes are from *TVT* blogged in the entry below this one. *TVT* has a free female updo hairstyle out too.

Crimson Shadow

If you've stopped by LVS & Co ( Cassiopeia Isle/185/30/22)this weekend you may want to go back! Ravenlynn put out yet *another* outfit in tons of colors again for only $1/color!

You'll also want to check out two great hunts going on this weekend:
Saturday 8 am - Monday 8 am Haute Style & Co (Haute Couture Sim)will be having a hunt .
Calla (Calla Lily Sim)is also having a hunt with a whopping 65 items. There always seems to be at least a few goodies for the guys. So, don't leave your partner at home!


If you aren't lucky at Crimson Shadow, but still want a dark dress check out this weeks free offering from Vintage Clothing Reproductions (Zebranky sim - walk straight ahead from central landing point), you'll find the dress and headpiece upstairs both compliments of Skye.

Bolyne Vintage Clothing Reproductions

The Boleyn inspired dress is sure to kill!

Another store I stumbled across this week was Made for You (Ichoen (75, 52, 58) which offered some goodies for guys and girls! You'll find a unisex freebie box on the table as you enter and the dress is near the entry of a side space which has dresses. You'll also find two lucky chairs here!

Made for You

The updo is the *TVT* freebie hair and the short hairstyle is from Bewitched's clearance area which has a ton of $1 hairstyles like the one above.

ETA: There's a $1 hunt going on at Adam 'n' Eve (Genesis 120/164/39). Read about it here.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


It is Ravenlynn of LVS & Co's birthday and she's having a bash including some awesome $1 items for the girls!!! Her sim mate Passionate Neko Dreams is also participating and has some goodies for the guys too. Yes, I've *actually* taken a break from Rappelz to send out birthday wishes to Ravenlynn. She's extra generous in offering many, many, many hunts, events, freebies, and dollarbies to the community. I hope her birthday extends to her the same joy and generosity she has provided to all of us.

Ravenlynn bday
(Dress by LVS & Co $1, Hair: Bewitched Hair $1, bangs ?, Skin: L'oreal skins available at Nuclear Boutique $0, Shoes: *TVT* 3 pairs $0)

Happy Birthday Ravenlynn! To participate in the many events going on right now stop by the Caspian Isle sim.

Nothing after the cut.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I was requested to write on setting up home on a 512m plot. In no way is this a comprehensive guide, but a starting point offering a few suggestions.

If you've been around a while you are probably ready to have a little virtual home. There are several places to find free starter homes and furniture. Your inventory > library > objects > household folder offers a few options - specifically the cabin and a few pieces of furniture. If you want to immediately set something up upon purchasing your land the cabin is provided to you. However if you've purchased a small piece of land building in close proximity to other homes can cause camera view problems. So, a simple solution is obtaining a skybox/skypod. This is simply a home that you place in the sky. Here are a couple of suggested places to obtain free skyhomes:

1) .:: KMH ::. Sannomiya Store (Sannomiya 38/140/40) offers a completely private skybox. This is a skybox that does not have doors to the outside, that is you'll probably need to landmark the inside of your box to enter or exit or place a teleporter to get in and out of the box. ($0 - 14 prims)

2) House Of Effulgent (Blarn Isle 170/53/28) offers several free original houses and furniture. All are suitable for starter homes. In particular you may find the Fawn Skyhome of particular interest. It is 31 prims and comes with furniture. ($1 - 31 prims)

House of Effulgent _ Starter Home Kit

A couple of newer furniture places that regularly run $1 deals on furniture pieces are:
1) Apocalips Japan Low Prim Furniture ( Zoq 92/87/23) which has several specials including the whicker/rattan chairs outside of the store in either male or female pose versions, resizable chairs, and free futons (futon $0 & chair $1 @ secondlife://Zoq/55/48/24). All pieces are prim conservative with the prim heaviest being the resizable chair weighting in at 6 prims.

2)If you'd like to splurge on prims you might try Dolci! (Muslin 142/178/94) who offers varying pieces of furniture for $1. This week she has two chairs ($1 each) out which are 15 prims a piece. (Dolci is a friend so I contacted her to find out if she knew what she'd be offering in the future and she was kind enough to send me a couple of her future (sofa) planned offerings which I'm showing in the pictures along with the current $1 items.)

Other items of interest:

You can find many quality items ( Powder Mill 92/130/44) at the Gnubie Store. Including houses, furniture, Cubey Terra's teleporter, and kits like the create a bar texture kit in Four Yip's booth.

Yadni's Junkyard offers (Leda (217, 20, 53) offers a a repository of freebies offered over the years. You'll find almost anything you can think of here.

NCI (New Citizens Incorporated please open search and search on places tab for " NCI ") has many locations and not only offers vendors that disperse free items, but also classes on building.

Here's the house I set up using the sources posted...
Outside of the .:: KMH ::. Skybox:


Interior shots:

Living _ 1

The house and furnishings come in at 74 prims well under the 117 prims alloted to a 512m plot.

Living _ 2
Living room items: Furniture from Dolci!: 21 prim couch, 2 - 15 prim chairs, rug is texture changing rug from the Gnubie Store by Forseti Svarog of the Electric Sheep Company 1 prim, bar was made from the create a bar textures also from the Gnubie Store by Four Yip 1 prim, pot was from inventory> library > objects > landscaping >flowers - potted (select edit linked parts and unlink flowers then you have just the pot that I used to add the tree to) 2 prims, Tree is the Dogwood Tree from inventory> library > objects > trees, plants, and grasses> dogwood tree 1 prim.


Futon is from Apoclapis Japan Low Prim Furniture (3 prims), again the rug is texture changing rug from the Gnubie Store by Forseti Svarog of the Electric Sheep Company (1 prim), and the chandelier from Four Yip can be obtained at the Gnubie Store also (2 prims).

There are a number of freebie homes and furniture items available. These are merely suggestions. Take time to look around and I hope you find something you like.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Keeping busy ...

I've been wandering around and found a couple of places to check out. M'S FACTORY (Nipponbashi (85, 13, 27) is a cute spot to pick up tons of outfits for girls. *All* the outfits in this area are completely free. You'll find over 30 outfits here. I've shown it with the new free hair from +YUZUKAMIYA+ ( Tohl777E 197/33/22 - wander around this area to find more free items).


While near M'S Factory you'll want to walk, fly, or tp over to the Love Soul Mall area. In the Honey Soul ( Nipponbashi 23/15/25) are you'll find the following dress for free , but there is an additional dress not pictured available for $1 (glitter dress). Also while here pick up the Love Soul Catalog. Contained in the catalog are instructions on how to redeem a coupon included with the boxed catalog. When you go to the store, wear the coupon, and touch the box in the Love Soul store you'll receive a box containing 6 items (pose, dresses, swim wear, pants, and shirts)!

Honey Soul

The jewelry I'm wearing with the dress above & below is from Bliensen (Ravens Requiem (44, 27, 23) and is a sample of their primanship.

In the Love Soul mall among other deals you'll also find the June gift from Parallel Love (Nipponbashi 13/7/25)

Parallel Love

You can find a cute Holland themed outfit from Tuli (Le Zoo (61, 166, 21). Shown here with the new $1 unisex (Kensei) hair from Truth (Sweet Sorrow (106, 121, 26).

Tuli Holland

Have you heard? Bijoux (Takaraduka/219/140/39) has released some killer hair (one of which is free - Takaraduka (217, 171, 33). You'll also find a slew of dresses here.


Someone told me that <3> ( PopFuzz 108/209/34) had a ton of free dresses out while I was away. I decided to check it out and there are still a couple of dresses hidden in with the rest for free $0. The stores pretty empty so I'm assuming fans will be in for a slew of cuteness soon.

Heart Cupcake Hidden Dresses

I thought the free hair from Junewave(Nanba (194, 64, 27 ) would compliment these dresses nicely. I also decided to check out the discount basement while on the Popfuzz sim (PopFuzz 116/174/21) and found a number of older <3 size="3">Angel Sienkiewicz
also for free. Unfortunately the dress by Angel Sienkiewicz is for free because someone is selling it. If anyone knows where Angel's store is please post the slurl. She had the best messenger bags and I don't see them anywhere. Thanks.

Angel Sienkiewicz Flower Power Spring Dress

If you have time you should swing by *Miroku* (waseda (132, 218, 27) and drag your guy friends along, because there are a couple of outfits here for him! You'll find 3 camping spots here for group members, don't fret there's an invite box near the camping chairs. So if you like the outfits (2 dresses 1- 10 min & 1- 60 min, 1 male outfit 30 min) join and then camp. If you're pressed for time you'll find two free outfits next to the camp chairs (1-m, 1-f) for free. In the south east corner of the store you can find 3 dresses ($1 ea), Tux (m - $1), baseball jacket (unisex $1), free retro bathing suit ($0 - f) and also two outfits for those avatars 30 days or younger (1-m,1-f). You may also spy a free bangle and choker. (Shown are a mixture of camping, free, and $1 items from Miroku).


Lastly, if you haven't checked out the new Japanese magazine S-LOVE vol,002 you'll defiantly want to head to LOVE LIFE AGANCY (ALC 150/47/29) and pick it up. Wear the magazine, thumb through it, and press the "present" button whenever it appears (this is a new feature not present in vol,001). Sometimes you'll receive a landmark to the store, but other times you'll receive a gift (including free male skin from NexR & undies for the guys & the cute shoes from La Petite Fleur that I wore in all the photos.) While I'm mentioning NexR I'm wearing one of their $7 skins in all the pictures and NexR is adjoining the Love Life Agancy so if you like the skin pick it up.


And all the poses (with the exception of the pose included in the Tuli outfit) used came from Imperial Elegance (Glenn 159/219/28) which is having a sale - $15 per pose that will be retired. Sale is until June 19th and then those poses will no longer be available in world ...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hunts Galore

There are a number of hunts going on that you shouldn't let pass you by. I'm unsure of when a lot of these will end, so if you want to check them out I'd go asap after reading this.

The first is the needle hunt at the all new Adored ( Alhena (171, 51, 23) location. You'll find 50 (yes, fifty!) space needles hidden around the sim filled with hair, outfits, shirts, and jewelry. (50- m/f - $0)

Adored Needle Hunt

In all photos I used skin from A Piece of Candy's (Immintel (160, 180, 100) Gray Diamond Hunt that will be going on until some time today. (5 - f - $1)

A Piece of Candy Hunt

Also ending today is the hunt at House of Heart (Tropical Escape (153, 156, 28) for 17 fabulous hairs (this is including the new release sample hairs - read more about it here). I used hairs from HoH in all photos excluding the Adored hunt collage. There's a couple hairs for the guys too. (3 new releases, 14 boxes - m/f - $0)

Finally don't forget to check out the mask hunt in Venice (Busby (17, 222, 69). You'll find shoes, dresses, jewelry, and great accessories for the house. (? masks - f/household accessories - $0)

Venice and Bewitched Hunts

And if you miss all the hunts then maybe you'll want to swing by Surfline (Surfline Aloha Rezzable 70/68/24) and check out the weekly gifts. (weekly gift - f - $0)

Surfline _ June

On a side note: Thanks for all the notecards, ims, & concerns. The reason for my absence was a very unexpected passing on the 1st which subsequently required my attendance out of town where internet was unaccessible. If you had sent me anything during my absence please resend as many things were capped. Thanks.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend post

Hope you girls make it out to do the treasure hunt at German Fashion Week (sim- Vanity Universe). A lot of the designers also have free and $1 items in their stores. You'll find tons of goodies including skins. ;)

German Fashion Week and Hunt

Also pictured: Candy Selection Jewelry ($1) from 69 store and *MM* Freebie Coco Necklace & Bracelet ($1) from *MM* Jewelry, Maitreya Free Slinky Stilettos from Maitreya, Hairs available from Savoir Hair ($0-1) from the following designers: MAGIKA Hair Clothes (Magika Land (58, 79, 23) and Fuel Main Store (Arias Requiem (135, 88, 306)


Edited to remove Rahz Store information. Apparently this store is under dmca by Wrong.

If you're feeling casual and beachy you might try the nice unisex ensemble I put together using a free shirt from La Petit Fleur only available here ( Yumix Land 218/20/22) along with some dresses on sale. The shorts are this weeks (May 31 - June 6) sample from Surfline ( Surfline Aloha Rezzable 70/68/24) which has also installed a lucky chair for you guys!

La petite flur and Surfline
The hair also available at
Savoir Hair ($0-1) is from eXceSs Androgyne style (eXceSs (3, 127, 23). And skin from German Fashion Week.

Edited to reflect removal of information: The top photo was taken at the new Glimmer sim. Read about it here.