Friday, May 30, 2008

Honey Shop

oooOOOooo I ran across a vendor full of freebies in this little store named +HONEY+SHOP, (nagasaki city (64, 163, 25) there's even stuff for guys too! The store has a mix of perms so no matter what your preference you'll be able to find something and at $50 for 95% of the items who can pass it up?

Honey Shop Vendor

There's even a present in the magazine (press the little present icon when it comes up and you'll get a shirt) volume 2 if you take a look. O.O

Here's some of the outfits I got out of the freebie vendor (There are tons of shirts too.).....

The skin is from Amorepacific. There's a couple of different places to camp for skin on the four sims that make up Amorepacific.

Honey Shop

You can pick up the hair at Moonshine (or at the savior hair hub). Ooops, I forgot to change out of those devilishly expensive Juicy sling backs ($500 Juicy (132, 144, 24). Remember there's a couple of places to get free sculpty shoes if you can't break the bank (ADA Store or TVT). While you're at Honey Store check out the cute texture change skirt ($50), super cute! ^.^

I'm So Blue

It's getting harder & harder to find something that hasn't been posted. Three times this week I've taken pics only to see the same stuff posted elsewhere and deleted the whole batch. (What do you guys think, should I post stuff that's on other blogs or not? I'm sort of meh, if it's been posted everyones probably already seen it. But, then again I really have no idea who reads this, lol) =P So, I'm hoping this (the fourth try is a charm?) following post doesn't bore the socks off of ya.

Here it goes....

I'm so Blue

Skin: was previously posted Rosemar available at the Free*Style booth ( Juicy 116/116/23) $0-f.

: is from Kaizen II available at the Savoir Hair hub ( Granymyr 201/137/28) $1-0 m&f

: is from GoodLook (Horns of Hattin 28/169/84) available in 5 additional colors. Shown here without the prim cowl neck. (6 shirts - $0 -f)

: from PennyLane ( Harajukubox 180/182/22). ($0 -skirt -f)

Arm Bands: are from a cute store named Mezzo (Baleful 112/141/31) where you can find a belt that would look nice on a male or female avatar and two other freebies that I haven't yet opened. (4 items - $1-0 - m&f)

is from the killer punk store Black Maria (Discovery 216/26/27) which I wrote about previously here. (Cross, tanks, jackets -$0 - m&f)

I found the boots while checking out the Carnival of Doom and they have since been removed, but if you're lucky enough to have an extra $350 & not opposed to paying for no transfer then you can purchase the boots at Crimson Shadow (Crimson Shadow Rezzable 147/149/37)

Ok, well sowry about the boots, but here's a little bit about hunts going on this weekend....

German fashion week (Sim- Vanity Universe)will be holding a treasure hunt starting at 11 am.

LVS&Co & friends (Sim - Caspian Isle) will be celebrating Vincent Price's birthday this weekend. You can find out more @ the LVS & Co blog.

Helena Stringer is having a hunt with items for both men and women at the Stringer Mausoleum & The Stringer Shrine "Links Lost Rupees Hunt" on May 30th-June 8th. (Swiped from Creamy who got to preview all the goodies ^.^ ... read about it here!)

Escort (Oriental Express (54, 205, 402) is having a treasure chest hunt. (6 - tattoos)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm BaaaaaaaaaCK

Couple of side notes if none of this makes sense I got dosed at the doc's.... so uhm, yeah drugs good. Second since I've been gone a lot of this IS expiring soon and on a couple of things I didn't have all the info so *hope* you get to them prior to the finale'.

Discord (sim: Discord - look for high school) is having another hunt - this one is in the high school! You'll have to take the tp at the main entrance/cage and then the tp to the high school. Hunt last from May 17 5am SLT - June 1. Here's your hint: the hunt items are inside some of the items in the classroom, you'll have to be a group member to receive special items & within 2m of the item in able to touch & receive the prizes! [$0 - 4 items for non group members; 3 items in addition for group members (7 total) - m/f]

DiscordSchool Hunt
[Modeled with skin from Rosemar available at the Free*Style booth ( Juicy 116/116/23) $0-f]

There's a teddy bear hunt going on at Aris Falcone's Shopping Center ( Inizio 248/78/26) when it's ending is anyone's guess. ($0, 31 teddy bears- m/f)

Teddy Bear Hunt
(Modeled with shoes from *TvT* here (Hull Hynes (243, 221, 22) or here (KILLER QUEEN (54, 13, 21) $1-f)

If you're looking for accessories for the house you might check out Arwynd ( Arwynd (129, 170, 72) Crystal Cluster hunt ending May 31. ($0 - home accessories)

Next up is this weeks gift from Surfline ( Surfline Aloha Rezzable 70/68/24) regular $275 available compliments of Surfline until May 30!

[Hair & skin is by Sinsation available at the new Savoir Hair hub ( Granymyr 201/137/28) $1-0 m&f]

A Piece of Candy (Immintel (160, 180, 100) is having an emerald hunt. ($1 each) You'll also find skins and shirts available for $1 and many items on sale! ($1 - dresses - f)

DeFleur _Teal
[Skin - A Piece of Candy, Dress- DeFleur, Jewelry- ::69:: ( MIYABI/32/173/503) $1, Hair- Analog Dog courtesy Savior Hair, Shoes -*TVT*]

Defleur Fashions (Sulcata 192/60/23) also has changed some of the hidden free dresses (take a look upstairs at the casual dresses) and $100 sale dresses. Don't forget to check out the round table at the rear of the store for 20+ free dresses and you can camp here for dresses also (1,2 & 3 hour camps.) ($0 dresses- $100 sale dresses- f)

Eyes in all pictures are from [MJ+Dada] (Leiplow 77, 172, 34) and are the Tigers' Eye from the free Cabbage eyes box. ($0 -eyes -m&f)

All photos were taken at the Realm of the Fae (sim: Metatheria). ty

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last one ... promisez

The board shorts will be offered from Surfline (Surfline Aloha Rezzable 70/68/24) from May 17th to May 23rd; currently the gift is a cute dress. So this week something for the girls and in a couple of days you'll find board shorts for the guys.

Surfline _ Board Shorts

The skin is from Simone Starlet Skin (Simone Starlet Skin (102, 132, 39) you'll receive an offer upon landing that contains the skin. Not sure how long the offer is so you may want to rush over and check it out.

The hair is on sale ($20) from Discord Designs (Wild Vertigo (17, 34, 26) (from their notecard)...

-dD- announces a new satellite store in Wild Vertigo - offering our 12 most popular styles, each in their seven most popular doubles. As an opener, ALL usually full-price hair in the Vild Vertigo store is just 20L a double - a massive saving of 83% per box. This is a limited offer and will end around 2am SLT tomorrow.

There was a good mix of hairs for GUYS and girls! ^.^ Peace owt!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Before I go.....

I received a couple of request to feature a couple of items and wanted to share a couple of things before I leave for vacation. First up I want to say this look is totally for the guys (Yay!).

IENNE_Free Suit

I found this store by spotting someone in an outfit I had to have. No longer do I ask where did you get *that* when I see someone in a prim outfit! I just right click > more > more > inspect >then press the "see creator's profile" to find out where an item is from. Usually the owner will either have a slurl to their store in their profile, a dedicated pick under the picks tab, a classified under the classified tab or you can im or notecard a request for the slurl to the creators store. This works 90% of the time without bothering the person who is wearing 'x' that is a *must* have. The sad news was everything in the store was no transfer so I didn't get the dress, but hey I found 3 outfits for free including the suit above at YumeRing (Akiba (149, 181, 21). The suit is upstairs so you'll have to do a bit of floating or camera view in the 2nd story of the store to pick up the suit. You'll also find a feather boa or 'wing muffler' that is unisex if you like a bit of glam! The hair is a unisex style from Curl up and Dye Salon (Inari (32, 191, 400) which I bought for $1 on the round table in the middle of the store where you'll also find two camp for hair chairs. The shoes are from the Token sim's black suit. The Japanese posh apartment business must be doing well because their are several outfits that have been added to this sim since I originally blogged about it. ($0 suit, $1 hair, m&f&mascots available on the Token sim all $0)


Downstairs at YumeRing (Akiba (149, 181, 21) I found a couple of dresses in a box(----Smart Diff). The red one above is modeled with skin I won camping at a store I was contacted about and decided to check out: +++BLUE BLOOD+++ [(North Star (165, 33, 23) 20 minute camp/random prize]. The black dress below was also in the box (----Smart Diff) which I am modeling with skin in the Japanese Ganguro makeup style from NexR (Tokyo Pig Sight (157, 124, 23).

YummeRing _Wing Muffler _ Free

The boots are part of hunt put on by Crimson Shadow that Tox1c Chemistry was kind enough to let me know about and also provided me with the sculpty pink boots I'm modeling above. Here is the info on how you can get the pair I'm wearing above along with a red & blue pair all are Unisex:
"Come and find these cute but goth boots for free if you like all three colors you need to do some flying around three sims have three different colors only for one week start tomorrow May 14 lasts on May 21st happy hunting get them all in three colors."

Here are the locations of the three sims:
1)Crimson Shadow (Crimson Shadow Rezzable (191, 232, 25)
2)Crimson Shadow (Cannery Rezzable (70, 142, 27)
3)Crimson Shadow (Carnival of Doom (87, 94, 27)

Good luck finding these I'll be gone for the hunt!

While I was at +++BLUE BLOOD+++ (North Star (165, 33, 23) I picked up the following outfit which included boots:


I bet a guy wouldn't look bad in the above outfit either. ($0)

One last outfit I wanted to share is from MOCHA&SAKURA (MIYAZAKI (102, 54, 21) I found this store after checking out an entry from the Freestyle blog about WAKA & Yuki (TSUKIJI (164, 205, 22) which has several free hairs, men's belt, jewelry, eyes, dresses & female skin available. Anywho, here's the really cute dress from Mocha & Sakura totally free:

MOCHA_and_SAKURA Onepiece Free

This dress was $0.

Ok, well I hope this keeps you busy for a while and if not check out all the post on freestyle. I'd say check out the blogs, but those have been inaccessible to me for a month now- =( hope you have better luck with those than I do. Happy freebie hunting, have fun! If I can't sneak on I'll see you around the 25th.

All pics taken on the Silent sim.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

*Mother's Day*

See post below for the gift from NickyRee.

Retrology is having a hunt starting at 11am. Many designers are participating. (sim Retrology $?)

Seasons Haute Couture (Henrietta (95, 95, 130) is having a bouquet hunt and has put out a free dress until Monday. (6 bouquets - $1 each & free $0 dress Karyl)

Moms Day
(Dress & shoes from Seasons, skin is free from the NexR (Tokyo Pig Sight (157, 124, 23), The hair is found in the House of Heart demos for this weeks releases ( Tropical Escape 96/127/24) Location: Discord sim entrance area)

Lemania's Hollywood Shop ( Foresta (55, 154, 26) has a special $1 dress at the back of the store; the black moth. ($1 -dress)

Unforgettable Designs ( Labro (25, 146, 45) is giving away a shape. ($0- female shape)

K.Aeon Casual Main Store (Campbell Plateau (249, 118, 72) is running a special on a "Red Elegant coctail dress" regular $300 just $10 for Mother's Day. ($10 - dress)

MAYA CITY ZOO (Mount Curl (114, 137, 97) has a "freebie 5LD" neckless. ($5 necklace)

Crave Designs (Lovely Place (68, 92, 21) has a dress gifted for all the mothers; beautiful. ($0 dress)

Slash Clothes Fashion & Shoes (SLASH (49, 213, 22) is having a hunt for 12 white SLASH! Bags with Mother`s Day printed on them (6 on the slash sim and 6 on the octane sim). ($0 -12 bags total)

Frozen Turquoise Valentine (Spathi (52, 241, 22) has a hidden box with a dress (Seascape) inside of it for the Mom's & the boy's will find there's in the men's section at FTV ( Spathi 12/228/23). ($1 each m&f)

The Silver Aegina Swimsuit is a gift from Digit Darkes ( Addictive 53/101/22). ($0 -f swimsuit)

The Crystal Queendom (River Island (193, 197, 315) is offering until TUESDAY at MIDNIGHT the Princess Snow dress (reg. $1,900) for $3. ($3 dress)

Chez Gabrielle
Main Location (Chiron (45, 130, 40) has a dress and 3 pairs of shoes out for today. ($0 - 3 pairs of shoes & dress)

Fashionity Fantasy (Sunset Arts (84, 246, 32) has a gift out. ($0)

And here is the rest of it.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day from Nicky Ree's

Woo-hoo less than a week to go and I'll be back home. Can't wait to eat my weight in crawfish and drink hurricanes till I'm blind. mwah .... but, for you here's a dress special from NickyRee's for Mother's Day. ($1 - Tropical Orchid (215, 128, 30)

NickyRee Mothers Day

Shoes are from TVT - blogged about in the Killer Queen Mall entry (KILLER QUEEN (54, 13, 21)
Hair is on special for $5 from *f.wi (Kauai (177, 228, 21)
Skins are $0 from the Tiny Seadog - ( Tableau 172/87/22)

The dress & hair are limited time so go and grab them while you can. *And the pics turned out heavy on the blue, the stuff is much cuter in person.

Happy Style Mall Apple Hunt

Even thought the hunt doesn't officially start for hours there are a couple of apples out for the hunt at both the Happy Style Mall #1 (Sokri (165, 85, 70) and Happy Style Mall #2 ( Sokri (18, 8, 66).

Happy Style Mall

Skin is Another Shop skin mod that is from A Piece of Candy ($1 - I'm not sure if this *particular* skin a piece of candy - thin forsted lips - is available since it was a previous group gift, but Candy always has several skins available in her shop - Immintel 164/183/101)and hair is from the free House of Heart Designs (Tropical Escape (127, 70, 23) hair demos.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Killer Queen Japan Mall + more

Killer Queen Japan Mall - (Hull Hynes 208/233/22)

Killer Queen Mall Freebies

6 camping for products pads- ranging in time from 20 minitutes to 3 hours

Trash (220,248,22) -pins & a free tibet tshirt

Plants (229, 249,22)- short set and purse

AFK Tool (236, 245,22) - two free afk tools

Studio601- 2 dresses

Redlic (337,220,32) - male (unisex) hair

*TVT* (243, 221, 42)- female hair & pumps

Hiroko Spyker's booth (219,246,52)- $1 female short set

Next door to the Mall you'll find a sex club (just warning ya -Hull Hynes 187/173/21 ) with vending boxes set up outside. Here you can pick up a the free (female) skin I used along with a bottle of water.

Parallel Love - (Japan Beginners Land 232/114/22)

Parallel Love

Along with the hat and earring/bracelet set the May gift has been placed. There is also a discount section with $20 non-transferable wears m&f. . And here is the rest of it.

(All shoes pictured are from TVT - all prices are $0 unless noted otherwise.)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dress Sale

La Petite Fleur is having a sale $30 for all dresses, shirts, & outfits at their uemachi location (uemachi (16, 225, 29). You'll find the following dress along with capris free to the left of the entry. One bit of warning some of the prims are no modify, so try the samples before you buy and decide if you can deal with the no modify prims or look for modify prims (some prims are modify, but not all.). ($0 dress & capris- f)

La petite fleur freeitem

The hair is the free spring hair from TEKUTEKU hair salon (Shinjuku (89, 153, 22). ($0, m&f hair)
The skin is free from Frick ( Blackmount 98/138/64). ($0, skin, f)
The shoes are the *la* Jeweled Venetian Lace Boot from The Laughing Academy (Stetson (27, 148, 24). ($0, boots, f)

Another dress sale is going on at ....
Defleur Fashions (Sulcata (187, 39, 21) celebrating their relocation. Not only does this store have over 20 + dresses found on a 3 tiered table towards the back of the store completely free and four camping chairs, but you'll also find select dresses on sale for $100. These dresses are random colors of select styles. You'll also find 6 dresses for $0. Scroll over and check out these gorgous gowns. I'm not giving anything away by posing in one of the dresses since teh ebil ebil pixies from free*style already gave away this hint.... ($0, dresses, f)

DeFleur Hunt

I usually don't include group gifts, but I really wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to Sheltered Heart. This hair was *EXACTLY* what I was hoping for and more. It is amazing. Thank you Sheltered. You can pick up the Legend hair along with several other styles when you touch the subscribeomatic at the sister store to Bewitched Hair House of Heart Designs, Tropical Escape (129, 68, 24). This should be the first or second notice. ($0)

The shoes are the Black Grape Jelly shoes from Playful Koneko (Camlann Tarl (124, 104, 301) which comes with a free Bible to. The slurl isn't the exact location of the freebie, but the store is really small so you should be able to find it easily.($0- shoes & bible, shoes f)

The skin is from the pack of Jezbel skins from Fashioncentric! Soda (Plush Omicron (230, 227, 21). (skin, $1, f)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

One Cheap Chimp

You too can be one cheap chimp (probably sans margarita). Almost everything you see here was obtained from the Creator's Pavillion (creators pavillion (180, 178, 27). I can't help but wear ADA Store shoes(Fontaine (39, 104, 50). =X Hey, free shoes are hard to come by. But the rest ... it's all from Creators Pavillion.

Lolli Chimp
(Pico Pure has put out a dress and two sets of bags. If they can make a chimp look this cute imagine what they can do for a girl.)

You may want to check out the Creators Pavillion because from MAY 3 - 25 there is a sim wide May sale. A lot of the sales are featured in a centralize tent, but not all. So take a look around.

Anywho, this is what too many margaritas and Micheal Jackson get ya....

Creators Pavillion May Sale

I always wanted a bubbles; now I can be one. =-)~ ($0 for everythang)

ETA: for you guys having trouble finding the chimp avatar... It's in a store for the guys ABOUT ( creators pavillion 104/137/27) there are also two shirts on the floor that are free in About along with the chimp avatar!
And the sale started May 3 the date of original publication, not May 5. sowry =-)~

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Best of Italian -Mall

If you haven't checked out the Mall at the Best of Italian sim (Best of Italian 128, 128, 33) you may want to give it a look. I found several pieces of jewelry, a couple dresses, female skin, and a girls & guys pants set at Musashi. There aren't a lot of vendors here, but enough to peak interest and all are very nice. ($0 m & f)

The Best of Italian

I'm wearing the *Happiness girl hair* $5 until May 25 from Junwave (Nanba 190/61/2) and shoes from ADA Store (Fontaine (39, 104, 50). ($5-hair f, $0-shoes f)

Flamingo Hunt Ending at 12 am 3 March

A Flamingo hunt (sim: SoHo New York) is going on for 12 hours only! You can pick up some cute dresses, jewelry, poses :

Flamingo Hunt
(The poses used for the photos are by Long Awkward Poses, however these are not the ones from the hunt. ;)

The skin is the Mami skin butterscotch brown shadow dark lips from Mami Skins Fatpack from Tiny Seadog found at Tiny Sea Dog ( Tableau 173/86/22) and the *Happiness girl hair* $5 until May 25 is from Junwave (Nanba 190/61/26). There were also a couple of $15 updos and several hairs on 50% off at Junwave. ($0 -skin, f / $5-hair, f)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Genji from Kyoto 3Di Lab

Woops, I deleted my freebie folder. lol, nearly 3,000 items lighter. *blushes* uhm, If you sent me something to review then you may want to send it again. I'll try my best not to be such a delete ho. *promise* On the upside everything I blog should be pretty current. ha ha ha

Anywho, check out this nifty Genji avatar.


It's up for grabs ....

You can find the avatar in the Kyoto 3Di Lab sim - just look for the building with the spinning box above it (Kyoto 3Di Lab (71, 105, 33). Go inside and buy from the ottoman/box object in front of the screen displaying a photo of the avatar. ($0/f)


Anna Was a Punk Rocker

Not really, but have some lollers with me as I pretend to be punk as fook!

This shoot was inspired greatly by the awesome freebies at Black Marie. You'll find a box of Free tanktop set at NerimaKu 165, 214, 22. You'll spot these all displayed in the right corner of the store and easily bought in the Free tanktop box- they're all in the box. If you wander upstairs you might be lucky enough to win the Maria hair, like I did. I really like this hair. You'll also have the opportunity to pick up to great jackets upstairs NerimaKu 169, 225, 32. ($0, tanks & jackets, m&f)

Black Marie

More after the cut....

Well, I thought it was a bit unfair just to post the lucky chair hair so if you aren't so lucky then you can check out Wilted Rose Bloom County 36/132/24. From Wilted Rose I got the Mohawk Mega Pack ($1), but you'll find a ton of hair on her newbie wall $0-20. Some of these are by Rose and others are retired hairs from other designers. So there are different styles and makers at this location. Worth the tp to take a look. ($1-mohawk, m&f, hair - home of Freebie Jeebies)

Black Marie _ Wilted Rose Mohawk

The cute little denim skirt that I'm wearing is from Pochette's (Discord (111, 151, 27)a cute as a button store nestled in Discord amidst all the bleakness. ($1-skirt, f -other freebies in store m & f)

All the shoes are from one of my favorite spots in sl - Calleta's Hobo Railroad. The old work boots can be obtained by touching the second column of freebies offered from the left wall in the City Mission (Calleta 204/194/32) building. You'll be offered all the freebies, but only need to accept those which you wish to have. I've also utilized the Free boots by Noals Nakamura that can be found on the docks (Calleta (78, 166, 25). ($0, m & f - you'll also find a couple of tiny avatars on the docks)

I picked up a couple of things from the Gnubie store. The Gritty Kitty (Powder Mill 81/143/54) Scalped hair came from the second floor. The tights all came from the Deadly Nightshade Freebies for Girlz box (There's one for Boyz too!) also on the second floor (Powder Mill 105/133/54). And lastly I picked up the Rigamortis Skin Set from Canimal(Powder Mill 83/151/63)found on the third floor. I'm not sure, but I bet a guy could pull off these skins to. If you're anti gender bending skin then the guys may want to check out the post I did a while back with the Sweeny Todd skin which may be a good pale, male, free skin alternative. ($0, hair,clothes, skin, m&f)

Gritty Kitty Hair

All the photos were taken at the addiXion sim. addiXion Tattoos & Piercing Neko Tattoo EMO Punk Grunge

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Discord Hunt - for guys & girls

Discord (Discord (40, 4, 321) is having a hunt. Discord makes inexpensive, yet very chic clothing. If you're vampire, neko, punk, or goth you'll certainly find this store a must. Most clothing is priced under $100; although you will find some extra primy outfits in the ballpark of $300. You'll also find hair, shoes and animation along with a mall area (shopping streets A & B) featuring other designers. The Discord sim is also home to Pochette's which has a nice denim skirt ($1) that is only available at the Discord location along with the other freebies (m & f) offered at all of their other locations.

Discord Poster

When you first arrive at Discord you'll be in a cage. You'll need to touch the sign(s) and be teleport to the main Discord (Community Street). In this area you'll find several camping areas, at least one heart you'll be searching for in the hunt, a free t-shirt from the opening of the sim along with drinks at the bar (There may be more- look around). You'll want to use all the teleports to look around for the hearts in the hunt along with the poster "Nightmare City Open Space". I didn't find everything in the hunt, but I did find a number of t-shirts along with the outfits pictured in the hunt poster. I hope you have better luck than I - break a leg! And here is the rest of it.

Discord outfit
(Outfit is made of pieces found on the hunt, hair is from amorepacific's hera ballroom, skin is from
Frick ( Blackmount 98/138/64), boots can be found on the docks of hobo railroad - all $0)

You'll also want to take a look at the rather large camping & lucky chair area! ^.^