Sunday, March 30, 2008

Albero grand opening challenge - Sakura goodie shrine hunt

Until March 31st ALBERO2 (Cilix (55, 88, 29) is celebrating it's grand opening. They are doing this by having a hunt around the mall area. First collect all the passwords. You'll find these in black boxes with white numbers; touch to receive a note card with the password on it. Then you teleport to the stores that have the 'main store' sign out front. Once at the store you should find a black box with a white number on it (corresponding with the password box). If you've collected that "#" secret password then copy and paste the password from the notecard into general/open chat and press enter. Viola you get a prize. There are more than 15 prizes and a couple for the guys like the hair I'm sporting in the first photo. Collect them all and good luck. (More about the hunt on Sachi's blog here.)

The prizes are shown with Rosemar skin (the slurl isn't exact since these have moved to her freebie section), other freebies that were found at the main stores offering prizes, and First Egg [JPL OSAKA (188, 31, 23)] (black - mules) shoes. Also featured are necklace/tags found in the Sakura Shrine hunt done on the JPL sims & others you can look around for a giant temple while picking up the shoes at First Egg. Just follow the Sakura (cherry) trees around until you find the temples and touch the prize ball machine to receive a necklace.

Grand Opening

You can camp for cherry trees if you sit on the PINK ball in the little sitting areas on the JPL sims. You can see the seating area in the background of this photo. ONLY the PINK ball is a camper spot - 20 minutes earns you one sakura tree in one of 3 sizes (sm, med, large).

Grand Opening_2

If you touch the necklace/tags that you win from the prize machines you'll enjoy a shower of particles.

grand opening _ 3

Although one temple is on the ground, most look like the following:

Grand Opening_4

A bit more about the shrines

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another day Another thief

Via one of my groups I was alerted to another store selling stolen content from at least the following designers: ETD, Maitreya, Last Call, Naughty Designs, Cake, FNKY, Armidi, Deviant Kitty, Agrace, and Dutch Touch. Pretty low. Take a look for yourself: A & F Designs (Airfare (211, 99, 22) The landmark isn't exact as they bounced my arse and banned me lol.

content theft

You can see the original Last Call design next to the thief's version in the photo.

ETA: If you'd like to read logs of what was said during the protest head to Eshi Otawara's Omniversing.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Secret Gardens

There's a secret that Rue D' Antibes (Island: Rue D'Antibes) holds. If you happen to be lucky enough to find those secret gardens, you'll receive prizes.


Outfits & jewelry from Rue D' Antibes ($0)
Shoes from She's so Unusual (Redux NW/131/195/22) ($1)
Skin from {Frick} (Blackmount (98, 137, 64) ($0)
Hair from ETD ( ETD Isle 194/192/31) ($1/style)
Eyes from Bare Rose (lm in entry below $20/4 pack)


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Frick and loving it!

I got a notecard (thanks for the notecard!) from Trinity Outlander and decided to check out her suggestion - Frick. It just so happens that {Frick} (Blackmount (98, 137, 64) is having a skin hunt, but it ends today so run there NOW! 5 eggs are hidden around filled with female skins in addition to a couple free on the wall to the right when entering the store. The hunt ends today (25 March). Finally reasonably priced Another Shop mods starting at $10 - $99/four pack. I'd love to see some darker shades in these!!! ($0)


I'm wearing:
skin:*~{Frick} Peaches - Flourish (Purple Shadow) ($0 -on wall, not in the hunt)
hair: TRUTH, The Manor (Sweet Sorrow (106, 121, 26) Danny 2 Candy ($1)
outfit: ryukia from "Angel Cure" COSPLAY shop (Ferguson (168, 225, 90). ($0)
tattoo: Sweetness, Juicy (183, 96, 24) located in window ($0)
eyes:BareRose (bare rose 29, 51, 34) BigEyes A -red ($20/4 pack)

Monday, March 24, 2008


Celebrate spring by taking a stroll through SakuraTown sim. You'll find lots of goodies and great prices at all of the vendors. And drag your guys along because not only is it a cool sim to sit on a blanket under a cherry tree, but there are freebies here for the guys to.


Skin: Loli Nori's Ganguro Skin (Bare Rose 185,22,30)
Dress: B11 ( SakuraTown 95/84/24)
Pose: C'est La vie (SakuraTown 101/67/24)
Earrings & shoes: *Princess shop* (SakuraTown 120/29/24) -Instructions in store.
Hair: ::Mayamaya Creations:: (SakuraTown 37/86/24)
Nails: Candy Nail (SakuraTown 99/36/24)

(everything $0)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Bunny Hop - Easter Hunts & Freebies

Merry Easter - Sunday - March 23rd

Retrology (Sim: Retrology) will have a hunt beginning at 11 am and ending at Midnight Tuesday. (more info here) ($0-1)

Vain Inc. is having a Grid Wide Egg Hunt starting point is here(Mangakino 75/210/29). This is one you won't want to miss! (more info here) (28/$0)

Vain Inc Grid Wide Egg Hunt
(A sampling of the gifts from the Vain Inc. Grid Wide Egg Hunt. Shown with hair from Philotic Energy from the Sim to Sim Egg Hunt. Location: Koreshan Sim)

SLINK (CG Heart 38/50/21/) has a bunny costume hidden in the shop. ($0)

SYD (Granymyr (242, 188, 40) has put out a female skin (spring fresh)- find it in the yellow peep. (Guys take the teleport upstairs for skins.) ($1)

Digital Knickers (The Sirens Grotto (189, 52, 501) is having an egg hunt. ($0)

W&M Designs (WM Dragons Temple (128, 46, 56) has along with it's weekly Saturday gift an additional Easter gift which can be purchased from the red egg. ($0)

G.L.A.M (Viva La Glam (171, 156, 63) has the most G.L.A.M.ourous egg outfit you will ever see! ($1)

Luscious & Lords (Ponden (145, 221, 53) in addition to participating in the Sim to Sim Egg Hunt has also put out a free dress for today only (Iris Confection). ($0)

Ephemeral Creations (Noul (246, 225, 657) is having an 11 egg spring hunt. ($0)

Sexy Catz Fashions(Kaimai (173, 73, 25) has a free basket. ($0)

HopScotch (Doomaekkot (109, 106, 40) has a particle poof Easter bear by the entrance. ($1)

Chez Pat (FRANCE3D Guadeloupe (168, 100, 24) has eggs hidden around her parcel. ($0) They range in size from large empty eggs to smaller with "prizes" in them. You'll also find 7 Easter gift boxes to put your own items in and gift for $1/each. Inside the Chez Pat store you'll find previous holiday gifts to the right when entering ($1/).

Saturday - March 22nd

SYD_Easter Egg Hunt
(Clothing & skins: SYD, Shoes: Baby Monkey, Hair: Bewitched)

SYD (Granymyr 234,187,40)- Easter Egg Hunt starting point (read more here). From the preview I received this promises to be a great hunt for the guys (there are skins and clothes for you guys!) and girls. This hunt officially starts Saturday, but SYD already has their eggs out! ($0-1/)

Grims Easter Shop (Sleepy Hollow (17, 235, 401) atop a pink box you will find a huggable egg. ($0)

Rose Petal Creations (Ooohlala Mode (35, 116, 26) has placed a lucky letter egg (15 min intervals) in her garden area. ($0)

Chayenne Fashion Palace (Mount Curl (105, 147, 97) has a White Bunny outfit. ($1)

amplify * clothing (RavKom (103, 124, 24) has an easter egg hidden inside the shop. ($0)

FLUKY (Gateaux Boulevard (95, 133, 24) has 7 eggs hidden around the store for pastel colored goodies until Sunday night. ($1/)

..: Old York:. cute mideval town (Tefnut (201, 81, 67) has a box of bunny goodness including a bunny animation overide. ($0 -Easter Bunny Fun Pack)

KA Designs Island (Fair Isle (239, 110, 22) is having an egg hunt (this is a designer of both male & female items. ($0)

LIX Main Store (Bucuresti (159, 151, 26) is having an egg hunt find jewelry, tops, and sunglasses. ($1 -6 eggs)

miaSofia HQ (Hwang (115, 126, 243) is having a 9 egg hunt for both guys and girls starting at 2pm. ($?)

Onigiri ~ Kawaii style!- formerly Inspired (Sibine (42, 47, 51) has a jewelry set for the girls and a unisex egg cuddle toy on the freebie wall. ($0)

The Naughty Neko Wonder Emp (Cheeneko (110, 201, 22) has a Hoppy Easter shirt in the vendor in celebration of the season. ($1; also 2- $5 deals in the vendor)

Servaside Labs main store & mall (Cabera (204, 203, 138) is having a colored egg hunt. 24 eggs hidden around the area will pay the finder $1 each. Three golden eggs will pay out $5 each. Good luck ($0)

1st Church of Rosedale, & Samantha's Shirts (Caledon Penzance (211, 37, 520) has a Philip Linden "He is Rezin'" shirt. ($0)

Couture Chapeau Flagship Store(Bahati Island (178, 96, 23) has 12 eggs hidden around the store with shoes (Riveria shoe which sells for $299/pair regular) in them. ($1/)

Friday - March 21st

(Clothes & Shoes: from LVS & Co Easter on the Square, Skin:GiGi Couture, Hair: Bewitched)

LVS & Co (Sim: Cassiopeia Square) has started their Easter on the Square. There are posters and giant eggs to look out for. ($1/)

Sweetness (Juicy 182/98/24) has an outfit for girls (Super Silly Bunny outfit) & 4 easter eggs. ($0)

Differ*nt! (Juicy (202, 136, 23) also credited as D!ff has a non-prim jacket layer necklace with an Easter egg theme - it's a wearable demo. ($0)

The following are part of the Sim to Sim Easter Egg Hunt:
*A Piece of Candy (Taranatha (220, 139, 44) 3 eggs listed - found 1 egg with 3 items in it. ($1)
*Sandar's Purple Place (Melungtse (173, 55, 100) 2 eggs ($1/)
*Angels & AlchemyAngels (West Sunset (208, 125, 22) 3 eggs ($1/)
*Spellbound (Tan (2, 75, 22) 2 eggs ($1/)
*Urban Shopper (Dubya City (79, 160, 24) has 1 egg ($1)
*SD Wears (Dubya City (79, 160, 24) in the Urban Shopper Center also has 1 egg ($1)
*Luscious & Lords -Designer Skin (Ponden (146, 218, 53) has 10 eggs ($1/)

Knucklehead's Tattoos & Mall (Dingo (111, 51, 55) has a 23 egg Easter hunt along with free ears, cottontail, & $10 telepoofer. ($

InSight Design - Eyes, Shapes (Carina (194, 172, 21) has a bag with 3 free eyes available as an Easter gift. ($0)

Pannies&Rosedrop Media Circus (Podul (229,11,13) has added bunny ears to their freebie area. ($0)

Kouse's Sanctum
(clothes & jewelry: Kouse's Sanctum, skin: A Piece of Candy, Hair: Bewitched)

Kouse's Sanctum (Garindan 11/137/264) has 12 eggs hidden throughout the store. ($1/)

Numinous (Kress (230, 84, 147) has their Bunyken avatar specially priced until Friday March, 28. ($1)

Dark Eden (Dark Eden 129,77,27) has 4 bunny ear & tail sets & carrot strap on. ($1/)

Ookami Ningen Furs and Japanese Fashion (Dark Eden 146, 222, 31) has a purple dress up - it's furry and cute. ($0)

Moontan (Starfish 208,219,33) has an Eastern Keychain available (easter egg keychain). ($0)

GiGi Couture (Broadmead (53, 186, 34 -downstairs) or (Cherry Buttons, MoonDoggies (181, 21, 26) has a female skin - Porcelien Doll Easter in celebration of the season. ($1)

Not necessarily Easter related, but ending on the 25th ::69:: (MIYABI 35/218/503)is having an opening celebration and treasure hunt for 6 gemstone rings hidden around their brand new Main Location. ($0)

Ivalde (Sim: Ivalde) & fellow shop keepers are having a sim wide egg hunt ending the day before Easter. (20 - $0)

Violet Voltaire (Peronaut (71, 217, 36) has her mariposa necklace in rainbow on sale for this weekend only. ($1)

Thursday - March 2oth

Crimson Shadow
(Outfit: Crimson Shadow, Skin: GiGi Couture, Hair: Bewitched)

Crimson Shadow (Sim: Crimson Shadow Rezzable) is having a hunt for easter baskets. The prizes include: A bunny necklace, Undershirt and panties "kiss me I'm Irish", Sexy bunny outfit, Leprauchaun outfit, a T-shirt,Miffy (japanese for bunny ;-)) plush toy, Pasties, And of course the Easter baskets :) -info from group notecard ($0) easy

INSOLENCE (Sim: Venom)- "From March 20th until March 23rd, 6 Easter Eggs will be hidden somewhere in the sim at Venom... find them and buy them for 1L to get the prizes! ;)" - quote from group note card (Part of the sim to sim hunt! *not the grid wide hunt* - since I've received inquiries I only found 3 eggs at this location.)

Harbor View (Brork 143/197/21) has an Easter Egg. This is the kind of egg that is cut out and has a scene inside. $1

Rattle Design (Sky Plaza (128, 181, 22) has a hidden golden egg. Find the golden egg and receive goodies for both girls and guys. ($0)

Neko Store and Mall (Purrrrfect Kitties (220, 187, 101) has 22 bunnies hidden around the stores. ($0)

Rory's on 5th (Tamaqua (46, 114, 23)) has hidden eggs and a 50% off sale going on downstairs. **Make sure to buy the dress because the 50% off signs are priced at $50 each!!** ($1/)

(Clothes from sim to sim hunt: Rory's, SD Wear, Season's, Skins: A Piece of Candy & Season's, Shoes: Baby Monkey, ::69::, Hair: Bewitched & Season's)

Season's (Lythria (20, 86, 81) has 4 eggs which allow you to have a complete Kumiko avatar. Also in this area: Facet's (Lythria (17, 75, 80) has 5 eggs, Annarisu (Lythria (25, 35, 81) has 5 eggs, Flair (Lythria (10, 28, 82) has 3 eggs, and Artificial Intelligence (Lythria (11, 8, 81) has 3 eggs. ($1/)

Baby Monkey (Neuntoter (63, 202, 33) has 4 hidden eggs. ($1/)

Prim Play ( PrimPlay Island (46, 154, 25) has hidden "11 teenie tiny gift boxes are well-hidden in and around the front deck, the fashion rooms and the accessories rooms. The boxes include some of the new items, some best sellers, and a single $500L gift certificate. But, hurry. Once an gift certificate is found, Poof! it is gone. Happy hunting from now until Monday morning." If you're feeling lucky check it out - this place is huge. ($1/)

Bare Rose (Bare Rose 142/43/30)has a unisex egg belt on their lucky chair. (20 minute cycle to next letter)

Bewitched Hair (Lemon Island (126, 124, 23) has 3 hidden eggs as part of the *sim to sim* egg hunt. ($1/)

Endeavour Cove
(Earpoint (140, 109, 24) a mall with plenty of places to explore has 36 eggs hidden on their sim for the *sim to sim* egg hunt. ($1/)

HE & SHE Fashion
for both (Cheeneko (157, 74, 22) has 3 hidden. Part of the *sim to sim* egg hunt. ($1)

Another participant in the *sim to sim* egg hunt Island Creations (Plush Eta (6, 8, 22) has 5 hidden eggs. ($1)

Hats & more (Ironstorm (175, 140, 62), Sculpted Trees & Plants ( Ironstorm (189, 173, 400), and Nooby's FaR OuT (Ironstorm (240, 177, 56) have joined forces to create a 12 egg hunt. ($0)

Lazy Places (Growl 2 (49, 121, 22) has 7 eggs hidden around their shop. ($1)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Relay For Life - Clothing Fair

I know there are going to be a ton of posts about the fair. So I only focused on clothiers that provided transferable wears (mainly because I was shopping, lol). Remember to check out the Relay for Life vendors and support a good cause!


I'm wearing the following in all pictures:
Skin Rosemar Creampuff skin (ROSEMAR, PopFuzz (59, 127, 35)
Hair SHOP JUNWAVE, Nanba (194, 64, 27) Freebie Hair is found near the stairs
Poses by Double You $1/each Juicy (148, 98, 24)

Clothing Fair1
(The zebra printed dress is one of the pieces included in the Awesome Designs gift. Since there were two black fur pieces in the box I tinted one pink to match the Oi boots by Beckenbauer productions. The bracelet is included in the box from *Icings* along with a lovely dress.)

Awesome Designs- Rezzable Explore 107, 240, 23 ($0) Big Sign on Wall

Barefoot Appearl - Rezzable Explore 175, 232, 23 ($0) 3 small bags on the floor by entrance

Bare Rose - Hibiscus Hair Flower - Rezzable Explore 243, 224, 23 ($0) Sign below Relay for Life Vendor before entering booth

clothing fair2
(Shirt by Awesome Design, Shoes by Beckenbauer productions, Male outfit from Bailers Outfitters)

Devilish Cupcake - has 3 boxes filled with a ton of clothes for girls $1 each- Rezzable Create 112, 230, 23

Bailers Outfitters - 3 boxes inside booth on pedestal which has text on it: 'Bailers Outifitters Our Gifts to You' each $1 1-m 1-f 1-2 pack his & hers pjs - Rezzable Create 237, 108, 23

OOGorgeous - 3 boxes in center of booth ($0)
2-unisex shirts 1- dress Rezzable Discover 176, 21, 24

Beckenbauer productions- pair of Pink Oi Ribbon Boots- on Pedastel in center of store ($0) Rezzable Discover 153, 51, 23

Clothing Fair3
(Yep, I was one of *those* kids. You know the one's that the mother's let them where whatever they wanted no matter how silly it was. ^.^ Tyvm Mommy! I'm wearing the hibiscus flower by Bare Rose, funky top by Callie Cline, Necklace by Tomboy (available at Callie's booth), Suspenders from Moonshine's box, The skirt & undies of OOGorgeous' Fli Green Dress, and again the
Beckenbauer productions- pair of Pink Oi Ribbon Boots. Silly, but I love it.)

SFD- in center of store behind the relay for life vendors you'll find 3 boxes 1- unisex St. Patrick's Day Hat 1-Dress 1- sfd gift box (lots of clothing) ($0) Rezzable Create 238, 174, 24

*Icing*- small bag at entrance Gift RFL ($0)- *Note* RFL dresses no trans.- Rezzable Design 51, 22, 23

Callie Cline- Outside entrance to booth 3 boxes- 2 Funky tops ($1 each), 1- unisex Tomboy unisex signature charm necklace ($0)-
Rezzable Design 46, 52, 23

Moonshine - 2 boxes one for ladies/male ($1) each - Rezzable Design 19, 177, 23

Gritzi Design - 3 animated sunbath towels ($0) - Rezzable Design 23, 235, 23

***A special request for the Vendors ..... Please VENDORS put your landmark in your freebies AND have a dispenser (either your sign for your booth or a box) that dispenses the landmark for your shop locations. Some Vendor's don't even have their store info in their profile - so please give us landmarks.***.

So guys & dolls if you got some spare change and you feel like spending the clothing fair is the place to do it, because it's for a good cause. Cancer sucks; let's beat it! Support Relay for Life.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Are You Gonna Go My Way

Again some of these are limited (St. Patrick Day's Gifts) so pick them up before midnight!

Ookami  Ningen

Hair: Dark Eden (Dark Eden 98/76/27) - First Hair $0/hair pack

Skin:Tori Wear Skin located at Bare Rose (Bare Rose 192/20/30)$1

Jacket/Skirt/Leg Pieces: 'Ookami Ningen (Dark Eden 147/220/31) - 'ON Harajuku Punk Furs Vibrant Green $0

Shirt/Underpants: SyDesigns S.Y.D.STpatricksday gift 2008 (This being St. Patrick's Day and all I tped over to the store and can't find this outfit at all - so you have the luck of the Irish if you can. However, I'm giving the info because I think the Janet tank would also look nice with the pieces from 'ON) $1

Imagen St. Patrick's Day Dress


Dress: Imagen ( $1
Skin: Rosemar (ROSEMAR, PopFuzz (59, 127, 35) $?
Hair: Curl Up and Dye St. Patrick's day hunt (Inari Be, Inari (34, 223, 400) $1

Location: Spirit Store- dancer's area (background items are $1 in addition to a logo-ed spirit cheerleading uniform in the main store area) (

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Seasons St. Patrick's Hunt

Chica Indigo let me know that there's a hunt going on down at Season's (Lythria (20, 86, 81) $1/clover. It's going on until Monday so run! I got the skin, outfit, & jewelry there:

Seasons Hunt

Unfortunately the shoes were from the ETD hunt that ended Saturday at midnight. But, chin up the hair is free and cute. It's from a little store named Mika-hair (Bashamichi (145, 215, 22) $o. I tinted it brown. It was blonde, but hey I'm not so easy peasy I tinted it. =)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Day in the Life of The Nekochaun

That's right I'm like my own little bad concert. I'm Nekochaun and I'm on your internets!

Nekochaun_LVS Hunt

The skins is Another Shop Mod (check out the club) by Faerie Hax and she's offering the tan skin option for free $0. You can find the skin at two places here (Hotels 109/194/262 -look for the Faerie Hax Cart and touch the sign to get blue skins that were blogged about some time ago) or here (Pandoria (63, 108, 23). The first landmark also has two free outfits (1-f, 1-m $0) for allow for dress while role playing in that area.

The outfit is a combination of two outfits that can be found at the Cassiopeia Isle (home to LVS, Passionate Nekos Dream, and SYSY Designs among many others) Sim wide hunt. You'll find the hunt items on Cassiopeia Isle are on billboards and clearly depict the outfits inside them. Please, please, please bring your guys along bc/s there is a dashing outfit for the gents in the hunt besides a number of shirts designed for the guys. ($1/hunt item)

I grabbed the hair from Gurl 6 (GuRLyWood 104/54/31)($0). At Alchemy Angels (West Sunset 198, 158,22) you'll find the shoes I'm wearing along with a dress & hat ($0). And the necklace is from LIX Designs Main Store (Redux SW 239/224/23) ($1). The ears were from Primalot which I blogged about here. You may want to do a search for Primalot (Blackmount 7, 121, 706) since some people had problems with the landmark. The tail is from a box I found at Yiffy Yaffle's store ($0) ( Sorry, but I'm unsure of which box it was in. You might also want to check at the .: FREE☆STYLE :. "store" (Juicy (116, 116, 23) area because there are a pair of ears available there also (either $0 or $1).

Well as fun as being my own personal rawk concert is this Nekochaun has got to work............

Fortunately Reonaldo Burger (sick 201/113/28) on the Sick sim hired me and provided me with a uniform and many other goodies for free. You'll want to hunt around the Sick sim for hidden goodies ($1-0). Most are concentrated in or around Reonald's burger joint, but I found a couple others and there may be more, who knows?

Reonaldo Burger on Sick Sim

The rawking hair for my nekochaun was found while doing the Bewitched Hair clover & gold pot hunt. ($1/clover) You'll find both male and female hairs available along with a tempting selection of $1 hairs and St. Patrick's day outfit in the freebie section.

After the poor nekochaun (1/2 Neko 1/2 Leprechaun) works her poor paws to the bone she decides to let loose wearing the outfit (dress, shoes, & hat) from Alchemy Angels and hitting the slopes (NISSAN XTRAIL ISLAND (222, 227, 172) - there are a couple of freebie tshirts, leg cast and crutch here $0).


Happy St. Patrick's day guys!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Big Booty Big Money is a much buzzed about store. The creator has kindly provided several dresses to try her wears for free or nearly free.Upon entering her store you will find two dresses: Hoday in Green in a small gift box and Victory Dress in Pink in a brown paper bag. Both are completely free. (Envy 117, 77, 21) There is also a preview dress priced at $1 (Simple Russian dress Envy 95, 84,22). If you like poses you'll also find many poses priced at $1/pose. The poses were used in the dress ads. You'll find a couple of $35 items - one a Duchess cardigan and the other being the glass eye suit (no copy), dresses are $150-195 ($450 fat packs -mixed perms), and eyes are priced $50-115 (no mod, no trans).


I modeled all the dresses with hair from Zero Style - *You* (Zero Style 116/166/41) available for $1. The skin is a St. Patrick's Day Another Shop skin mod *Lucky Skin* by Loli Nori available in Bare Rose's (Bare Rose 189/25/30) freebie section $0. All the shoes were found while doing the ETD clover hunt ****THIS HUNT WILL END SATURDAY AT MIDNIGHT***** there is a hat and sunglasses that are included in this hunt that are very male friendly - so bring your guys along. 5 clovers hidden around the ETD sim -theses do take a while to rez-$0

Friday, March 7, 2008

Token Sim

If this has passed you by then you'll defiantly want to stop and take a gander at this sim. Token (Token sim) has a number of excellent outfits for women complete with jewelry, shoes, and POSES. The guys have a choice of two judo suits each with a unique pose, both excellently shaded with prim attachments. And there are also 3 cute mascots- for girls or guys. Simply fly or walk around and touch the cutouts on the pedestals and you'll receive the outfit pictured. You'll want to fly around the whole sim as there are TWO levels of buildings with these cutouts. Not all the outfits available here are pictured.

Token _ beige coat

The skin used is from Char's SHOP (uemachi 37,110,29) blogged about below. The hairs are from Tekuteku (Shinjuku 72,154,22) which has 2 female hairs , 1 male - $1 each (Hairs $200/3color pack , $1 demos).


Many, many, photos below the cut........

More of the goodness:

Token_Navy Dress

The tie/neck part is a sculpty piece on this one and the textures are yummy=)

Token_homemate suit

Unisex mascots:

Token_ Mascots

My favorite (it matched the cute hair from
Tekuteku perfectly):

Token Sim _ fuwafuwa dress

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Let Me Throw a Cabbage At Your Head

Ah, yes the impending holiday where drunk people throw cabbages at other drunk people is fast approaching. Somehow I've never quite gotten into this holiday. Maybe it was all those bruises from being pinched for going sans green or the freaking hurling of vegetables that made it not appealing or maybe it's the green beer. Anywho despite all my reservations I did dapper myself up in a green gown just for you guys. =-)~

Vintage Clothing Reproductions does an Ode to Bob Mackie

Info beyond the 'read more' button.

Vintage Clothing Reproductions
is offering this gorgeous dress- Bob Mackie Inspired Evening Gown, c.1980's -reg. $200- $0 (Zebranky 91,136,30). It's going to be up for a limited time as Skye changes her sample freebie outfits frequently.

At Kiss- Hair for Men and Women
(Jeolla 214,69,68) you will find 4 $5 newbie packs of hair for Men and 4 for Women. Each pack comes with a mix of 5 hair colors. Hair at Kiss is $200/6 color pack, $1900/fat pack, and demos are $1. There is also a small selection of hair for female child avatars. I'm wearing the Coined style in most of the photos (the exception is the insert where I'm trying to show the jewelry) and when I picked it out I was thinking big 80's hair, but I have to say that the style is exceptionally more Angie Dickinson sex kitten.

The offer of the week at SKGShoes is a $5 pair of sculptie heels in jade. In addition there are 6 $1 shoes here: 3-white & 3-blue. (Aloha Business Park 167,203,22)

The skin is available at Char's SHOP (uemachi 37,110,29). You'll find not only the skin I'm wearing but a toal of 5 skins, 3 shapes, and a mani/pedi set ($0) among a number of well priced animated objects. You might want to explore this sim because there are tons of goodies on this sim not only for female avs, but also male avs.

When I took a look around Uemachi and happened into Yoona Mayo's Jewelry shop (Uemachi 14, 136, 29) I couldn't leave it out of this post. Yoona offered four $0 pieces - 2 earrings, 1-necklace, & 1- female hair. All of her jewerly is really reasonably priced with sets at $50 and earrings as low as $15. She also has hair for $40, but in a very limited color selection.

And really the gang at slfreestyles is doing such a great job on showing St. Patty's day goodness that I think I can slack off a bit. hee hee So check out their blog here.

Oh and all the pictures were taken at this place (not sure of the name - Uemachi 116,242,29).

Monday, March 3, 2008

Relax at The Refuge and The Prospect

Wow, this weekend was really crazy between the gossip girl goodness (written about in previous post), skin fair (Vanity Universe sim), and Rue D' Antibes Sim opening. I took tons of photos, but being a bit of a scatterbrain and distracted by wheat I only have a couple to show that aren't yet expired.

So first up, Icing (Mischief 114,191,24) has another freebie dress up for grabs. I modeled it hear with the skin from Tuli's booth at the skin fair. Unfortunately I didn't write down the slurl for the booth and can't seem to teleport back in. If you happen to make it into the skin fair please pass by this booth. (ETA: sorry info for the wrong post was here. This is Tuli's skin!)The hair is turning out to be my favorite hair and it's one I picked up from the Amorepacific sims (read more here).

Icings_ at the Refuge

The next two are from Silent Sparrow(Rue D'Antibes (190, 57, 28).

You'll find both of these looks in a blue pumpkin sitting outside the Silent Sparrow's store (landmark info above). The skin I used for both looks is from the La Sylphide (
Rue D'Antibes (161, 21, 28) store in celebrations of the sim opening here. The boots I'm wearing in the lower picture unfortunately were only available for this weekend, but there is a box with 3 pairs of very nice boots (Free boots by Noals Nakamura) at the Calleta's Hobo Railroad Infohub (Calleta 80,166,24) . The hair is the unisex hair from Boon (Yurakucho 74, 80, 35). The pants are just simple self created and tinted black underwear. hee hee

Silent Sparrows_The Refuge

And a great Male friendly look:

Silent Sparrows_The Refuge_2

All the photos were taken at the Am Radio's amazing exhibt "The Refuge and The Prospect" (Callistei (128, 127, 23)that will end March 6th. So HURRY and see this amazing sim wide exhibt! If your so inclined make a donation to. =) And I almost forgot one great little detail. The eye's I'm wearing in all the photos are by Shapes by Zada (Talisman (81, 134, 24)made especially for the Far and Away instillation also by Am Radio, but work nicely at The Refuge and The Prospect also.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Brains... Freebies... No, Brains

I think Ivey of Sn@tch brought up some very valid points on her blog concerning freebies. Mainly "A Freebie is not an entitlement". I've noticed lately a lot of people feel like they are owed things for nothing. I'm sorry to break it to you kids (and old folks), but no one owes you anything. And when you do receive something for nothing you should NOT complain about it. You should say thank you if you take it and leave it at that. If you miss the freebie put out and you don't have money at the time, but really want to try something out from that particular designer then politely ask staff or owner if they happen to be standing there about their freebie policy. Most owners are exceptionally nice and are more than willing to share information if they have something planned. Please don't IM or hound anyone. But, whatever you do dammit treat people as you would want to be treated.

Sn@tch Zombie
(Clothes & Hat by Sn@tch, Skin & Hair by Crimson & Clover, Boots by ElecTRo Kitty -no freebs)

Originally I started writing this blog after a friend took me to a sex den (Merry Christmas) and I saw a bunch of default avatars getting it on (omgz - the awful faces). I was so horrified by the ordeal and that people would do all of this in default avatars that I thought I'd write about where to find stuff to help people un-newb their avatars. I mean obviously they didn't know that not only could you have sex for free in sl, but you also can not look like a monkey lady in brick hair for free. So here I am still writing about freebies.....

I've sort of changed things a bit. When I first started writing I'd write about places (like Sarah Nerd's, Freebie Jeebies, Free Dove, and Gnubie Store) and try to cover a plan of attack to quickly and as painlessly as possible update your look. I've sort of moved on from that and now take pictures of outfits and attempt to tell one how to achieve the look. My favorite thing to write about is treasure hunts (by the way there is a hunt going on at Lua's Garden for plants Today ONLY) and/or make list of freebies on about freebies available on a sim or at holiday times.

I generally do not write about group freebies. I figure there are other blogs that do that (so why I would need to do it to is beyond me). I'm sort of on the fence about the whole group gift. I feel like the designer will put out the word via their blog or tell group members (Callie Cline has told everyone to pass on the word about her freebies she will be offering to the group all next week in honor of friendship week) it's okay to let people know about specials. I have my favorites groups and sometimes I have to bump them because I don't have enough slots. It sucks to 'miss out', but I'll live and so will anyone else. [I'm not knocking anyone for blogging about group freebies - this is just the reasoning behind why I don't blog about them. Please stop sending me angry IM-s and messages about this subject because it doesn't make me want to blog about them. It just makes me mute you.]

I've made a lot of friends meeting people on help island and finding out what they like and helping them set up their avatars for free or almost free. I think freebies are a good thing for the 'community'. I know a lot of people who really would not be able to afford to buy things and probably would leave after a while out of boredom and not being able to 'fit in'. I know even though it is not often expressed -- We appreciate designers who offer freebies. They afford anyone the opportunity to acclimate into Second Life. As a consequence providing us all a great service by helping enrich the community not only with their works but also with the people who enjoy them.

Thank you.

Saturday at the Gossip Girl Sim

Hey Dolls,

If you haven't heard there's some big festivities planned this weekend on the Gossip Girls sim. I decided to feature my favorite designer's $1 deal offerings here, but there will be many other vendors offering up goodies for you all there. So on to Nef's lovely creations from the Ivalde's booth (GossipGirl3 35,159,27) on the GossipGirls3 sim:

Gossip Girl Sim_Ivalde_marianne

The Marianne dress is available for this special event for only $1. I showed it here with Another Shop skin mod that is no longer available- oops. You can get the original Another Shop skins in a variety of skin tones at Another Shop (Lippert (74, 176, 179) for free. ($0) I was lucky enough to be given the hair that is available on the lucky chair at BP* Shop (Osaka 147,138,21) after waiting a mere 6 hours to see an A. I wish you much better luck.($0) The shoes are from Tesla's which again if you're lucky you may be able to win on her Lucky Chair (read about it here). ($0)

Much more following........

The Addie in Teal is also a special $1 bargain:

Gossip Girl Sim_Ivalde_Addie

I picked up the unisex hair at Boon (Yurakucho 74, 80, 35) available in a fat pack ($0). I lowered the hair a bit on my head, so the style worn as is looks a little different. There's also a skin here for $1.

Although there were two additional $1 dresses I was only able to purchase one of them at the time of my visit. Here's the dress:

Gossip Girl Sim_Ivalde_Siri Denim

The Siri Denim dress will be a great addition to any spring wardrobe and what a bargain at $1. Besides providing all the dresses for $1 in her
Ivalde's booth Nef also passed on ALL the information about this weekend's festivities going on at the Gossip Girl's sim. I'll share it below....

Saturday 3/1

8:00am – Morning Coffee and Conversation. The Upper East Side coffee shop is THE place to be for your morning scoop. It’s been a long week come wid down and relax with a steaming mug of hot chocolate or rev it up with a mocha! Location: Le Bilboquet. Warner Brothers (189, 148, 27)

10:00am Scavenger Hunt – Ice Cream Hunt!! Meet Harp Thursday in the Race Area for your Directions!?

12:00pm Hide N Seek – Amongst the rides..Oh Where Oh Where can Serena be? Gossip Girls knows xoxo?

2:00pm Pogo Races – Race of all Races!!! Get your Racing name all over the Upper East Side. Winner to be photographed and put all over he UES!! Be the #1 Pogo Racer in all of the UES!! Prizes to be awarded!

4:00pm Skydiving – Air platform..Meet us in the Sky! Where will we land? You never know!! Gossip Girl heard Nate’s been skydiving a few times. And he want to give you personal lessons! ?

6:00pm Pre-Party – DJ Moogani GossipGirl- Taking your request live. Special Guest appearances bye all the boys Chuck, Nate and Dan will all be there.

7:00pm Total Trauma Party – Dj Eris Alexandre mixing the newest beats live! get your Pixel’s on the floor and your mobile in hand. Tonight We are gonna Party!! ?

Sunday 3/2

8:00am Morning Coffee and Conversation. The Upper East Side coffee shop is THE place to be for your morning scoop. It’s been a long week come wid down and relax with a steaming mug of hot chocolate or rev it up with a mocha! Location: Le Bilboquet. Warner Brothers (189, 148, 27)

10:00am Sunday Brunch. See and be seen the Upper East Side way, by joining us for Sunday Brunch. Dress: Formal Location: Ballroom. Warner Brothers (132,221,41)

12:00pm Slug Races – Race of all Races!!! Get your Racing name all over the Upper East Side. Winner to be photographed and put all over he UES!! Be the #1 Slug Racer in the UES!!Prizes to be awarded!?

2:00pm Hide N Seek – Amongst the Rides… Oh Where Oh Where Could Blair be. You know who knows…xoxo Gossip Girl!?

4:00pm Scavenger Hunt – Balloon Scavenger Hunt! Zither Fall has a Game for you. Meet her in the race area and get your directions! Prizes!!?

6:00pm Pre-Party- Dj Moogani Gossipgirl – Taking Live Request for you!! Getting everyone excited for JAX! Tonight the Girls are coming out, Serena, Blair and Jenny get out on the floor. Let’s get ready for Jax to perform!! ?

7:00pm Jax Streeter Live – SL Live Music! You don’t want to miss it. Jax Streeter is back in the UES, singing love songs for you Gossip Girls. We had a packed Sim last time. Let’s Put some new faces in the crowd tonight! ?

Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun!!! Hope you guys and dolls enjoy yourself and pick up some great bargains.