Friday, February 29, 2008

Flapp'n it Up

Bossa Nova has come out with the cutest hat topped hairs. The Julie style (Amour 178, 61, 27) is free ($0) and the others are just $100/hair pack- which is a pretty great price. Both of the looks below are modeled with shoes Maitreya Free Slinky Stilettos - Black Leather (Glam World 2 180, 170, 126 -$0) and Alexis Goth skins available TODAY ONLY from Vanity Designs (Phloston Paradise 180, 57,23). in 6 Caucasian skin tones ($1/skin tone). The graduated diamond jewelry set is a $1 set from Caroline's Jewelry (Lo Lo 54,198, 23).

The black dress is from Cover Girl it is in a box with the text free gift above it (Shimokitazawa 14,111,28).:

Cover Girl_Black Dress

The second dress is the new spring dress from Pin Up Dolls (Retrology 120,250,41)$1.

Pin Up Dolls _ Lisa Spring Freebie Dress

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Howdy Boys and Girls,

While I was moseying about the grid I found a really spectacular offer from the designers at The Bobbysocks Shop (Demented Isle 186, 67, 25). Here you'll find 13 pairs of boots completely free nestled among some great cowboy, cowgirl, and Native American gear. You'll also have the opportunity to pick up a prairie style outfit for the girls or a cowboy outfit for the guys.

The Bobbysocks Shoppe_Boots

More pics after the cut

Prairie girl:

The Bobbysocks Shoppe_Prudence


The Bobbysocks Shoppe_Euriah_Huestis

I used the L'Oreal free skins that can be found at Calla or Nuclear Boutique among other places. To find the L'Oreal skins open your search window and search for " L'oreal " via the places tab. Why am I not giving the slurl? Because search is your friend and this is a tool that everyone should learn to use. ($0) You can find the hair that I'm wearing at Sirena (Zoey style- West Sunset 160,50,22 - $1).

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today I zipped over to a new sim that is under construction Rendervisions Isle. Nice place; and I hadn't heard of any of the shops before. So, if you'd like to head on down there are plenty of freebies and nifty, good, newness. I'd start with Rendervisions Isle 116,111, 23 where you will find a cart full of items including 3 hairs (2-f/1-m), a hat, rose diamon necklace and earring set, jet pack, tshirts, cottage house, and many art gifts. You'll be able to either hop on a horse and carriage or stroll down the lovely bricked walkways. One place you might step inside is Timecat's Treasures! (Rendervisions Isle 97, 78, 23) you'll find two freebies for a female child avatar 1) School Girl Green and 2) Valentine's Freebie - Heart Patched Outfit. If you happen upon Spellbound Animations (Rendervisions Isle 151, 28, 23) you can pick up a practice wand with spell. Curio Obscura (Rendervision Isle 172, 158, 26) has several freebies among them you'll find: zoethrope, franimation, sculptie tools, copper stockings, and a clockwork mustache. ($0)

Rendervisions Isle Sillyness

Less silliness behind the cut....

Another place to check out is A Piece of Candy (Taranatha 187, 144, 45)where I bought the skin I'm wearing in all the pics for $1. Candy added another outfit and skin to the freebie section, which I haven't picked up.($1-0) And all the girls will want to run on over to the W.I.S.H. Shoes and more Mainstore (Alderney Island 34, 177, 22) to search for and touch those 5 little bitty golden boxes hidden around the parcel and recieve the shoes, boots, or bags up for grabs. ($0) You'll find both lovely lacey dresses pictured below at Kunglers Fashion Design (Agapema 242,136,48) both completely free ($0).

Kunglers Fashion_Lace

Kunglers Fashion _ Pink

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Limited Time - Crystal Queendom

This is the second time Crystal Queendom [Vigdorova (58, 45, 319)] has put out a $1 dress and announced it on Fashion Con. The dress usually sells for $900; so if you like it you may want to rush over and get it. It will only remain at $1 for the next 5 days.

Crystal Queendom

Skin: Lotus_FreeSkin_Titania by Rabbit SKIN shop,NEOJAPAN TOKYO(147,60,22)
and/or LicoLico(8,213,21) $0
Hair:Creamy(Bittersweet) by SoulFire (Heathrow 241, 226,22) $1
Shoes: 'Elise2' Mary Jane Heels by Tesla (Tesla 61,78,54) $0

Saturday, February 23, 2008

OMFG Dollarbies Gallore

If you haven't checked out OMFG (Nerdagara Falls 211,104,265) you should! There are tons of pieces here and they could have endless applications (post apocalyptic, steam punk, neko, etc.). You'll find 5 full body suit/armors, many individual pieces of armor, weapons, wings, chokers, and boots to name a few. Everything is laid out and easy to view and all boxes are just $1 each. Here are a couple of the outfits along with the assassins armor that I threw on to give you guys a sampling:

OMFG Assassins Belted Armour Set

OMFG _ 1


Underneath everything I created a shirt and pants. Simply open inventory, select create from the top menu of your inventory, create a shirt and a pants, wear both, go into appearance and tint both the pant and shirt black.

I wore the SYD anti valentine skin which is no longer available. However, you can find a male and female goth skin at SYD ( $1 each.

The hair is from Hayate of H2L but can be found at Entama (ENTAMA 133,132,29). $0

Content Thieves Strike Again- Layniewear & Maitreya

I received the following via a note card dropped on me by Laynie:


Long story short, I refused to remove an Autism Speaks kiosk from the shop Teagan Blackthorne and I share, an as a result the avatar I disagreed with has begun passing around my black Vanessa dress. As a result, I'm offering it for free at my main shop. Please blog it, so that people know i am NOT affiliated with the Autism Speaks protest.

Laynie Link

Please guys take note and pass on the message. I'm showing the dress in question from LaynieWear ( with shoes that have also been ripped off and now you can find for free at the original makers shop; Maitreya ( You may find the shoes in a gift bag below the Maitreya sign.

Laynie and Maitreya Stolen Goods

On a lighter note check below the cut.

If you haven't been by Ivalde's ( in a while you may want to take a look. Nef has added 3 new dresses to the freebie section upstairs and all are just $1.

Ivalde New Dollarbie Dresses

Hair: Mod's Hair ( $0
Skin & Eyes: SHOP BF ( $0

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Anthropomorphs Galore

If your looking for a variety of anthropomorphic avatars you might want to check out Yiffy Yaffle's store ($0) ( where in a small free box (71 Quality Free Furry AVs v1.2) you'll find a wealth of furry goodies among a ton of other freebies. Here is just a small sampling of the avatars (all these are female, but there were more male avatars in the box- so guys if you're into anthropomorphic avatars this would be a jackpot for you.):

Taylor Made Collie:
Taylor Made Female Collie

All the photos were taken at Groll's Inn & Hideout (Clematis Island). More after the cut...

Taylor Made Female Dalmatian:
Taylor Made Female Dalmation

Axel's Female Wolf:
aXel_s Female Wolf

Wingless' Licorice Hyena:
Wingless Licorice Hyena

Wingless' Pink Fox:
Wingless Pink Fox

Wingless Rainbow Horse:
Wingless Rainbow Horse

The avatars made by Wingless were boxed according to color and contain both male and female versions in the boxes. There are also several hairstyles and a hud included with the horse avatar that may help newer players who are unfamiliar with editing linked prims customize the avatar. If you've wanted to try out a furry or anthropomorph and haven't yet, this is your perfect opportunity.

Having fun

Todays whole outfit started with these sort of funky, kind of cute unisex steam powered skates I found on a Japanese sim. The shirt I bought ($1) from a store Cheri Pye recommended named Frozen Turquoise Valentine which had a number of dresses, but I really like this shirt which I modeled sans boa. The shirt seemed to match the pants perfectly to, which I picked up at one of my favorite stores Kurotsubaki. And the hair from Adimu just seemed to pull everything together.

Having Fun

Skin: Shelly Skin from A Piece of Candy ( $1
Eyes: Eyes #24 from Free 4 U located on both MIA and MIA2 sim Read about here. $0
Hair: Oh Lye, My -Brunette Fat Pack from Adimu ( $1
Shirt: Freebie 1 (Eye Candy) from Frozen Turquoise Valentine ( $1
Pants: Free dot pants from Kurotsubaki ( $0
Shoes: KxH Skate by KissxHearts ( $0

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Primalot -Steals and Deals

I vaguely remember seeing something written about Primalot (Blackmount 7, 121, 706) around the ever hectic Halloween season, but sadly to say I quickly forgot about it. Yesterday after a friend checked out a Freestyle notice about a witch outfit (which I unfortunately clicked through) she tped me to the store saying that there were a couple other things to checkout. Although the store does offer male clothing all the free outfits are for females. But, there are a couple unisex items in the free section: neko ears & tail ($0) and I think the caged heart chocker may also work for a male ($1). I also think the Halloween Witch outfit would make an excellent Halloween Warlock.

What I can show you from the store are four looks. The last is a complete avatar priced at $10, which I thought was pretty reasonable especially when you'd likely pay more for just the hat that is part of the avatar. So here are the looks:

The Halloween Witch included a scripted crow with pose and sound:

Primalot_Halloween Witch

The little snowflake outfit included a wand that emitted particles while playing an animation along with 3 skirt options:

Primalot_Little Snowflake

The Valentina Red was priced for $0, but the other colors in the room were priced at regular price:

Primalot_Valentina Red

All the above outfits were photographed with various skins from previously blogged Coquette ( * C ASM Series II Skins $1. The next picture is of a $10 starter avatar set that includes a freebie skin along with outfit made by Primalot.

Primalot_Silvestra Sparkle_10

The Silvestra Sparkle outfit also included a wand with sparkles and the skirt and shawl parts were scripted to bling, but the hat is bling free.

Overall I think the store is worth the time to look around. It's small and it won't take a lot of time and there are a number of cute items there. Also many of the dresses included shoes, hair, and jewelry.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spring Wishes

It's that weird sort of year when it's still a bit cold, but everyone is thinking ahead to spring. I put together an outfit that gives just a hint of spring thanks to the strawberry skirt from Feather:

Strawberry Skirt
Hair: Mod's Hair ( $0
Eyes: Shop BF part of free avatar ( $0
Skin:*CASM - ModLips - Silver/Pink from * C ASM Series II Skins found at Coquette/Go Dutch ( $1
Skirt: Berry Mini Skirt from Feather ( $0
Shirt: Free Topps Kurotsubaki ( $0
Shoes: Free Red Loli Mary Janes from She's So Unusual ( $1
Necklace & Earrings: (Shiny Things) Enamel Flower Jewelry available at the Gnubie Store ( $0

While you're at She's so Unusual picking up the shoes you may want to look around. There are 10 pairs of shoes hidden around the store priced at $10 until February 25th at which time the store will close for remodel.

Monday, February 18, 2008


I first stumbled upon this sim searching for the much blogged about 69 (shoe, hat, and accessories store). Although some of the areas still look like they are being developed most appear to be finished and ready for business. If you're strapped for time I'll suggest two main areas that need to be checked out, but really you could spend the better part of a day seeing everything that there is here. First, I'll suggest the ECS Katurin Park ( a free market (no not freebie - free as in non-discriminatory free trading) that houses several merchants. Many of the merchants have put up free items. You'll find the bulk of the items located in the four corners of the market: complete outfits for both males & females, hair, jewelry, and tons of novelties all $0.

ECS Katurin Park

Wow, that was a lot of stuff. All the outfits and hair are from ECS. I did use the valentine skin and unisex hair from another part of the sim. If you want the skin or unisex hair look at the list of free items that will be at the end of this entry. (larger photo here)

The second place I'd suggest you check out if you're pressed for time is another of the larger shopping areas on the ECS shopping mall ( which like the Katurin Park also offers a lot of goodies for both the female and male avatar especially any avatar 60 days or younger. Yes, you have to be a new player to get some of the items, but since I'm not new I can't show you any of those items. What I can show you is:

ECS Shopping Mall

Now guys, you have to admit that coat is pretty darn cool and the hat with hair is unisex both can be found on the second floor. The dress near the entrance on the first.

I know I suggest if you're strapped for time that you check out the two areas above, but keep in mind there is a lot here to see. You'll want to check out this sim really well because almost all vendors offer something for free. And almost all of the vendors are offering great prices for their items especially in the open market and the small vendor carts located here. Following is a list of the freebies on the island (these may change so it's all in your best interest to explore):

Endeavor (ECS 243, 177, 22)
Eyes, Bag, and 2 Belts $0

PISA (ECS 205, 196, 32)
Ruby & Diamond Bracelet $0

ECS Rentalcycle (ECS 152, 99, 22)
Free Bicycle $0

Azul (ECS 155, 72, 22)
3 female shirts, 2 male $0

Sakura Original (ECS 159, 52, 22)
2 shirts $0

Tsubaki Original (ECS 161, 47, 22)
5 (3 boxes) novelty dolls $0

Bell Equipe (ECS 157, 28, 22)
Keyboard object $0

Book Store (ECS 154, 12, 22)
3 books, 1 tshirt $0

69 (ECS 81, 48, 23)
Succubus Hat $1

La Petite Fleur (ECS 21,111,22)
2 skirts $0

Star Hitters (ECS 21, 106, 22)
Chair & Dress $0

NexR Jewell Collection ($7 skins) (ECS 21, 102, 22) Valentine Skin $1 (Skin used in photos)

W-Zero3 (ECS 22,92,22)
Everything $0 on the cart (gadgets, chairs, hat w/hair unisex)

Lucky Card (ECS 22,86,22)
m- Cannon Hair $0

Apple Pop (ECS 21, 83, 22)
Cat hat & hat for tinies $0

Ron (ECS 21, 78, 22)
Bag $0

Putti Tiny (ECS 21, 71, 22)
Tiny Headphones $0

Leisurely (ECS 21, 66,22)
Bracelet, f- hair $0 Choker $1

Ryouta Works (ECS 22, 61, 22)
AFK tool $0

Milky-way (ECS 21, 57, 22)
Unisex Muffler $0

Me Skin & (upstairs) Kyoko's Hair (ECS 56, 82, 26) Turtleneck, skin & shape for 30 days or younger f-player, floating room, face lamp, unisex hair $0-10 (Unisex hair in first photo)

A's Motors (ECS 39,106, 23)
Tshirt $0

Moon's Dream (ECS 22, 124, 22)
Free Kitty Paw Collar $0

Nanao Loon's Cart (ECS 21, 129, 22)
Bejeweled belt $0

honepoki Aya's Cart (ECS 21, 133, 22)
Muffler pet $0

Pz (ESCS 21, 138, 22)
Face Light Set $0

Mauve (ECS 21, 148, 22)
Gift $0

Flower Stall (ECS 21, 161, 22)
2- (m) Watches, 2- (f) hair with flowers, Broom $0

Soul * Flower (ECS 22, 165, 22)
String lights $0

Yairi Akina's Shop (ECS 53, 152, 25)
5- tiny bear avatars $0

Oldie, but goodie Party Dress

This was one of the first freebies (well dollarbie) I found that clued me in that there were indeed cute things out there at an inexpensive price. I found the *Free* Colorful Party Dress ($1) at MM Clothing ( and thought I'd share in case anyone has missed it. It really is a cute little dress. You'll also want to take note that the sculpty hair and skins are from Bare Rose which has expanded their freebie selections and you can even find a couple of Drow skins available.

MM Clothing
(Dress: MM Clothing *Free* Colorful Party Dress $1, Skin & Hair: Bare Rose ( Gothic Loliat Skin $0 & Black Cat Up-do $0, Shoes: ADA Store ( Shoe 3 $0, Earrings: Miriel ( Teardrop Earrings $0)

While you're in Midnight City you might want to wander around because there are some quality deals to be had. Torrid Wear ( has a nice selection of inexpensive clothes available. Including a number $1 items on the second floor. Clothing starts at $10 and includes some wardrobe basics such as t-shirts and jeans. Another store of note is Mirada ( which has a number of $10 outfits for not only girls, but also guys. While strolling check out Preen ( where you can find the Howard Hughes outfit for $0 and can easily be worn by a guy to.

Preen Howard Hughes

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I found out about Nubium through a Fashion Con notice about a week or so ago. The dress (Miona) sat in my '!Free but not yet blogged' folder collecting dust. Miona can be found at Nubium for $1 along with super cute clothing $75-275 all transferable. You get several leggings option with this dress to, so it's definitely worth picking up.

Nubium _ dollarbie
Dress: Nubium's ( Miona $1
Hair: Mod's Hair ( innocent_pure $0
Skin: Folly ( [:]FollyASMod[:] Pink $1
Shoes: Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise ( Chunky Stars $1

The sim where I found the hair at was written about here. It's not in english, but you can see the pictures of all the styles of hair and the cell phones. You can find 6 hairs in Mod's Hair 3-female and 3-male; all $0. The hair uses sculpty prims. There are also a lot of cell phones up for grabs $0.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Adam n Eve Dress and Truths Today ONLY Hair

Truth ( is having it's one year anniversary and to celebrate they are giving away 2 fat packs of hair (m/f $0). Both hairs look absolutely ravishing with Adam n Eve's ( free gown ($0).

Adam n Eve _ Truth

And now that you're all dolled up there's a ball starting as I type celebrating the opening of the Shengri La Sims ( from 5-8 pm.

Body Basics & Free 4 U (now 2 locations) MIA & MIA 2

A great place to get everything you need to start your avatar is Body Basics ( There you can pick up a male or female avatar (shape, skin, eyes, & hair) all totally free. This is an unbelievably generous offer and it is NOT just reserved to new players. It's free to anyone and I have to say a couple of the skins are especially excellent for the anyone who wants to play a female fairy or elf. The Body Basics store is loaded with hairs, skins, and avatars and definitely worth a browse for any citizen. But, the generosity of Ayla Holt and her group down at the MIA ( sim does not stop there. The group has totally redesigned and expanded the Free 4 U store ( to include a plethora of items that is truly astonishing ... clothes (m/f), jewelry, houses, landscaping, and animation overrides. Most items in both stores are original content, but there is also other items available here. It appears that the gang wanted to make sure that if you were lucky enough to happen upon this island that you'd feel completely welcome in SL and be able to complete acclimate yourself into the game. The following is a picture of just some of the items available on the MIA sim (all $0):

Free 4 U - Body Basics

ETA *************

There is now a second location for Body Basics ( on MIA 2.
As well as a second location for Free 4 U ( also on the new MIA 2 sim.

After you're finished checking out Free 4 U and Body Basics don't forget to look around- Not only is the clothing, gestures, and furniture very affordable on the MIA sim (most outfits are around a mere $100), but the island is built to encourage exploration. The underwater area is scenic and there's treasure to be found down in them depths:

(Elouise gown from Free 4 U and basic black shoes and Brandy avatar from Body Basics - $0)

And the island is just generally a serene place to visit.

(Moonlight dress & Eye #24 from Free 4 U, Megan skin & Robert hair from Body Basics - $0)

I hope you get a chance to visit the MIA sim and find it enjoyable.

Premium Membership

Did premium membership fees go up?

2008-01-14 22:56:23 Customer Payment ($80.00) $0.00
2008-01-14 22:14:32 Premium membership (Annual): $72.00 $72.00 $80.00

I looked all over for this, but all I see is the regular $72 fee listed everywhere.... so, I'm wondering if premium membership went up and it wasn't announced.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nikko, Westys, RAC, & South Blue Cafe

Yes, a bit of total randomness in the midst of the never ending Valentine's slue of freebies. This is one I hope you don't miss since this hair comes with a hefty price tag -- RAC ( has decided to give a fatpack of it's love affair hair for $0 for Valentine's Day so rush there and get it! Wandering around one day I happened upon the Nikko ( I'm not quiet sure exactly what the sim is, but there were several shirts and a suitcase there all for $0. There is also some sort of game there where you heard chicks (yes, baby chickens) around, but I can't figure it out. Maybe you'll have better luck. =D


After finding this I tped to another sim to check out
The South Blue Cafe (, which had been on my list of places to go back to. I picked up these two outfits for $0:

South Blue Cafe

Then I decided to check out Westy's ( provided the outfits and found a couple more freebies:


But, I also took a look around and found several well priced outfit all under $100 most $30 ... Here's a couple of my favorites for $30 and $15 respectively:


All modeled with ADA Store ( shoes $0, ( Cupid Skin $1, & RAC hairs one of which is $0 for Valentines day.

Monday, February 11, 2008

More Valentines ***This post being updated

The outfit at Fluky ( is for sale now so run by and grab it. Don't forget the wearable demos on the inside. $0-1

Sassy Secrets ( has a lingerie set. $1 is refunded after purchase. $0

Gurl 6 ( has a Valentine freebie up, also a nice section of girls $1-0 hairs and a sale going on. Guys there's also a $1 hair (boyfriend - this is always up). $0-1

Reve Jewelry ( has a free pink heart necklace. $0

Awesome Designs ( has a couple of tank tops for the girls. $0

Aoharu ( has a beautiful pink kimono out. $0

There is a heart filled with free couple poses at Love Lace ( $0.


Silk Factory ( has a $1 special valentine edition of one of their lingerie sets. $1

There's a free red cheongsam at Bibiten ( $0.

A pink heart printed tank can be found at World Wide Industies Main Store ( $1

There are 3 bags (beaded mini dress, chocolate babe, and Italian slip dress) available at Caliente Express - BeBe DoLL ( all $0. There's also a $1 set of kiss me all over body sticker/tattoos ( $0-1

There's a substantial engagement style ring available at Kraftika Jewelry ( for $1.

Knucklehead's Tattoos & More ( is having a cupid lucky letter hunt. There are 17 cupids hidden around the shopping area that will yell out letters and if you're one of the lucky one's you'll receive an original design (tattoo, poofer, or other item from the store). $0


LVS & Co sim ( will be having a hunt this weekend Feb 14-17 a lot of the designers housed on this sim will be participating (preview of prizes and more details on the LVS & Co blog). $?

A kid friendly shopping area is having a Valentine's Heart Hunt at the Gingerbread Village Mall ( There are red hearts and purple one of a kind (do a take if you're lucky enough to find one for the love of all that is holy) hearts in the hunt. $0

Na-en ( has put out a free gift which contains 3 pairs of eyes. All the eyes the oversized style eyes that are sold inside and the free gift contains valentine themed eyes. $0

Untone Quilt ( has a set of Valentine's Day PJ's out for $1.

Pochette ( has a Hart Garden up for grabs to enhance anyones garden. $1

(, a great low prim sculpty furniture store has put out several Valentine's items including a chocolate bar with animation. $1

Twosome ( has a pair of Valentine's Day tights. $1

Besides the regular freebie socks Thimbles ( has put up a Valentine's day shirt. $1

Bluebell ( is offering their Kandice dress (reg. $150) for $0 to celebrate Valentines.

K&M Shop
( has put out a necklace & bikini for free (picture). Kryptonia also teaches a class on how to construct the necklace and has extended an invitation to everyone to attend. Just read her blog to find out how to participate.

It was time for a pic .....
Sakura Designs
[Hair: Diversity Hair ( is having a Valentines sale 3 packs/style are marked 75% off $44/sale pack... hope your color is on sale =) $44; Skin: GG Couture ( which Creamy blogged about here $1, Eyes are Valentine eyes from Na-en, Shoes are from the Amorepacific sims $0, Valentines Underwear set is from Sakura Designs $0]

Sakura Designs (secondlife://Schreckhorn/158/16/53) has put out a free Valentine's Underwear set. Once teleported, go outside of club and turn left freebie is in the center back of the shop. $0

Baby Monkey ( has put out a set of shoes & bag. $0

Nyte N'Day ( has a tank & undies set for $1.

Voda ( has two dresses at the right front entrance of the store. $0


If you're looking for the perfect partner you may want to check out Perfect Partner ( a store specializing in cutout avatars that say and give special items. $0

Ephemeral Creations ( has a cute scarf out complete with heart print. $0

Bossa Nova ( is giving away a retro set of lingerie. $0 ( has released an another shop female modified skin for Valentine's. $1

ShenS ( has a beautiful chocker and earrings set for $0. (Also a pair of pink shoes for $1) $0-1

Applepop ( an inexpensive tinie store has expanded into jewelry making and has a 4 color set of heart necklaces upstairs along with the 4 gifts by the main entrance (some for tinies!). $0

Also in the Zipang sim is Sizimi-Ya ( which has a cute pink polka dot skirt. Also of note here is something I get asked about a lot - a wearable chair also for free. This chair allows you to wear it and sit in no build areas. 2 unisex tanks and a regular branded chair upstairs are also free. $0

Elegant Hats
( has a ladies heart printed top hat. $0

Color Me Couture *CMC*( has a valentine's kit out. $0

Hielasangre ( has a gift box sitting on the ground which contains a red blouse in celebration of Valentine's there are also two $1 dresses on the wall. $0-1

Vintage Clothing Reproductions
( has put out a special dress for Valentine's. $0

Bewitched ( is having a hair hunt 10 hearts $1 each! (Read more about it here)

SLAB Designs ( has put out a two hearts with a special gift inside. There are also boxes 1-m/1-f for the taking. $0

Trixie's Treasures
( monthly gift includes heart shaped necklace and earrings set. $0

( has put out a dress- sweet valentines. $5

At Plaza Del Mar ( you'll find an entire store filled with Valentine's Day goods all free. $0

If you need a rose to give to someone special Acadian Blue Rose ( has got you covered. $0

Jstyle ( ) has a special wine red dress out. $0

Hang the DJ ( has put out pj's for girls. $1

Valentine _ Yamagata
(Kimono: Aoharu $0, Skin: cupid skin $1, Eyes: Na-en $0, Hair: Bewitched $1)

******HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY***********

MIA ( has put out a gift (underwear & outfit) for both the girls and guys. $0

PXL Creations ( has a special heart stamped female skin. $1

KiKi's Closet ( has put out a second Valentine's present. This one is a great belt that can be used by a girl or guy. $0

The Lo Lo Sim ( is having a hunt. I'm not sure if this one has started yet, because half of the board is covered by a prim, but you can read more about it here. $?

Agrace ( a nice clothing and (upstairs) sculpty furniture store has put out a gift for both the guys and girls. $0

Bishwear ( an excellent camping spot is giving away 2 gowns for today. $0

bish valentines
(Skin: PXL Creations $1, Dress: Bishwear $0, Hair: Bewitched - Valentine's Day Heart Hunt $1, Shoes: ADA Store $0)

( has a female valentine day skin out. $1

Imagen ( has 4 female skins, 1 male skin, and a beautiful gown all $1 each for today only. (Also a fatpack of female hair inside.) $1/each

Happy Mood ( in the tree there is a pink hat. $0

Besides contributing to the LVS & Co hunt (going on now!) SySy has 4 gifts in her store SYD ( $1/each

A Piece of Candy - So Sweet

If you haven't checked out A Piece of Candy ( you'll definitely want to. There are a variety of items in the store for $1-$0 including 4 skins, shirts, and a dress. You might also want to check out Sirena ( hair. She's added a couple new $1 hairs and some gorgeous new regular priced coifs. A Piece of Candy

For the picture all skins & clothing were from the $1-0 A Piece of Candy offerings, the sculpty shoes are from She's So Unusual ($1, and the hair is Zoey from Sirena's $1 section. I've really wanted to write about A Piece of Candy for a while, the textures are just great and the clothes is more than reasonably priced with outfits starting at $30 (although there is a special red dress right now for $25) and all clothes being transferable- It just makes the place one of those gems you want to share. ;) Hope you girls enjoy!

*ETA: Gosh, I forgot to mention all the super cute poses are from Juicy Poses ( Kawaii girl set $1.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Zomg... Valentine's Ahoy

Wow, just freaking wow. I hope you guys have all gotten the chance to participate in the Grid Wide Valentine's Hunt (Read more about it here on Creamy's blog). While I didn't pick up everything, I did pick up a good mix to give you a mega-sampling of the items. All of which are totally ($0) free. This is a great opportunity for any new players to sample some great designs. So please pass the word on to any new players to check it out ( Here's a sampling of what I picked up:

Grid Wide Valentine's Hunt
[Credits (I didn't pick up everything so there are more items than shown & more participants than listed.): ~ *AE* ~ ANIMAH ~ AnnaH ~ Balderdash ~ Bodies by Oh! ~ Boingo ~ Calla ~ Caroline's Jewelry ~ Cassini Creations ~ CKS Designs ~ DaeSkins ~ Designing Nicky Ree ~ enkythings ~ First Impressions ~ Hair Solutions ~ Hubby's Boutique ~ Ingenue ~ Irelyn ~ KessKreations ~ Kitchy/UOMO ~ PajamaRama ~ Philotic Energy ~ PrimPlay ~ Reaction ~ Rose Petal Creations ~ SecondWave Apparel ~ She's So Unusual Shoes ~ SYD: Style Your Destiny ~ Tea Monster Clothing ~ Topaz Square ~ Vitamin Ci ~ ]

Remember this all ends 11:00pm SLT February 11 so if you want to participate please act soon!

I also want to list some more Valentine's items that may be of some interest:

In case you missed it Alienbear ( has 2 Valentine's Day gifts out (see them here, & here on Alienbear Gupte's blog). The Ai necklace would look good on both male & female avatars. So it's certainly worth note. Alienbear's jewelry was designed to match a set offered up by the dynamic duo over at Alchemy ( & Angels ( (Read & view the complete outfit here.) ($1-0)

There's a hunt going on at La Reina ( You can read more about it on Gogolita's blog here. This hunt goes on until Febuary 17th, so you have a little more time to make it to this one. ($1-0/heart) And here's a couple of items I found in the hunt:

La Reina Hunt
(shown with: Another Shop skins ( - $0, hair from Frangipani Hair ( - $1, and shoes from She's So Unusual Shoes ( -$1)

Beck's Fine Jewelry ( has a Valentine's Ring available in gold & platinum with a male & female version that is transferable for only $1 each.

Devilish Cupcake _ Analise opening
(Devilish Cupcake & Analise dresses/silks pictured with skins & hairs obtained in the Grid Wide Valentine's Hunt $0)

Devilish Cupcake & Analise have both been redesigned and to celebrate Devilish Cupcake ( has 3-$1 boxes of outfits that were previously for sale in their store and Analise ( has two-$0 valentine silks along with an exclusive lucky chair silk.

Adam n' Eve ( has a cute heart shaped bag with animation. $0

b.l.i.n.g. ( has a pair of gold heart shaped earrings for $0.

JoJo Designs has a free ruby heart necklace and earring set available at their Couture Chapeau ( location. $0

Urban Shopper ( shopping center is having a be-mine-hunt until Feb. 15th with prizes for both guys and girls. ($0)

Punch Drunk ( has a cute Rock Star inspired Valentine shirt. $0****There's a hunt going on at Cotton Candy - so take a look around while you're here***

Along with a HUGE expansion in the freebie store -MIA ( is having a Lost in the city; manhole cover hunt. $0

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Grid Wide Valentine Hunt

Beep...beep; just in case you've missed the announcement on basically every blog out there-- There's a grid wide (well 45 store) Valentine (or Anti-Valentine) hunt going on. Teleport to this location ( and you'll recieve a folder (Valentine Hunt Instructions) with all the information you need to participate.


When I logged in tonight I was happy to find a little note from Chica Indigo about her new shop Seasons ( She included a nice little notecard with information I was free to share on the blog; here is an excerpt:

...the Akemi II traditional Kimono, which is the Seasons opening gift (1L) and you and your readers can find over a table at my store. The other is the Sakura Traditional Kimono, that you can find on a great gift hunt that will start today February 8th at Kaizen mini mall, where my store SEASONS is located (info and LM below). All clothes are on sale (everything below 150L) for the opening and the inventory is growing each day so I hope to see you guys there.

You can also share with everybody in your blog the info about Kaizens Chinese New Year Hunt (more info below), where we have 20 Year of the Rat ornaments (I made 5 of those with great stuff inside including a kimono, jewerly and other fun stuff).

Now I wasn't able to find all 20 rats ($1 each), but here's a picture of some of the things I did find. The leopard unisex skin was part of the hunt. The rest of the looks are worn with hair and skin from the Amorepacific sim.


Hope you get a chance to check it out!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ninja Iga

Today the Ninja Iga sim opened up (official website here). It is a Japanese orientation point, but some of the instructions are in English- so feel free to explore a bit. If you do complete the orientation and solve the puzzle you'll recieve a pretty cool ninja outfit ($0).

Ninja Iga Male

I opted to wear my own shape with the outfit, but a male shape, and also a cool ninja hud is included. There's also a female version ($0), but....

Ninja Iga Female
( Hair from Entama Town ( $0 and skin from Amorepacific ( 10 minute camp in spa area)

you'll have to explore to find the pink option. In fact you should probably take a look around the house in the center of the land once you've completed the orientation. Click everything and you'll find lots of places to explore and a couple of 'treasures'. You can also collect scrolls to show your skills at being a ninja. So, if you have a chance visit
the Ninja Iga sim.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jana's Classic Designs does Valentine

My computer decided to reboot in the middle of me writing an ongoing Valentine freebie list. So I've sort of given up on the list and will try and keep up with a couple of picture post of Valentine's things I've not yet seen posted.

Jana's Classic Designs - Valentine Freebie

Dress: Jana's Classic Designs (
Happy Valentine's Day from Jana's Classic Designs -$0
Skin: Imperial Elegance (
[IE] Spring Sakura Skin - $1
Hair: Tukinowaguma Hairstyle (
Tukinowaguma Natumi Brown - $0
Jewlery: JOJO Designs (
FREE Valentine Gift @ CC - $0
Shoes: ADA Store (
Ada Shoes No.3 - Pumps, $0