Monday, December 31, 2007

Star Kissed Skin

ColeMarie Soleil has done it again!!! She has ushered in the new year by generously providing a beautiful Unseelie Night Pixie skin.
Star Kissed Skin_Back View
The skins is a beautiful gray blue hue. It is perfect for those naughty pixies that enjoy playing their devilishly pranks when less likely seen. (If you haven't checked out ColeMarie's flickr, please do. She has the ad used in the display at her store in her feed.)
Star Kissed Skin_Front_
You can tell that the highlights and shading are excellent and the skin has been kissed by the night sky leaving stars trailing about on the skin.

(The skin is modeled with the following: Gemstone Eyes worn in all pictures are from Inspired $1 fat pack, EG Hair Rocker Hair $0, Pasties by Dark Eden $0, Bottoms from the Miss Anne Thropy Dress by Free 4 Fae $0)

When my drow saw this skin she just had to ham it up to.
Star Kissed Skin_face
(Modeled with: Free Drow outfit from the Everwind (role play) sims $0, Hair from Body Basics $0, Spider Branches from Grendels Children $1 )

And here the Drow is modeling the new Alice in Wonderland inspired tattoos:
Star Kissed Skin_Alice in Wonderland Tat
[Along with the tats and skin from Free 4 Fae: a hair([DE] Etains First Hair Crone)I picked up at Dark Eden for $0 and the Dark Eden Pasties.]

But wait up Guys, if you're feeling left out you really shouldn't be because there is also a lovely unisex Marionette Mannerisms skin at Free 4 Fae too.
Free for Fae Unisex Marionette Skin!
(Free for Fae Unisex Marionette Skin! modeled with hair pictured above from Dark Eden $0 total)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

An early New Year's

I'm back from my vacation and wanted to pop in to say a little hello and let you guys know about a couple of New Years dresses. ;) Now, I won't be posting regularly until after the 5th of January, because I am incredibly lazy and I have a bit more rl rebel rousing to do. But I did want to pop on and say hi and wish everyone a Happy Freaking New Year's! I know it's usually around Christmas that these wild and crazy office parties happen, but well in my crazy mind they should be around New Years so the year starts off with a tick, tick, boom, bang!

Business by day:
Love Aya Black Suit
Love Aya Three Piece Suit
Love Aya Crimson Suit

*Love.Aya* has 21 full perms outfits available all $0 each (and a couple of the sweaters could be modified to fit the guys). Some are casual and some business; all cute. (If you wander around this sim you'll find other goodies. On my quick look around the sim I saw: pirate eye patches with a variety of designs on them, martini glass tub, 1 prim chair (full permissions), kitty messenger bag, shoulder pets, and a zzzz afk tool. Just take a look around.)

(*Love.Aya* Black Suit, Three Piece Suit and Crimson Suit. All modeled with the following: Glitz Shoes from Playboy $1, Another Skin - SE $0 , Diversity Hair Jorslei $0 for a Limited Time!, Stockings are from Opium Everyday's Little Black Dress Gift from Christmas $0, Gemstone Eyes by Inspired $1)

Party by night:

SYD designs Happy New Year Dress
Flutterby Free Dress

The above pink dress is $1 from S.Y.D. designs and the red one is by Flutterby for $0.

(The Pink Dress from S.Y.D. designs is modeled with the following: L'Oreal Paris *Perfectly Pastel* Skin can be obtained at Calla Hair $0, Gemstone Eyes by Inspired $1, tukinowaguma Natumi hair $0, fur earrings from Black Ageha $0)

(The Red Dress from Flutterby is modeled with the following: Another Skin - FE $0, Gemstone Eyes by Inspired $1, EG Hair (unisex) dored1 $0, Romantic Rose Faerie Wings from Free 4 Fae $0, Black and White Beaded Heels from the Two Pairs of Freebie shoes box at She's So Unusual $1)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Back to the regularly scheduled Christmas freeb list

Well, now that you've had you're break from the regularly scheduled Christmas extravaganza it's time to turn our blog back to list making:

I'd like to 1st remind everyone of the advent calenders and everyday presents:

1) Wrong, Reaction, and Reaction girls all on the same sim offer a present a day. So don't forget to check here. Reaction is a guys shop! So guys there is one for you on the list. ;)

2) Mondira fashion has an advent calender for clothing.

3)Second Mirage has an advent calendar for jewelry.

4) Ibizarre Fashoin is placing out fashionable finds.

5) Alchemy Angels is placing a pair of not yet released shoes out (*this calendar changes at 4 pm second life time).

6)Ivalde is also offering chic clothing *only for group members*.

7)Solange's 12 days of Christmas start today! A gift will be hidden each day in the store! $0 (silks)

8) " The AvaStar Readers " group announces the placement of their advent tree via their group. $0

9) Fae Designs will place a present a day under the tree. $0

10)Each *Monday* a weekly present will be placed out at Gracies Formals and Ingenue.

11) Greenland advent calendar. $0

12) Crossworld colony delta ~ prizes hidden in a different store ea. day (good luck with this one there are tons of stores).

(Thanks go out to the girls of the Free*Style group for the additions to this list.)

13) Unique Needs 12 days of Christmas starts today! $0

14)Digital Dragon's 12 days of Christmas starts today! $0

If you want to see the list from 28th Nov-4th Dec click *here*

*5th Dec*

There is a 40 stocking hunt taking place at the Alexandres Christmas mall. 20 blue stockings contain gifts for the guys and 20 red stockings for the girls. $0

Illusions mask and more shop has put out a Christmas cat and box of decorations/gift boxes/candy cane mask. $1 each

Caledon Victoria City has updated the free offerings placed out for visitors. $0 or $1

Food Island has placed out a Santa Avatar. $0

MB's T-shirt Factory has a free Santa Clause T-shirt. $0

Fluky has a Ice Queen Dress and Hoodie out. $1 ea

AnnDe's has all 12 outfits (11 from previous months) out for both men and women. $0

*******6 Dec*******

Yee-haw, ya'll! Why ya'll are out and about moseying around stop by Dusty's Western for your boots, hat, belt buckle, jeans and t-shirt. Come on guys this is for you! $0

SySy Chapman dropped a copy of her beautifully textured sweater and matching scarf (pictured below) on me. She told me that more will be added in the next couple of days. All will be available at SySy Designs. $0

SySy Christmas Sweater

One of my favorite places to get *great* ethnic friendly hair is giving away a pair of boots. Check out the tree in the center of ADIMU and click on the black gift box. ( ... pst a little birdy told me that there will be a new unisex friendly hair newbie friendly priced in the remix. Can't wait for 2008!) $0

Love, Aly has two boxes under the tree one with Christmas accessories and another with a snowflake bikini. $1 ea

Winter Season a Japanese sim lets anyone camp for 5 minutes for a pair of ice skates in either: blue, red, pink or for tinies! $0/5 minute camp

********7 Dec

Sirena Hair & Fashion has among her many freebies a cute Christmas Dress and also a suit for guys. $0

Weird Shit is having a Elf hunt. Find the 12 elves hiding around the store. $1 ea.

Co-ed threads has a gift for both the guys and girls under their tree. $0

Body Doubles Shapes has an elf shape for the guys. $1

***********8 Dec*************

Ingenue put out an additional xmasie sweater girl. $0

Schadenfreude has 3 sets of snowflake earrings, a gift for girls, a gift for guys, and a black and white striped scarf. $0

The Pamran Sim is having a celebration for their 1 year anniversary. Included in the festivities is a week long gift hunt among other events. When you arrive at the Pamran Sim please step off of the teleportation point and let everything rez... you won't be disappointed. (pictures of a couple of the outfits from the hunt follow- there are some tshirts for the guys ;) just not pictured) $0

Vintage Clothing Reproductions - Lady in Feathers -  Hair Roses

SYD - Orange Spot Kanti Dress

Pamran Hunt_LaynieWear Cowl Sweater Tan

Pamran Hunt_LaynieWear Cowl Sweater Pink

Ambergris Deadly Fashions has a sweater, Santa hat, and candy cane rave stick. $0

SYD has put out their second Christmas gift (a blue dress). $1

Gothic Catz has a couple of shirts under the tree modeled on guys; but are unisex. $0

********9 Dec**********

There is a candy cane hunt going on at Urban Shopper. 12 candy canes $0

SpellBound is giving away a wassail bowl and table (punch bowl). $0

SHIRTS for MEN at Dan Senyurt's! has a free spearmint canvas shirt. $0

Crucial Creations has a treasure hunt going on. $0

Bijou has a Christmas outfit for the guys and girls (guys part is transferable) among other freebies. $0

Miranda's Ballroom has a Freda's Nikolausbox red outfit for sale for $1.

Miam Miam has a candy cane and snowflake necklace boxed together. $1

*********Monday Dec 10**********

You've got me for 6 more days and then I'll be gone!!!

Ok, so it's Monday and you've gotten your freebies from Gracie's and Ingenue (both linked at the beginning of the list see #10) and you're ready for the hunt.

ZayZay's is offering a $5 pair of shoes under its tree, but if you look around you'll also finde "ZayZay Color Change Magic Dancer" for $1. Sorry guys, both of these are for the laydees.

*If* you haven't been by Talisman there are tons of freebies here for the holidays. And at least the eyes, poses, shoulder pet, cuddle bear, mittens & scarf, scarves, and ice skates are guy friendly. All range in price from $0-$1 and there is more on the gigantic freebie wall!

TODAY ONLY There is a gift hunt at Spirit City to celebrate their grand opening. 10 red boxes with gold ribbons $0

Along with the daily freebie from Second Mirage don't forget to pick up the Christmas Present House on the table. $0

You know you want them! Nipple Shields from Tully's Titbits: Rudolph, Santa, snowman, wreath, and xmas gift. There's also a choker under the tree. All $0

Nyte N Day has white female skins (skins are no mod so no tint) Christmas Themed skins out (pics here). $1

There's a scavenger hunt sponsered by the villagers at Village of Haven home of Marzipan Teahouse which includes (be forewarned some of these were full perms/business in a box things) : scarf, cap, snowball thrower, snow boots (for girls), empire tan male skin, beautiful prem. skin, asian rug, among other gifts. Search for gift boxes. And at least a couple of the dress shops have put out free dresses. $0

Sin Shoes~ SW Designs is having a treasure hunt for 20 little white snowflake covered boxes ($0). There are also 3 pairs of $1 shoes at the tp point.

Promenade Mall is having a treasure hunt. $0

Sola Designs has the cutest stack of boxes that when you wear make you tumble over. Also a box of free rings. $0

S.Y.D. SySy Designs
has a cute little Santa inspired number. There are also a couple of shirts for guys for $1 ea. on the $1 gift & sale table along with a dress and tank top for the girls. (hee hee ty SySy) $1

DeFleur Fashions
has put out 4 gowns for the holiday season. $0

**********11 Dec****************

Devilish Cupcake has been rebuilt and has new freebies. Stockings hung on the mantle contain shirts. $0

Sirena store has 4 gift boxes available for anyone who needs one. $0

Purple Rose has a snowman pin available in the jewelry store. $0 There are also several sets next to the free pin for $1-0.

The Nirvana sims (there are 5 sims which make up Nirvana: Insanity, Oblivion, Dementia, Flora, and Fauna.) is having a gift/stocking hunt. Thirty (30) gifts/stockings are hid throughout the sims. And even if you don't do the hunt you should check out these sims. The sims are really nice and have a lot of unique landscaping and animals. $0

Lily's Be Mused has 2 Christmas outfits for $3 each, a $5 Christmas sampler box, a free ($0) complimentary box of goodies, and a 20 gift Christmas hunt (@ the Muse Village) ($0). So go and check Lily's out.

*DG* Innovations has put out their dress from last year (2006). If you haven't picked it up yet, then here's your chance to grab it. There's also a non-Christmas fairy style dress available too. $0

***********Dec 12****************

Gogo has released 2- 6 pose sets one at Juicy and the other at La Reina. (You can see poses and a more thorough write up on these poses here.) $1 ea.

while you're in the Juicy shopping center you may want to check back at Simply Britnee (remember this place was mentioned prior when Britnee put up her Christmas dresses for $1 each); because there has been an additional black glitzy dress added for $1 and a girls pack of hair for $5. And guys if you haven't been here before there is a freebie section with a couple of guys hairs. (I have to add Britnee is getting rid of 80 packs of hair. She sells ALL of her hair in fat packs for $150, but the 80 packs littered throughout the store in BOTH MENS AND WOMENS are going for $75!!!) $0-1

Jana's Classic Design (Mainstore) has a Christmas inspired dress. $0

I thought I had mentioned this one before, but it has been rather hectic so if this is a repeat sorry*. The Hairspray sim has a Christmas tree with 4 boxes under it. Touch the boxes to get: glowsticks, t-shirt & headphones, blacklight, and/or halter top, panties and tshirt. There is also a freebie room on the sim with $1-0 hairs, shoes, and clothes. If you just want to wander around you'll pick up freebies and see a lot of great hair.

***********13 Dec**************
I'm having real problems staying connected to sl today. So most of this info is coming from group ims ( free*style ), individuals dropping info on me (ty! ty! ty!), and wow... i just found the fashion planet feed. So a big THANK YOU for all the info!!!

As of writing #4 (look at the daily list at the beginning if you don't understand) is out at Solange! Fashion and all the boxes under the Christmas tree are free to copy (5). $0

Gurlywood has 2 hairs for (sorry guys these are for the girls =( ) the holidays one called Jinglebell and Season Updo from last year. $0

Boots and a hat are available at Brasil RL (just touch the sign). $0

Southern Paradise is offering a free female skin for the holidays. $0

Speaking of skins; if you haven't done the pearl hunt at Sin Skins it ends Monday! So you'll want to do it soon! 12 pearls hidden around the sim all $0

Hawt Toons Inc. has an awesome collection of rave gifts and rug under the tree. $0

Booutique Lovely has a free dress (Lovely) for a *limited time*. There are also a few dollarbies upstairs and downstairs. $0-1

Adam N' Eve has a lace robe and free mistletoe underwear for the girls. There is also a mistletoe set for the guys. (And if you haven't been here before there is a free hair for the guys and girls.)$0

Color Me Couture has the cutest girls hair for $1. (And all her hair is on sale right now for $50/color)

Moonshine Clothing (boxes at Moonshine Clothing, The Tap House, and the Bear Garden) is having a 21 box hunt. This one is for the guys too! ;D (There is also a male and female hair in the store for $0) $0

::Moon:: just announced on her site that she made a collection of gifts. (At least one is for the men. And the one that is $1 is a lockable gift box. Boy is this going to save me since I won't be in sl for Christmas.) $1-0

In addition to the regular weekly freebie at Nuclear Boutique there are two L'oreal skins on the wall and 3 dresses with shoes under the tree. Again if you haven't been here before you can find free hair in the hair section - one male, one female. $0

K&K Fine Designs has now added a dress to the Christmas Shoes box. $0

Lavish Style has a tshirt, dress, and pant surrounded by the gift boxes(boxes are just for display). $0

***Unique Needs has been added to the daily list of freebies!

Callie Cline has a free tintable snowflake tatoo available. She also has a copy of the free Kraft Santa Clause Avatar available on her sim. $0

Cupids Mall is having a gift ball hunt. There are suppose to be 45 of these very very tiny little balls hiding around. If you're up for the challenge check it out! (The couple I found had a Xmas tree and champagne and gingerbread tray.)$0

****Digital Dragon added to daily and peace out guys, It's wine time. =-)~

**************14 DEC************

Pochette along with the regular freebies (some unisex freebies! Men's clothing is upstairs, if you guys want to check out her clothes. ;) ) has added a special Christmas inspired rag and cushion (quilt w/poses). $0

There's a free Xmas Cartoony Tiny Avator available at AOZORA HIROBA-= KatsushikaKu =- MagSL Tokyo 2 Japan. $0

Have a very merry Xmas Mermaid with the help of Diamond Skins, Shapes and Avatars by Alanna DuPont. (Stripper silks and another mermaid tail and skates by the ice rink are all free.)$0

Little Town has a Happy Holidays dress set for sale. And why is there clothes all no transfer now!!!!!!! *cries* I hate you no transfer clothes! $0

Bewitched Hair has put out a dollarbie box of hairs, kringle hat, reindeer antlers, and scarf- at least the kringle hat and reindeer antlers are unisex (There are several boxes, but they all contain the same hairs.). If you haven't signed up for this group you may want to ask to be added so you may be informed as to when the secret sales are. $1

Jaded Vision has sexy Christmas underwear sets out for the guys and girls. $0

Seems as though the Greenies have gotten into the Christmas Spirit. (From a notecard I received after touching a gift box) "We have many little gifts for you to hunt around and search for. Dont be shy, touch everything and bring your friends to help you find all the treasure boxes. ...." So, if you haven't checked out the Greenies build which is super cool then run over and have some fun and get some freebies! I got a tshirt, laser sword and corset; Woot! $0

CattivaCattivo has TWO gifts for both men and women. The gifts can be found under the tree upstairs. $0

There's a beautiful hand painted poinsettia arrangement available for a *limited time* at DEYLYN CREATIONS. $0

**********DEC 15*******************

Digital Knickers has mixed among $50 christmas boxes a $0 gift of earrings/choker/bellyring. Be careful what you touch ;) $0

I am so, so, so very happy about this one! My absolute favorite hair from last Christmas that I keep in my inventory and wear a lot **WR* Ballet- Xmas Candy Cane* from Wilted Rose is back for everyone to enjoy this year. So if you missed it last year now is your chance to pick it up! Along with the hair, is a x-mas outfit, and several boxes. $1 ea

LeeZu Baxter Designs has placed 7 dresses under the tree. (Also hair, crow, flower, poses, and animations upstairs.) $0

The limited edition jewelry from last years Dazzle is dollarbies in this years Last Call: Vamp. Two pieces of limited edition jewelry from last year and two scarves each $1.

Bootiful Creations Mini-Mall is having a Christmas ornament hunt Dec. 14, 15, and 16th. $0

Caroline's Jewelry has a diamond necklace under the tree. (graduated diamond necklace and mother of pearl necklace are above on a ledge) $0

ZayZay's has put out another pair of $5 shoes (Lace Tootsies are the new ones.). $5


Alchemy has 5 dresses underneath their tree. $0

Prim Play is having a present hunt. I'm not sure how many presents are included since the notecard never appeared for me upon landing, but I found 5 containing dresses. (You can also pick up a couple of tinnies costumes here for a white and black cat if you haven't grabbed the outfits somewhere else before.) ;) $0

Skin Flicks has 2 hats, a coursage, and bouquet all under the tree. (There's also a section of free clothes in the corner of the store for girls.)$0

Mau's and Mej's has a harvest-able Christmas tree. The hair here is really cool and unlike any other shop. So go and check it out. (There's also free hair for girls and one for guys just look around the shop. $0-$1.) $0-1

I gots (^.^) to go and pack guys ... remember to check out Tete a Pied and Muse's new sims. I'm sure they'll be great.

While I'm gone check out the following blogs: Fab Free and SL FreeStyle! They will both keep you informed and styl'n, don't forget about the daily advent calendars, and check and see what's going on via search> events tab. Have a fun, happy, peaceful, joyous and a merry holiday season to each and every one of you!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oh, nos! I got tagged

The ever so mischievous and talented Creamy Cooljoke tagged me. So here it goes:

Here's the rules:

1. Post (on your own blog) 8 random facts about yourself.

2. Tag 8 more people to post, so post their names at the end of your blog post!

3. Be sure to leave a comment in your taggee's blogs so they know they're tagged!!

4. Be sure to post these rules in your own post so your victims know what to do!!


1. I'm a picky eater. lol, I only eat pixels derived from invertebrates.

2. I am an aimless wanderer. I tend to bring up the map scroll out and pick a place to descend upon or search for interesting names via search.

3. I spend most of my time alone.

4. I'm extremely shy and if I'm talking to you it's either because you started a conversation with me, you're new and I'm giving you something that I think may help, or I'm off my meds. (Just joking about the last. ;))) Oh and if you try to flirt with me chances are I will run away or imitate an ostrich.

5. I do a little bit of modeling and photography. A self portrait I had submitted to the Last Call model search was picked to be in the Avatars of Second Life pdf; although losing the Last Call model search. I was among a group of lovely souls who competed to be the Second Mirage Jewel and actually was named a Jewel. Woot!

6. I loathe paying for no transfer clothing or shoes. I don't like to pay (and in most cases will not pay!) for something that I have limited right usage to (oh, I could really bore you on the merits of buying a cd over mp3s, but I shall spare you!).

7. I'm anal retentive at organizing my inventory. Each and every solitary item is filed away at the end of the day or beginning of the next day before I can play. I also label each folder with a NT or $how much I paid for the item after it's name. Yes, every single item! I've done this since day one that's how I can smell con artist. o.O Subfolders and lists make me moist! (ok, so I cheated with letting loose with my favorite word. Moist, moist, moist!)

8. I think I'm the only person who felt like they were hit in the chest with a sledgehammer when they checked out the new Tableau build. It was definitely the plane wreckage that almost pushed me over the edge. Breathtaking beautiful build (love the cemetery), but just like in rl I'm not ready to go home and think I'll avoid the sim until the next rebuild.

So, there you have it. 8 things all about moi! And since I don't know 8 People I'll just tag a couple people I do know blog: Natalia Zelmanov, Sarah Nerd, and Analise.

Free 4 Fae

WOW! What more can you say when a creator offers so many amazing outfits, accessories, and furniture for FREE. That's right FREE; $0!

I got an im this morning from Vry Offcourse (from Starf*cker skins) telling me about a new store that opened up in her shopping mall. I wasn't busy so I tped right over to see Free 4 Fae.

11- Free 4 Fae

Now I'm not going to spoil it all for you guys, but I am going to show you some of the *amazing* outfits, wings, accessories, and furniture. I promise this is not all. There is more!

10-Autumn Faerie Dress_Oak Leave Wings

9-Business Faerie_Zak Fly Wings

8- Faerie Flower_Crown_Labyrinth Wings

Fae 4 Free is the brainchild of designer ColeMarie Soleil. "[She] decided to do [Fae 4 free] after not being happy running [her] old line curious collections."

3-Tick Tock Outfit_Funky Fairy Wings

7-Grunge Fairy_Stained Glass Wings

She decided to stop selling for a while, but then all her collection was just sitting in her inventory hidden away. So she started giving to friends, but then she generously decided to share it with everyone.

6-Miss Anne Thropy Dress_Angel Dust Wings

5-Romantic Rose Bikini_Lettuce Wings

ColeMarie Soleil plans on adding to the Fae 4 Free store every week. She already has 45 items complete that she needs to take pictures of and upload. So don't forget to tip. Each upload cost $10 and she's already uploaded many pictures.

4-There is No Joy_Melted Pixie Wings

2-Tick Tock Outfit_Purple Fly Flexi Wings

Don't forget there is also furniture and garden accessories available at Fae 4 Free. So definitely something for everyone!