Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween hunts ahoy!

Sorry I haven't been updating. I've gotten swamped in freebie land and hope this update suffices for a while.

Following are a list of Halloween hunts going on in SL and/or Halloween freebies:

Devilish Cupcake/Analise Silks: The dollarbie cupcake hunt Oct. 7- Oct. 31
You get a cute dress and lots of accessories.

Bad Kitty cute dress @ Fashion Mode shopping center.

In Bloom has a hunt going on for candy corn.

The Lo Lo Sim is also having a hunt. Over 20 Pumpkins are hidden on the Lo Lo. Find them for gifts from Carolie's Jewelry and Second Thoughts. Hunt runs through October 31st.

Deviant Kitties (I had to fight the urge of posting that all in caps!) is having a pumpkin hunt too eyes, shoes, skins, and hair to be found. At least some of these items are unisex so grab your guys! slur

Hazel and Lilibeth are having an amazing 0-64 (there are at least a couple bonus #13's too) item googlie eyed monster hunt at the delightful Talisman Design Store.

And across the street from Talisman's at Tulin Designs there are 13 black cats waiting to be discovered. Very guy friendly!

Carryn Concord of Tickled Pink put out a couple cloaks, cat ear/tail combos, and other devilish delights out for grabs at her store.

LVS & Co has the cutest Halloween Street with nice Halloween surprises out. So go and check it out!

ILLY Creations has a great pumpkin hunt and outfits out!

Raven-Wear is having a sculpty skull and pumpkin hunt. Please find #7 or #15 and prove to me that they do exist! Don't forget to check out Raven's store because she has both guys and girls stuff at excellent prices (starting from $1 in the $50 or less room)!

Love, Aly has a halloween hunt going on. Find the 6 pieces of candy in the store and check out cute accessories for you home, dresses, and outfits. =)

One of my favorite haunts Hell's Medical Center has departed from nursing gear to design an extra cute Halloween Inspired Dress. Everything at the center is free and there's a super nifty non Halloween shirts and vehicles for guys.

*DG* Innovations is having a spider hunt! Find all 21 roaming around the store.

Each store on the MIA sim is providing a free Halloween gift. But, that isn't it! The MIA sim is also hosting a fantasy fun hunt (60 mushrooms). And since MIA is the Men in Action sim all the prizes are very guy friendly. (If you wander to the adjacent Bailers Island Sim there is an autumn inspired hunt going on!)

Gracile has a wonderful witches hair with hat for free.

The LicoLico Sim also has some great freebies and dollarbies littered around their Halloween Mall.

Little Heaven has put out the coolest brooms with poses. ^^

EACH PUMPKIN COST $25~ My all time favorite jewelry Alienbear is having an amazing hunt that runs until Nov. 1st for the cutest Halloween jewels!

There's also a Pumpkin Hunt @ Urban Shopper's that includes some really nice tattoos.

Lastly if you want my freebie Spooky Dress then head to Spazola's and pick it up for a whopping $0. And it will probably be up for a while bc/s I'm getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth yanked for Halloween.

****If there are any additional hunts or freebies I'll update below.*****

(ENDED) Panty Raid going on on Mischief Isle Janie Marlowe provides a direct lm to her store in her blog.

Sylvia Campbell's free Halloween dress and shoes.

Lily's Be Mused is having a hunt for those pesky googlied eye buggers. And she also has 1, 2, 3 free musketeer outfits up for grabs. So check it out and fall in love with her lovely hats!

Mina Junk is having a scarecrow hunt for cute book satchels at her store $1/. (The scarecrows have invaded the SIM! Collect the free scarecrows littered around the sim and then build a scarecrow using the parts from the hunt. ) There's also a bear in Draconic Kiss. ;)

Another pumpkin hunt a couple of these pumpkins feature fp freebies that you may have missed that are fun to have on hand (like trampolines, etc) others pumpkins feature the designer's duds: check it out at Bootiful Creations!

********* Yet still more:

Pat the Pink Pumpkin is going on at the Adored Clothing and Hair Main Store

Weird Shit is having a pumpkin hunt with lots of weird yet wonderful prizes that are both female and male friendly.

Awesome Designs has a nice orange Halloween themed dress. If you happen to stop buy and grab it don't forget to look around. Not only does Julia have lovely dresses, shoes, nails, but a great low priced clearance section!

SK Design Fashion Clothes has a free fairy elf dress with the most awesome wings up for grabs.

QC Designs has a set of free spider silks up for grabs!

Crushed Velvet
has free costumes for both guys and girls along with a wide selection of costumes offered year around.

******* More updates:
Pixel Dolls is having a pumpkin hunt and of course since both male and female clothes are available at Port Seraphine both are available in the hunt!

Artilleri is also offering up dollarbie skulls (20) around their sim.