Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Free Ring ~ Freebies with a Cause

Some people give away freebies for a reason. And giving away things in hopes that others will give back is a pretty noble one. The Free Ring has been set up as a free area for the citizens of Second Life in hopes that we will give back to the War Child International. Here is the low down on the area as I received it via a notecard:

"The EvoluonBallroom houses a project started by Rosalie Rothlisberger to raise money for War Child.

War Child International is a network of independent organisations, working across the world to help children affected by war.

War Child was founded upon a fundamental goal: to advance the cause of peace through investing hope in the lives of children caught up in the horrors of war.
Please take a look at for more information.

The Ballroom is open to the public free of charge. There are donation boxes where people that enjoy the place can donate into. All donations are going straight to War Child.
One of the 3 rings of the building is 'The Free Ring' where great items provided by sl creators can be found."

The freebies offered are a nice selection for both male and female avatars. Here's pics of all the selections:




So if you would like to donate to the War Child International Fund, enjoy some great swag, or just have a nice dance checking out Evoluon Ballroom may be for you.

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Noob You ~ A new noob store

There's a new newbie friendly $0-1L store on the block on the (reasonable desires sim):

a noob you

If you haven't checked out the reasonable desires store before you sure should! The prices range from a mere $25L for cute flexi wings to a starting price of $50L for flexi dress outfits. There's always a nice and fun selection of things offered. So while putting together the noob you at the noob store check out the reasonable desires store to.

The Free Dove ~ Fashion Freebies Galore

This should be your first stop when departing newbie-hood! The free dove has a nice selection of fashion forward freebies ($0L) for both guys and dolls. You will need to know how to use your camera view to get around here. It can get a bit lag ridden. So here's a map I put together in a few minutes to help ya out.


Here's some of the highlights (the reason you will want to know how to zoom in or out or use camera view is to get all the hair/hair vouchers offered):

The Dove

All the tables are labeled. And there's usually someone hanging around to help anyone out with questions. Unfortunately, according to the owner of the free dove she is not accepting anymore freebies from store owners, except for men. So I'm guessing another place will soon be the IT spot for freebie fashions.

Blogger suxz

Dear Blogger,

Stop crashing fooker!

Anna Banana Pudding and Pie
Watch out
She makes all the boys cry ;_;

Now, on with the show...

First up is the weekly gift from Surfline ( ) free until July 4th. The hair is a freebie from Curious Kitties ( ). Both completely free.

Surfline June 28 July 4

The wings pictured below are also free from Curious Kitties and shown with a gl kimono found in the freebie section at Bare Rose ( ). The hair is from Bewitched Hair ( ) which is having a hunt UNTIL 4 OR 5 PM TODAY and whose sister store House of Heart ( ) is also having a hunt. Find 12 boxes at each location for a total of 24 free hair styles.

Bare Rose Free GL Kimono


I was checking out different orientation centers and the following outfit is from the Walker Orientation ( ) sim. I just clicked on options until the outfit/skin/hair/shoes were offered to me, so no need to feel as though you have to speak Japanese to participate. This is the skin used in the two pictures above and the one immediately below. You'll also find a ton of avatars from a cartoon movie and a couple of avatar options if you go through the orientation building.

Walker Island Orientation

If you haven't checked out SL5BD, yet you may want to. You'll find a lot of freebies nestled in with a bunch of exhibits. Here's the freebies I found:


Ethnic Costumes @ Freda Fredriksson

Drummer Boy Costume @ Childhood Dreams

skin, silks, outfit, jewelry, shoes @ iZa Boutique

Toque hats & stoles in boxes on ice pedestals @ Chigadee London's Display

SIN VON DE (FREE OUTFIT), Elephant mask, Bear Info Hub, Tiny flying ufo, & Steam Punk Monocle @ SL5B Welcome Area

Transgender Lounge Box (bracelet, earrings, sculpture) @ Transgender Lounge

Mens Suits & Tux and Free Ballgowns @ Snuggler's Cove Ballroom

EW Radar Hud @ Exclusive Weapons

Giant Snail Racer kit @ Giant Snail Racing

SL5B T-shirts & Signs @ Youthful Creativity & Roleplay

(Does not work atm) Guest Robes & t-shirts @ The Great Hall

The Isle of Lesbo

Several house/yard related freebies @ Prim Perfect Magazine

Shirt & scarf, grim baby dolls, ashtray @ Callie Cline

***The hair used in the SL5BD photo is from Mod's hair Paris which was blogged about previous, but has since moved to