Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Hunting We Shall Go

One of many fun events that takes place in sl are hunts. Right now the MIA sim is hosting a black and white hunt.


What is a hunt? Well it's like an Easter egg hunt. You spend time wandering around a sim (or maybe even several sims) finding eggs (or in this case black and white boxes). Each box is filled with a free ($0) item. MIA is known for hosting hunts and it's a nice sim to wander around. If you've only been to the shops you are missing out on a lot. So if you haven't... why not go on and try MIA's black and white hunt?

And while you are enjoying the MIA sim why not check out there Free4U store:


A little birdie told me that there is going to be another hunt going on the last week of this month at the Knucklehead's location.


So keep an eye out for some more treats at the Knucklehead's location... there are going to be 20 stores donating to this hunt.

NCI ~ New Citizens Plaza

If you want to learn more about almost anything that goes on in Second Life (sl) checking out NCI is an excellent place to start. There are many New Citizen's Plazas located all around sl and doing a simple search will help you locate one. {The SEARCH button is located at the bottom of your sl browser (search > places tab> "NCI")}
Besides free goodies NCI has a sandbox where you can build, offers free classes, and also hosts a variety of activities to help new citizens become better acquainted with sl.

If you haven't check NCI out, it's an excellent place!

ETD Newbie Friendly Hair

ETD makes some of my favorite hairs. The textures are shiny and subtle.
At the ETD store there are several hairs offered at discount prices for new players (60 days are younger) both male and female and a couple discounted styles for everyone else. If you haven't tried the ETD hairs this is a perfect opportunity to do so. ;)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Gnubie Store in Indigo

**** This store has moved and has a new look. 4 March 08 - Powder Mill (97, 145, 44)- The Gnubie Store in Powder Mill*****

If you haven't visited the Gnubie Store in Indigo you are missing out on one of the gems of second life. The store is nicely organized and has the feel of a nice boutique rather than a newbie friendly $oL-$1L store.


On the first floor you'll find a selection of clothing, skins, hairs, houses, furniture, textures, and scripts. All are nicely organized by designer or grouped together in a concise manner that doesn't leave anyone feeling overwhelmed or wondering what they have just purchased. What may be of particular interest are two things offered on this floor: one being a wheelchair of sorts =) another being the infamous babbler that helps translate languages!


The second floor offers a selection of clothing, hairs, accessories, eyes, and furniture. All are also easily identifiable.

*Pictures only show some of what is offered.*

Freebie Jeebies

Freebie Jeebies is a nice freebie area outside of Rose Columbia's store Wilted Rose. At Freebie Jeebies you will find a selection of nice accessories including purses and jewelry, clothes (flexi dresses, t-shirts, pants, underwear), shoes, male attachments, and goth skins ranging in price from $0-1L. Along with all of this Rose offers two completely free avatars (one male and one female; both white).

Freebie Jeebies

And after you finish checking out Freebie Jeebies you *will* definitely want to stroll inside of the Wilted Rose store and check out Rose's selection of newbie friendly hairs that range from $2L-$10L and are both male and female friendly.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Freebie Dungeon

The Freebie Dungeon is one of those places that is a little overwhelming to new citizens in second life, but I highly encourage you to take the leap and look around this place. Not only are their 100s of free things, there are also some great deals!!!!

Freebie Dungeon

Along with all the free ($0L) items there are information hubs that offer helpful tips and information for newer citizens. You can also find some great deals like the box of full-permission suits for men for a mere $10L, a business suit and briefcase for $1L, silks for $5L, prim shoes for $1L or the numerous boxes of ladies clothes for $1L that line the walls.

Freebie Dungeon_2

This place has tons of stuff: textures, hair, avatars, eyes, clothes, flexi-dresses, shoes, purses, hats, costumes, buildings, furniture, gadgets, guns, art, and a few that I am sure that I have overlooked.

P.S. Those of you with male avatars might be interested to know that when I was trying to find out who runs the freebie warehouse I looked up " Lag Designs " since it appears in the description of the land location. Upon entering the store I spotted 6 hairs that are being discontinued from the store and are all up for $0L purchase. ;) At one point I knew who ran the dungeon and had sent in a box of freebies, but now I can't figure out who it is. Does anyone have a clue? edit: Duh... It just occurred to me to see who created all the prims in the dungeon. I *believe* Justin Barragar is who everyone owes a thanks to for the Freebie Dungeon.